Perspective: Why YOUR Health is So Important

By , SparkPeople Blogger
One day I woke up and was astonished to find that I had grown to 460 pounds and was using my family as helpers.  I didn't do this on purpose.  From my perspective, I was in a lot of pain from many chronic issues and needed to lie down to alleviate the pain.  From their perspective, I was abusing their kindness.  This is so hard for me to admit, but I'm an open book to you readers.
As I lost weight, I could do more, but not all of what life has in store for me.  From my family's perspective, I'm still not doing enough.  From my perspective, getting healthy is my career.  I've lost 205 pounds to date with no surgery.  I've created exercises and even use an arm bike because my legs aren't that steady.  I walk with my walker, ''Freedom.''  I want to be fully functional again, despite the pain, and personally I think I'm doing a bang-up job.
For me, I live to prove to you that YOU can get your life back, too.  I want people to see my example and be inspired by the possibility of a second chance.  That's why I'm so open about everything.  Who do you influence in your life? Are those people enough to make you want to change?  If not, what is enough to make you want to really change?
Do you believe you can change?  If you answered ''No,'' that's your perspective and it is going to impact your weight loss efforts very negatively.  When I started out, I answered
''Maybe, but probably not.''  That ''maybe'' was a glimmer of hope.
Then I worked on thinking about who I wanted to be and started acting like I already was that person.  Any time I had the desire to overeat, I would think about what my ideal self would do. My old self would have overeaten. My new, ideal self would have stood up for herself and her body by making the decision not to overeat.  By associating those negative desires and actions with the ''old me'', I gave the ''new me'' the freedom to make new choices. I didn't have to be trapped in my old patterns anymore.  Just taking that new perspective made a huge difference.
My perspective is that YOUR health is important.  You are the passenger on the airplane who has to put on the oxygen mask first to be able to help others.  Can you help others in your current state?  What if there was a fire or disaster?  Are you in shape enough to help yourself or others?  My overweight father died of a heart attack and my mother's weight caused a stroke.  I want to escape that fate or any other fate that being overweight could bring me. From my perspective, I can prevent these things to some degree by eating right, exercising, making regular doctor appointments and continuing to use SparkPeople.
Whatever perspective you take on diet, exercise, doctors, or mortality rates, just remember that you CAN make a difference in both your own world and someone else's.

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RYCGIRL 10/11/2019
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Great article. Thanks Report
BEST motivational article I have read on Spark! Thanks for sharing! Report
Looking very good. (((HUGS)))) Pat in Maine. Report
Well said, Beth! I was honestly more worried about clothes size than health, but was very surprised to find that - although it is nice to be smaller for sure - by far the biggest benefit is how much better I feel and how much healthier my body is. That has made my daily life so much better than i ever would have guessed! Report
Well Said! First and foremost my WL journey is about good health. I want to be healthy and old, not just old. Thank you for sharing. See that, you just inspired another person. Continued success on your WL journey. Report
Wow! I'm really inspired, by you and your efforts. Now it's time for me to buckle down. Report
Excellent! Thank you! Report
Your weight loss success story is AWESOME! Seems I'd better read your blogs and be inspired like others here. You may feel you're not doing enough but you've accomplished so much already. Wishing you the best of success in all your endeavors. Peace & Blessings Report
Thank you. Your blog is very inspiring. Keepup the good work. Report
I like your spirit! Keep up the good work! Report
It is amazing, the impact that our own thoughts and beliefs have on us without our even being aware of it. As I waited for the parking garage elevator to take me up four flights of stairs every morning at work I used to watch people casually taking the stairs and think, "I wonder how they do that?" Six months ago I set a goal for myself that I, too, would take those stairs. I thought it would be a challenge for my body -- and it was, at first. But I never expected the challenge from my head! "It's too cold, the elevator is warmer; I have too much to carry, it will be hard on my back; I'm in a hurry, the elevator would be faster; I'm late, I'd better take the elevator". It was total insanity. Today I am proud to say I never even think about taking the elevator. I still get a little breathless but it's actually a feel-good way to start my that my head has SHUT UP about it. Report
Nice Blog thanks Report
I enjoyed your blog very much, thank you for being such an inspiration!! Be blessed and not stressed and keep on sparking!!! Report
Thankyou this is very inspiring& I will be talking to my newself when i feel like overeating or indulging.
You keep up writting inspirational blogs for us! God bless! Report
Living with chronic pain is not an easy life to manage--and following that up with addressing obesity that either occurred prior to the chronic pain or as a result of it is even more difficult. There are a lot of reasons that people with arthritis, back issues, fibromyalgia, RSD, blood diseases, cancer etc... end up eating and making their situation worse. When I am in the center of a total pain winning over my life issue, sometimes eating is the only "normal" thing I can do with others. First of all, I wish that it was standard for medical people to take complaints of pain seriously--I have been waiting since May 3 to be seen for a really debilitating pain in my right hip on May 23. It has finally gotten to where it is messing with my exercise in the pool program. On January 5, I had an intense pain in my neck and shoulder that left me in tears and it took until the end of January for me to get a diagnosis of compressed nerves in my neck causing it and I still had to cope with it until I had surgery on Feb. 29. It is horrid to wait that long and if I didn't have SP, I could have eaten myself stupid then. I am not faring well with this hip problem right on the tail of the neck. Secondly, when a chronic pain is diagnosed, it would also help if a patient were given a consultation on how to manage the pain. I have never had such a meeting with anyone--my pain doc is wonderful and has me fitted up with a tens unit, a traction machine, a collection of patches for assorted pain, meds and his home phone number--but I still haven't been counseled in strategies like bio-feedback or other worthy methods of dealing with the pain besides chocolate donuts and cheetos, I know it isn't an excuse or reason to over-eat, but it is definitely an issue that affects more people than just I. That might be a worthy book title/topic. Take care, Sylvia Report
Decide to make a difference. Decide to be a difference. Thanks for the blog. Report
Great blog! Report
this is a great article, I can relate. I need too make a difference in my family and can not do it in my current body!! Report
Thank you for being such a fighter to get your health back!!!!! Report
You are an inspiration! I too have packed on the pounds and find it harder and harder to move with shortness of breath and aches and pains always. My poor 12 year old daughter does so much for me and I am so sad that I have to depend on her. It is mother's day and I am giving her a present of me taking back my motherly duties. Thanks for sharing! Report
Fabulous, Beth! You are always inspiring to me, and I've come to rely on your no-nonsense blogs for external motivation. I know you blog as part of your process to self-motivate and keep yourself accountable, but sometimes I wonder where you find external inspiration. Report
Wonderful! Thank you. Report
You've knocked my socks off again, Miz Beth. I may as well stay barefoot as long as you're at SP. Your unwavering honesty and commitment to yourself and your zest are an unbeatable combination that benefits all of us. Report
I know I am not always that great about it but with all the health problems my wife has I know she isn't going to be around all that much longer and I think it's irresponsible to leave my kids with no parents. Report
I'm so glad we have SparkPeople... i have the same problem in the rw... people don't believe i can and don't believe i am even trying. here, we can talk about these things to our heart's content and that helps in ways words just can't express... Report
Beth, your courage, your honesty, your openness, your efforts, your success and your wisdom have inspired me since I joined this site. You are my hero! I use you as an example when I talk to other people about SparkPeople. Thank you for your feeling of responsibility to all of us who look to you for inspiration! But, I don't want that to become a burden! Keep on doing it for yourself; and when your family is not supportive, remember the hundreds (if not thousands) of people here who glory in your success!

Thanks again for being you and sharing with the rest of us!

Love your attitude!! I love to see people trying their hardest to change their life by trying. I see people in the gym doing their best and respect the time they spend doing it for themselves. Keep up the good work!! Report
Excellent reminder how much our attitudes and beliefs affect our lives. Nurturing that seed of hope and belief in self works wonders. Report
Thanks for the encouraging words, Beth. I cannot put into words what these blogs mean to me. But thank you. They are lifelines. Report
'Then I worked on thinking about who I wanted to be and started acting like I already was that person.  Any time I had the desire to overeat, I would think about what my ideal self would do. My old self would have overeaten. My new, ideal self would have stood up for herself and her body by making the decision not to overeat.  By associating those negative desires and actions with the ''old me'', I gave the ''new me'' the freedom to make new choices. I didn't have to be trapped in my old patterns anymore.  Just taking that new perspective made a huge difference."

This is just brilliant. Nice blog! Report
It sounds like your family thinks like the old you. I am at maybe. Because of your blog, I am going for an alter ego me. Thank you and God Speed on your journey. Report
You are certainly achieving your goal to be an inspiration!!! It's wonderful that your able to cheer yourself on and I love the "old self" vs. "new self" strategy!!! I hope your helpers are able to join you as cheerleaders soon... You Rock!!! Report
I think you've done an excellent job despite what your family thinks. Keep up the good work. Report
I love the self talk between the old you and the new you- great hint... I am going to do that- You are an inspiration- Keep on going... Report
Thank you for that blog - I really needed some inspiration in this very moment :) And I will just take on what you said about the new me and the old me. I think it is a fantastic idea. Now I will have to define who the new me is - I have an idea of course... but I think I would need to be more specific - I just need to listen to the new me that is already created unconciously and I will become it. Report
You are great ! you inspire me every single moment of my life !! Report
Love your blogs! You are truly and inspiration! Thank you so much! Report
I think you're doing a bang-up job too Beth and you inspire me greatly! Gaining better health is my motivation! Thank you! Report
The state of being "healthy" is important because "health" is important to life and to living. Without one's health, a person may struggle to simply do activities of daily living (ADLs), like eating, brushing teeth, bathing/showering, washing hair, shaving, etc. Being "healthy" allows us to have the energy and stamina to pursue hobbies, physical activities, education, etc. For more information about Health visit stayfitnutrition website.

You're a STAR. WooHoo! Report
You have to take charge and decide to get healthy for you. Before you can motivate others, you have to be able to motivate yourself. This is a great blog. :0) Report
Thank you for being so open and honest. You are such inspiration.
May you be blessed with continual success. Report
Congrats on your accomplishments and even perhaps the most important one which is an honest conversation with yourself and your family. Good luck on moving forward. Very inspirational especially for those days of mine which are challenged. Report
Oh my, the following words in particular were very powerful for me. That we have the "freedom" --indeed the responsibility-- to make healthy choices is such an important and helpful observation. Thank you for these inspiring words:

"Any time I had the desire to overeat, I would think about what my ideal self would do. My old self would have overeaten. My new, ideal self would have stood up for herself and her body by making the decision not to overeat. By associating those negative desires and actions with the ''old me'', I gave the ''new me'' the freedom to make new choices. I didn't have to be trapped in my old patterns anymore. Just taking that new perspective made a huge difference."

This is a timely article because I was mowing the lawn today and thinking about all the things I "can't" do anymore...your volunteering to serve as an example is much appreciated and I will reflect on what it will take for me to follow your advice and allow the "healthy me" to make the choices. Report
Thank always inspire me. Report
Right. Attitude is everything. As my mom says, "You're as good as you want to be." Report
such a great blog. thank you for opening yourself to all of us and encouraging us. God bless everyone on their journey. Report
"The one thing I know for sure is that doing is better than not doing, so do what you can."

I am going to carry this simple yet powerful quote with me from now on.

I have trouble with motivation sometimes - if I do not see near-immediate results or get some sort of praise (we're being honest here, right?), I tend to lose motivation. I've learned to focus more and more on the small, step-by-step accomplishments. And now I'm going to count "doing" (versus not doing) as one of those accomplishments.

Thank you! Report