Quick Tip: Spring Clean Your Kitchen

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It's officially spring (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), which means warmer weather, a fresh start and the dreaded spring cleaning.

This year, in addition to washing windows and deep-cleaning nooks and crannies, consider spring cleaning your kitchen.

Pitch the pastries, kick the cookies to the curb, and organize that pantry so you can find the whole-wheat pasta, healthy snacks and spices.

This article is a great start: Is Your Kitchen Due for a Makeover?

If your kitchen is already free from junk food and clutter, read
8 Ways to Green Your Kitchen for additional tips.

Did you spring clean this weekend? I should have but I didn't. I desperately need to clean and reorganize my freezer. I froze vegetables, salsa and other local produce for winter, and my supplies are dwindling. I'm not sure what's left, and I'm certain I'm going to find something scary in there!

Do you spring clean your kitchen? Do you have any tips for organizing your kitchen and staying healthy?

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Good ideas! I'm using up my old spices as I just planted a new herb garden last weekend. I guess I should go thru my cabinets too! Report
I did some cleaning in my kitchen about a month ago. Since I was going to be cooking more with seasonings other than salt and pepper I started there. When I got them all out of the cupboard and started checking the dates most had to be thrown out. The prices were still on some of the containers, I had one that was .25 cents!! Old huh! I had to call my friend and both had a good laugh,we are both in the process of downsizeing our stuff. Report
I guess it's time to do a renewal. Sigh, I'd rather be outdoors in the spring. Report
I bought new color coded cutting board/sheets. Tossing the old one. I must go through the cupboards. Report
My sister came over and took everything out of the kitchen with me. We then re-organized and threw anything away that was date...food wise and kitchen items wise!! Report
I started my spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago. I had like 10 big Rubbermaid bins full of baby clothes and my old skinny clothes. It was tough to seperate from my old clothes, but I figure that once I get to a point where I can fit in them, why not just reward myself with New Skinny Clothes. So I'm donating all of that stuff to Goodwill. But I like the idea of Spring Cleaning the pantry. I think that I will do that and the refrigerator this weekend! Report
I'll be cleaning out the kitchen and giving the house a through vacuuming next week to prepare for the Days of Unleavened Bread. In the Bible, leavening is symbolic for sin. So that week every time you start to reach for some bread or a cracker out of habit, you are reminded to get the sinful habits out of your life. Report
i've completed collection of chippendales! Report
All great ideas on here. I'm starting to feel motivated to get some spring cleaning done! I feel as though I have got things under control for the most part, but probably the cupboards could use a good scrubbing. I don't think I'll have too much food to donate/dispose.

It's too cold here in Massachusetts to open the windows yet. I'll be waiting until May to get the rest of the house spring-cleaned. Report
I would love to get all the junk food out of my kitchen. If I did get rid of the cookies and chips I think my hubby would go into a withdrawl! He doesn't have a weight issue. For me I put all his snack foods in one cabinet and then try to make myself ignore that one! Report
It must be a SPARK thing - I just cleaned my pantry out this past week! And there was a lot of junk in there! Just the attitude change alone since I joined was what made me want to get rid of the junk food! But then I've gone on from there to clean and wash the rest of the cupboards. That part, I think is part of Spring Fever around here! Report
I didn't "spring clean" it, per se, but I did just FINALLY finish restocking from being out of town for two weeks for my wedding and honeymoon... we let everything dwindle down to nothing before we left and it's taken me the longest time to have food on hand again! Report
I eliminated Spring Cleaning from my life a long time ago. To see how, check out my blogs on the last page under Chore Schedule. Report
I need to spring clean my entire house! Report
I haven' t yet. I usually do it once a month. Things have a way of creeping back in. If I see that my weight is starting to creep up I know I need to clean!!! Report
I spring clean/reorganize as needed. Not much room and always trying to fit it in. Report
It was so funny to run across this one now! I got off early today and I was looking for someting for lunch and ended up spring cleaning one of my cupboards. Only 2 more to go! Report
No need to spring clean the kitchen for me. I am forced to keep it in order by not having a lot of storage space in my kitchen. So everything has a specific place to make it fit. Good blog though. Report
Do you spring clean your kitchen? Do you have any tips for organizing your kitchen and staying healthy?

I definitely need to Spring clean my kitchen, along with the rest of the house. I will probably try to work on that tomorrow. I try to clean out cupboards and other areas every so often to get rid of out of date foods and such. It's been awhile since I've done it so I'm sure it needs it. Report
Don't buy more stuff, as George Carlin would say. RIP George. Report
I don't need to spring clean my kitchen because I have no fatty foods my family is helping me by not eatting any fatty foods infront of me, the only spring clean I do is clean. Report
It is great exercise too so stretch before doing the lower cabinets. Report
Good tips. Spring cleaning is a great start over point. Report
Great Blog thanks i needed this to get me started.. I do the trips to goodwill and get rid of all the stuff that no one wants any more i love it .. It makes it a lot nicer now that my kid will tell me that they do not want this or that any more then i get rid of it.. I hate to do the spring cleaning thing but i guess that i started as i took a bunch of stuff and got rid of it.. LOL Report
I'm kind of a clean freak anyway ( my friends call me Mrs Clean lol) so I am pretty well on top of things anyway...on my agenda is the windows, and curtains...if it ever gets warm here...more snow for tonight! Report
I did not spring clean this weekend. But would love to have a couple of days in the house alone to get things organized! That would be great! Report
Oh I do this once a month. LOL If I don't things get out of control. I have 3 male critters at home, that feel the need to cook. So I have to keep up. Then even are eating some of the good stuff since I don't allow lots of junk in my kitchen anymore. If I don't check the fridge twice a week there is alway a science project of one kind or another working!!
Hugs Martha n TX Report
My kitchen is a tiny one so it constantly has to be kept clean. Dishes are done twice a day (sadly, no dishwasher) and it is swept daily. I did a big clean - cabinets, fridge, oven, you name it - about a week ago and it felt good for two reasons:

1. The kitchen was sparkling.
2. In the two hours it took me to clean it, I got a great workout; man, my muscles were sore! Report
I always procrastinate spring cleaning. In fact, I dread it. Fortunately, if I procrastinate long enough and my husband can't stand it and he will do it himself! LOL Report
Organizing my kitchen is a year round thing for me because I cook a lot, but I sure need to get to my house Spring Cleaning... Ugh! Just don't feel like it... I'd rather be out there for a nice run (or even walk) in the sun! ;-P Report
I cleaned for 6 hours yesterday! I cleaned windows, cabinets, counter tops, carpet, I cleaned everything. And I could still clean for probably another 24 hours, and then only have the first floor done!
But I have decided that there will be no more putting dirty dishes in the sink. They go to the dish washer. Pop cans no longer will sit on the counter until I have the time to bag them up, they get emptied, and straight to the collection bag in the garage.
With this fresh start in my kitchen, I feel better and more organized. Report
On the "Simplify Your Life" SparkTeam, there is a daily cleaning and decluttering challenge which helps me tremendously! I am really busy, so this breaks up my cleaning and decluttering into very manageable jobs. Report
I got started spring cleaning my kitchen my husband is helping me. We don't get the same days off so it is hard to do. Report
What a wonderfulidea i think i will start this today Report
In about a month and a half, I will have a true fresh start... moving into my first home! So I get to set up a whole new kitchen. :D Report
This is weird I just started in the cabinets this weekend. I am on it. Report
I clean my kitchen really good once a week. The rest of my house could use a spring cleaning. Great tips. Report
On my SP Class team I initiated a "weekend warrior challenge" which basically was cleaning out the different areas of your home where things got stored that could/would/did go out of date.
Bathroom - medicine cabinet - spices - pantry - refrigerator - freezer/deep freezer.
My idea behind this particular challenge, which I bring back twice a year, is that your storage reflects your self.
Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand. By 'PURGING OUT' outdated, useless items from your home, the rooms you LIVE in most, you are taking a step in the PURGING OUT of YOUR body as well. Think of your body as the different areas I had you clean.
And the items I'm talking about here are those expired/non-essentials.
The medicine cabinet - your head. All the meds you DID NOT NEED --- the thoughts of yourself that YOU DON'T NEED.
The bathroom --- (did you know you spend 1/3 of your LIFE in here?!?!!?) to cleanse yourself (I know, in more ways than one!!!)
The freezer --- the things you 'hold on to' (ie - leftovers that will NEVER get used!)
The pantry --- the 'quick fix' area. USUALLY you're 'goodies' are in there. That's where you head for the 'emotional eating', the 'binges'. You don't NEED that anymore. You're on your way to HEALTHIER lifestyles!
The refrigerator - especially the condiments. Items that you rarely use. Items that you buy on 'impulse' or for one time uses. STOP the impulse. Have a REASON for those things and USE them. STOP the excuses for WHY you can't - you're reason? BECAUSE YOU ARE 'WORTH'!
The Spices - your 'dreams' of what you will become. Don't go after the dreams that will NEVER happen (for example, *I* will NEVER be a TREE or a BIRD, so why DREAM IT.) Go for the REALISTIC goals. Go for the 10 pounds, then the next 10. Go for a 10 minute walk, then next week up it to 15, then 20. Eventually you will jog or run. Your life is full of small accomplishments - accomplishments that you should reward yourself with - the SPICE of life.

A tip on the spices:
Members of the red pepper family, including paprika and chili powder will retain their color and remain fresher longer when stored in the refrigerator. Report
I always spring clean the whole house! Report
I cleaned out my freezer approx. 2 weeks ago, and I cannot tell you what I found in there (a lot of wasted space). I hate to waste food, and being a vegetarian, I especially hate to see my husband waste meat. Unfortunately I threw away more than I'd like to admit. I do need to go through the bakers rack & cabinets again soon and see what I can donate to the local food shelter. I tend to buy certain foods for certain dishes and never make the recipe... and can't ever seem to remember what that recipe was (i.e. I have a bottle of V8 juice that was supposed to go into something & my husband and I won't drink tomato juice, so I'll just donate it). That will probably be a task I take on next weekend.

I would love to make my kitchen more green. It's a very difficult task with having to convince 2 people to do it. I can talk myself into doing almost anything, but convincing my husband is another thing. I'm almost out of 409 (or whatever it is that I'm using). I think I will save the bottle and attempt my own cleaner. And I've always wanted to start a compost pile. My parents used to have one when I was a kid... as long as I do my research, I can't imagine it being too difficult. That will be my goal for this spring. Thanks! Report
I sort of did a cleaning out. I did what AMJSaturn did - I got rid of old spices, etc. Also, I usually end up with a plethora of plastic storage containters from various take out restaurants. So every now and then I go through them and recycle the extras. Report
My kitchen is bad food free except for a few things I will allow my daughter but I don't have the urge to eat those because I know if she went for it and it is gone she wouldn't be happy. Thankfully though she doesn't over consume on those less healthy choices. I reorganized my pantry a couple of weeks ago...yesterday we started spring cleaning our garage to accommodate the bikes so we can easily get those in and out. Report
We're going to be moving in a few months, so it's extra incentive to use up the staples that I have - I cleaned out my pantry and kitchen several years ago when I joined SP and have done pretty well at keeping the junk out. I just have a ton of staples due to living in an earthquake zone.... As they say, you can't take it with you, so time to use those up. Report
Great tips thanks. Report
We have to "spring clean" our kitchen every year due to Passover. One of the great upsides is that as part of the prep for the holiday, most of the junk food (and all of the wheat based items) has to be disposed of, so I always get a "fresh start" in keeping the kitchen full of healthy food. Report
i cleaned my kitchen 2 weeks ago. i gave an 80th birthday party for my dad and was having quite a houseful, so it was scrubbing time. it amazes me at how dusty inside the cupboards can get, and please tell me what monster puts all the crumbs and crud in my silverware drawers!!!!this weekend i cleaned my bedroom closet Report
I will be doing my cupboards shortly especially as I have a cousin coming to visit - can't have her seeing mess around! I store my spices alphabetically - easier to find. I also go to the Charity Shops and buy glass containers - healthier than plastic and cheap! We buy most of our spices from the bulk store so when I am labelling them I put the date on. Report
My kitchen is always clean and always has healthy snacks ready and waiting but, I did Spring clean the kids bedrooms over the weekend and mine, we went through closets and packed away winter clothing and dusted, it was so warm here in Missouri we got to open all the windows. I also took down all the curtains and washed them through the whole house. I got alot of Spring cleaning done. Report
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