One Healthy Decision Usually Begets Another

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Confession: Last week, I was in a funk. I could blame the heat, some personal stress, a busy schedule, or a general sense of ennui, but truth be told, sometimes there is no concrete reason for a case of the blues or the mean reds.

Sometimes we just don't wanna eat our vegetables, put away the laundry, go for a run, eat a sensible dinner, mow the lawn, or roll out of bed on time. And then--boom--we suddenly do again.

When we're heading down a slippery slope, eating one too many macaroons after dinner, skipping a workout, or ordering a second glass of wine instead of the club soda you know you should, it doesn't take much to reverse your path.

I'm a Type A personality, a perfectionist, an overachiever. When I am less than my best, I tend to see that as failure, at least for a fleeting moment. I'm hard on myself.

This weekend was not the best for me. I spent most of Saturday on the couch after an allergic reaction to something containing cashews. (Actually, it was due to the Benedryl I took to combat the reaction that rendered me a dizzy, woozy, incomprehensible blob.) Sunday I felt hungover from the reaction, which left me feeling sort of blah.

Monday when I awoke, I decided I needed to make the most of my Monday to rebound and re-energize myself. And so, I made one healthy decision. Then I made another.

I had a healthy breakfast of scrambled soft tofu, spinach, and salsa with a slice of multi-grain bread.

I followed it up with a nutritious lunch and snack, full of vegetables.

I pushed myself in yoga and left after 90 minutes a soggy, blissed-out happy camper.

I ate a good dinner of my favorite lentil soup and arugula salad--and resisted the urge to reach into the freezer for the pint of coconut milk ice cream in there.

I chugged five liters of water throughout the night. (Yoga was H-O-T!)

And you know what?

I feel back to normal.

I'm back. And I feel great.

I reflected on last week, and it doesn't look so bad.

I ran. I danced. I walked. I practiced yoga three times. I celebrated my boyfriend's 30th birthday, spent time with some of my best friends, and weathered the hottest night of the summer to see those I love the most. I reunited with an old friend, and I said goodbye to another who's moving.

You know what else? The heat finally broke tonight, my personal stress doesn’t seem so insurmountable, my calendar is clear this week, and I'm feeling great.

Sometimes a bad mood is just that. A bad mood.

The next time you have one, try not to beat yourself up too much. Indulge a bit, do what makes your soul feel better, and trust yourself to reverse course when the time comes. Heck, even throw yourself a bit of a pity party. As long as it's rare and brief, don't we all deserve a chance to wallow when the mood strikes?

What do you do when you're feeling down? Do you fight through or indulge it? Allow yourself a few days of downtime or beat yourself up for not feeling 100%.

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RAZZOOZLE 10/9/2019
thank you Report
RAPUNZEL53 10/3/2019
Thanks Report
KHALIA2 9/8/2019
Have never tried this one! Report
KHALIA2 4/22/2019
Glad that you are back to your old self. Report
This is a really good reminder. Thanks for a great article. Report
RYCGIRL 3/1/2019
thanks Report
FISHGUT3 2/1/2019
thanks Report
Great. Report
I just keep trudging that road to happy destiny. I never allow a new day be based on an old day. Report
What a great story....not that you had a lousy weekend, but that after one day of getting back to your routine, you were back in the groove. Important to remember.
Getting in even a short walk always boosts my mood. Report
Well said! I have those days as well! Report
I have never heard of "mean reds" but it sounds nasty! Probably kind of like the saying "seeing red" meaning when you are really, really mad! But what a great blog.
I know what you mean about the food/wine -- and my worst temptation is to keep myself from snacking during those evening hours. But luckily when I get in a "funk" it usually passes in a day or two at the most -- so I just bide my time and wait it out. Report
Great blog!
Most of us can relate to those slippery slope days and you are so right - just pick up, brush off, get started again and you are off and running. Exercise is my best "re-motivator". It reestablishes the "I can do this" mentality every time. Report
The second glass of wine is the "slippery slope" for me. Thanks for giving me some alternative steps to climb back towards healthy habits. Report
Wow! Good for you! Love your determination - very inspiring!

Ms. Jaye Report
GREAT BLOG!!! Never heard of "mean reds" before, so have a new term to use.
Funny how we all have days that are "different". Report
If I start feeling like that, it's usually because I haven't gotten enough good sleep. A power nap can help. Report
Like everyone else, this is a great blog. I find that exercise, aerobic is key. I can get my diet back in check by getting moving. Once I start moving, I start to automatically start making better dietary choices. Report
I'm usually good about food and my calories, I do endulge every once in a while but I have no problem bouncing back. My problem is in exercising. If I stop for one or two days, that's it, I'm done for. It takes a lot of motivation to get me to start again. It sucks but I am working on it. Report
I know what you mean. I was holding my own on my exercise and eating programs. Then I caught a cold. I stopped until the cold passed but got bogged down by knee pain and other aches and pains. It's just now that I am climbing back onto the wagon.

It's good to know I'm not the only one who gets lazy sometimes.. Report
I give myself a break for a day every now and then. It helps to stop thinking about food, and exercise and calories, etc. every now and then. My body is smarter then I am and it always goes back the the healthy path. Report
I don't generally run down the slippery slope where exercise is concerned but do have a tendency when it comes to food -- I am making progress on that though because the slope is a lot shorter than it used to be making climbing back up that much easier. Report
Great reality check. Thanks! Report
That seems to be exactly it for me. Either I eat great all day and get in an exercise session (or even two!) Or something happens and I end up spending all day on the couch. I just can't seem to figure out how to do a little of both each day to feel more well-rounded.

I feel GREAT on those days where everything is going my way. And I beat myself up on the other days. But I think I need to be more like you and not forget that bigger picture! Report
I'm just starting on my journey to a new me, so most of the things I've done up until now weren't helpful or healthy (eat-lots, pout and ignore my family, get mad, swear a lot in my head). It's only day 4 but I had an incident today where I was super stressed. So I sat down in front of the fan on full blast and logged in here, as a little reminder. It helped me think through the impulse to have popcorn with movie theater butter for lunch. And it halted the "I wanna give up" thought when thinking about how dirty my kitchen is and all that work it would take before preparing a nice healthy dinner from my Farmer's Market outing this morning. I actually thought about fast food instead of those delicious fresh veggies! Report
I usually allow myself a short while to get off track, but don't let it last more than a day or two. Report
Good blog! Usually when feeling down! Sometimes I will do jumping jacks or use my jump rope. Report
Love the title here! One healthy DECISION begets another -- each time we CHOOSE healthy (and we always have a choice!!) we strengthen our ability to make another healthy choice. I've come to realilze a key point to success is DECIDING to get healthy (as opposed to wanting to, or hoping to, or trying to ...) Report
I allow myself the down time. Sometimes that is just what you need. Report
Well said! Sometimes it's hard to pick yourself back up after a day (or two or ten) off track, but doesn't it feel so good once you're back where you want to be?!? Report
Thanks for venting it really helps Report
I could relate. The same happened to me last week. I acknowledged my funky mood and am fine now. Report
I usually beat myself up over every slip up but I am learning to give myself some room for this. It is good to be reminded that we can't do everything right all the time. Thanks for the blog! Report
When I'm feeling down, I try really hard not to indulge. My two sure-fire ways to keep from letting the blues get to me is either to call my husband, or to exercise. That way, even if I've indulged in any emotional eating, I can talk through it with someone I love and trust, and keep moving forward by exercising! Report
This is a really great blog. Thanks for sharing. Report
Great perspective! Came at a good time. Thanks! Report
You make it sound so easy... I start out well and by the afternoon my choices are not so great. The morning comes and I start again... well maybe one of these days I will be able to lay my head on the pillow and know all the choices were good ones. Report
I'm blessed with an optimistic frame of mind, so I seldom feel down. Sometimes I get angry, and what I do for that is strategize how to change whatever it is I'm angry about. But most of the time, I just go with the flow and am ok with it. Report
Thanks for these words. I needed to hear them today. I am coming off of a too-long slump and needed to be reminded that every journey begins with just one small step. Report
Thanks for sharing! I can definitely identify with this. Report
First blog I have read on this web site and it is most inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have had a blessed week so far! Report
Great blog and great advice Thanks .Hope you have a great week . God bless. Report
I have been in the mean reds for about 4 weeks now. Your blog will help me gain perspective again. I find that I'm an "all or nothing" thinker. Either I'm totally obsessed about food and exercise or totally out of control. One comment from anyone about me being obsessed is enough to get me off track again. I need moderation! Where to find it... how to get it????? Report
Your post is spot on!!! Thanks. I didn't know what a case of the "mean reds" was . . . and I have had that too in the past week, but have realized that I need to carry on. Great post. Report
If I feel a funk coming on, I do something to turn the adrenaline pump on. I will either swing my leg over my 150 MPH Jap "crotch rocket" motorcycle, (not that good a choice as there are no real twisty roads within 200 miles of this place), or I climb into one of my aircraft, and go up and do a half an hour of aerobatics. (This is a much easier way to jack the adrenalin levels in my system, and I don't have to break any traffic laws to do it). Brie Report
oh this so e this week ...thanks for the re-motivation Report
This blog came at just the right time. Sometimes a bad mood is just a bad mood. "I'm Back". Thanks Report
Wow, do I resemble this blog of late! I have been on the downward slippery slope feeling like I am having to constantly scramble to simply maintain... but this week is really better, meeting major goals like staying in calorie range, exercising everyday so far and getting my 10K steps each day so far... and it's easier when I keep making the good choices, just like it's easier to keep making bad choices when I have already slipped up. Report
I had that kind of week last week also. Life is changing again and I'm not sure where I'm going. Report
I had one of those days yesterday. I didn't care about dieting, weightloss, or exercise. I decided I wasn't going to beat myself up about it. But I would just allow myself that one day and then get back on track today! Report