One Healthy Decision Usually Begets Another

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Confession: Last week, I was in a funk. I could blame the heat, some personal stress, a busy schedule, or a general sense of ennui, but truth be told, sometimes there is no concrete reason for a case of the blues or the mean reds.

Sometimes we just don't wanna eat our vegetables, put away the laundry, go for a run, eat a sensible dinner, mow the lawn, or roll out of bed on time. And then--boom--we suddenly do again.

When we're heading down a slippery slope, eating one too many macaroons after dinner, skipping a workout, or ordering a second glass of wine instead of the club soda you know you should, it doesn't take much to reverse your path.

I'm a Type A personality, a perfectionist, an overachiever. When I am less than my best, I tend to see that as failure, at least for a fleeting moment. I'm hard on myself.

This weekend was not the best for me. I spent most of Saturday on the couch after an allergic reaction to something containing cashews. (Actually, it was due to the Benedryl I took to combat the reaction that rendered me a dizzy, woozy, incomprehensible blob.) Sunday I felt hungover from the reaction, which left me feeling sort of blah.

Monday when I awoke, I decided I needed to make the most of my Monday to rebound and re-energize myself. And so, I made one healthy decision. Then I made another.

I had a healthy breakfast of scrambled soft tofu, spinach, and salsa with a slice of multi-grain bread.

I followed it up with a nutritious lunch and snack, full of vegetables.

I pushed myself in yoga and left after 90 minutes a soggy, blissed-out happy camper.

I ate a good dinner of my favorite lentil soup and arugula salad--and resisted the urge to reach into the freezer for the pint of coconut milk ice cream in there.

I chugged five liters of water throughout the night. (Yoga was H-O-T!)

And you know what?

I feel back to normal.

I'm back. And I feel great.

I reflected on last week, and it doesn't look so bad.

I ran. I danced. I walked. I practiced yoga three times. I celebrated my boyfriend's 30th birthday, spent time with some of my best friends, and weathered the hottest night of the summer to see those I love the most. I reunited with an old friend, and I said goodbye to another who's moving.

You know what else? The heat finally broke tonight, my personal stress doesn’t seem so insurmountable, my calendar is clear this week, and I'm feeling great.

Sometimes a bad mood is just that. A bad mood.

The next time you have one, try not to beat yourself up too much. Indulge a bit, do what makes your soul feel better, and trust yourself to reverse course when the time comes. Heck, even throw yourself a bit of a pity party. As long as it's rare and brief, don't we all deserve a chance to wallow when the mood strikes?

What do you do when you're feeling down? Do you fight through or indulge it? Allow yourself a few days of downtime or beat yourself up for not feeling 100%.