Quick Calorie Cuts: Guilt-Free Guacamole!

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Guacamole is my indulgence when I go out for Mexican.

I can bypass the queso dip, the fried foods and the gooey sopapillas for dessert. But that green stuff has my name written all over it.

Guacamole is rich--one serving has about 150 calories and more than 13 grams of fatóbut most of the fat is the heart-healthy monounsaturated kind. And you get a hearty dose of fiber: 5.9 grams, or about 20% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

That said, two of my favorite Mexican restaurants make it even easier for me to dig in. One serves slices of cucumber, jicama and celery; the other incorporates veggies in the guacamole. I love both ideas. In the latter, the avocado is mashed until creamy and coats the vegetables. It's more like an avocado salsa than what we Americans think of as guacamole.

Here are two slimmed-down guacamole recipes. Try yours chunky or smooth, at 80 calories a serving and 6 grams of fat!

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Avocados my favorite!!! Report
Nothing like avocado!!! Report
Oh I love avocado! Thanks for sharing. Report
Can't wait to try. Love avocado's!!!!! Thank's a bunch. Report
when i eat an avocado, i cut it in half, take out pit (and put over water w/toothpicks to sprout), take a spoon and make slits in the flesh, squeeze in some lemon juice and eat it right from the skin! the taste of natural avocado fruit is pure heaven; the flavor doesn't need any enhancement!! Report
To be honest, I BUY Guacamole, because I can never seem to pick avocados that are ripe. I buy them TOO ripe and have to toss them, or else they are still too hard and a waste. Yes, I've tried putting them in the floor canister to ripen, and that gets them TOO ripe. SO, I buy it already prepared. Report
Mmmmmmmmmmm, I simply LOVE avocados and guacamole. I have started feeding avocado to my 6 month old son and he loves them as well. Report
Veggie-licious Guacamole -- sounds great -- going to make that one. I usually don't get
Guacamole when out -- but I have had a chunky version that I really liked.

Reading the recipe for the chunck guacamole make me want to splurge and spend the $1.99/avacado. I love guacamole and cannot remember the last time I had it. Thanks for the great recipe, I saved it! Report
I love sliced avocados on wheat bread, some sprouts, some sliced tomatoes, and some salt & pepper. Yummo! So good! Now that I live in Florida, I want to get my own avocado trees so I can have avocados more often, because they taste to good! Report
Avacados were an acquired taste for me. When I was young avacados were not common where I lived. One time I had my mom buy me one to try it and I thought it was awful. When I moved to Texas guacamole was a common thing. At first I only liked guac with lots of other stuff in it like cream cheese, salsa, peppers, etc. Over time I grew to like avacodos themselves. Now the "guac" I like best is simply a perfectly ripe avacado mashed up with a little salt and pepper. Report
Love the guacamole!! Thanks for the recipe ideas - I am drooling just thinking about having it later today!! Report
I love avocados and can happily just scoop it out of the shell and eat it.......but I also make an easy guac by mixing chunky jarred salsa into the mashed avocado. Really good and quick. Report
Thanks! I love the stuff, too!!! Report
I LOVE avocados and guacamole, thanks for the two fantastic recipes! Report
Avacados and guacomole are my favs, thanks! Report
I love guacamole! I do feel guilty whenever I order it at the Mexican restaurant. My attempts to make it have been failures. I'll try these recipes! Thanks so much! Report
I am not a big fan of guacamole but maybe I should try it again. It's been several years since I had it. Report
My guacomole, has most of the time nothing but an avocado with some lemon juice, salt & pepper. Makes a wonderful breadspread. If I want it fancy I add tomatoes and onions in tiny cubes.
I never add any mayonaise or other things Report
From www.amenclinic.com 's ""Brain in the News" a weekly commentary on how brain science relates to the news [gotten via email]. The brain is involved in everything we do. Wherever there are human stories the brain is involved. From the impact of war and natural disasters on the brain to drug abuse scandals to courtroom dramas to politics the brain is in the news, and you can read about it here.

"Every once in a while when I feel hungry, I will share a brain healthy food tip. As the son of an avocado farmer, letís talk about Godís butter.

Avocados containÖ
-18 out of 20 essential amino acids
-7 fatty acids, including omega threes
-more protein than cowís
-milk 65-80% water (donít forget the brain is 80% water)
-the most easily digested source of fat and protein in a whole food

Donít eat too many of them, as they are calorie dense. But a little avocado a day is good for your brain. You are what you eat. Your brain needs healthy nutrition. Eat foods rich in nutrients and avoid the ones that poison your body."

So yeah, avocado is good for you. Report
I love avocados. Frequently we have Tomato Caprese salad with slices of avocado instead of cheese. Yummy. Report
I am an avocado addict...ever since I was little. Great recipe too! That is how I usually make it ! :0) Report
Avocados are one of those foods that I have grown to love since joining spark. I never liked them before, but now I buy 2 every time I shop. I make a pretty basic guacamole with just chopped tomato and onion and a bit of cilantro and garlic. I am also content to just put a few slices on my sandwich or salad. Report
i love it to Report
One of my favorite foods. Report
the recipe for "chunky" guacamole is almost exactly how i make my own, and also how we make it in our restaurant! so, if you eat at applebee's, feel free to eat our guilt free guacamole! i'm also having fajitas tonight, thanks for reminding me to buy avocados SP! :) Report
I have been eating guac since I was a small child. My mother used to make it with cottage cheese instead of sour cream. Seemed to go further that way and when you have 7 children I guess you do what you can. But I make it quac, sour cream, chopped onion, japapenos and chopped tomatoes. I use softened avacodoes and really get it as smooth as I can but still having chunks in it. I add cilantro and lemon juice, (sometimes lime) and it comes out really good. Anna Report
Not for me, I'm afraid. I can't stand avocados. Now houmous! That's another story. I need a "guilt-free" houmous! Report
Actually I aways thought that true Guacamole had to have chuncks of veggies in it. Im from San Diego Ca. and I have always had a rule Why have two when it can all be in one. My recipee includes atleast one whole tomatoe diced, a half to a whole onion diced and some peppers (none for the kids though). That smooth stuff was always gross to me. The only bad thing I add is an eighth of a spoon of salt. Thats just to help blend the flavors. I even add a whole lemon squeezed. Report
Thanks for this. I have been denying myself guacamole for over a month now. I can't wait to try one of these recipes! SP is awesome!! Report
I have been making my own guac for years and never saw the need for a "guilt-free" recipe until I found one that added sour cream and another that incorporated Miracle Whip of all things! Isn't that lovely green fruit all the rich, creamy goodness one needs?

Skip the added fats and portion control is all one needs to make guac a healthy snack. I just mash the avo, throw in a chopped up tomato, a couple tablespoons of finely chopped onion, juice of half a lime, and a dash of salt.

A couple of tablespoons with a four to six reduced fat crackers or baked tortilla chips is a perfectly indulgent snack.

For a light and satisfying lunch, take a full serving of reduced fat Wheat Thins, top with thinly sliced turkey or ham, a half of an avocado's worth of guac, and some green or black olives. I could eat that as my last meal and die happy. Report
Stepfanie, you are not going to believe this, but was just about to look up a SP recipe for "guac" when I decided to check the DailySpark first. It's a sign that I am supposed to make fresh quacamole to have with the fajtias I am planning for dinner tonight. Don't you just love "signs"? Thanks a bunch! Report
I love avocados, eat them right out of the peeling add a little salsa and what a snack yummy. Report
I add my homemade salsa to my guac.....yum...all fresh and natural! Report
I have been eating my avocados mashed and spread on Wasa 7 grain lite crackers for lunch.. each one has only 20 calories and they are huge.. sometimes i will chop some tomatoes and onion into it. Report
Me, I love guac plain and simple - just mash them up! Report
I just ate some guac yesterday, with Salvadorean food. Mmmm! If I were trapped on a deserted island and could have only one food with me, it would be avocados. I love them! Report
Thank You, this is wonderful. I love Gucamole. Thanks Again. Report
I can't wait to try both recipes I do love my guac. Report
This makes me excited. I've missed my guac! Report
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