Oh, Your Face Will Glow! (Think: Oh, The Places You'll Go!)

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Editor's Note: The dailySpark is happy to announce that ~INDYGIRL is now a weekly blogger on dailySpark.com. Read her motivational blogs about her own journey to a healthier self each Friday.

By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

A parody of "Oh, The Places You'll Go," by Dr. Seuss.

Today go be happy!

Whatever you weigh,

You're trying Spark life!

Where the difference is made.

You change things in your head.

You put feet in your shoes.

You get yourself up,

and walk ‘cause you choose.

You're not on your own. You’ll learn more than you know.

And YOU step by step will decide where this goes.

Look over your body. Look it over with care.

Someday you will say, "I like that curve there."

Your heart filling with courage and SparkFriends you meet,

you find yourself stronger than a not-so-good treat.

And you may now find that your

Clothes start slipping down,

In that case, my friend,

Get to shopping in town!

More things to wear,

With a Spark in the air.

Spark’s where things can happen

and often they do

to people who try it

and use it like you.

And when things start to happen,

be happy. Go share.

You see what it is.

You're getting others to care.



You'll be on your way down!

Things are feeling less tight!

You'll join the gym goers

and work out with delight.

If you lag behind, you’ll soon build up speed.

You'll pass the whole gym and you'll be in the lead.

Whatever you try, you'll do your personal best.

Wherever you go, you’ll not give it a rest.

Except when you do

because, sometimes, you might.

It’s sorry to say this

but, sadly, ‘tis true

that slip-ups

can happen even to you.

You can get all hung up

in a terrible place.

Everyone else going on.

You feeling lost out in space.

You'll come down from above

with a bit of a fall.

And the chances are, then,

that you won’t be over it all.

And when you're a bit down,

you're not in for much fun.

Re-psyching yourself

is not easily done.

You will come to a place where your Spark is not Sparked.

Some thoughts are lighted. But mostly you're darked.

What place could you gain both your get up and go?

Do you dare venture out? Do you hide and stay in?

There is so much to lose! But by that you can win!

And IF you go out, should you start here or there…

Would you like to run K? Or just try the stairs?

Or go around the block and add in some weights?

Simple small steps, I know you will find,

Are a good-rever-upper of the ultimate kind.

You can get so worn out

if you start in with a race,

but get yourself going to any old place,

not eating just carrots, but balanced meals in their space.

Now you are headed toward a more healthful place.

The Healthy Place…

…for people just starting.

people training to go

people ready to start, people ready to go

people taking steps, in the sun or the snow

Step after step, that’s what it’s about,

So give it a holler, a whoopee or shout!

Begin your life’s journey and go step by step,

But don’t go too fast or you’ll lose your pep.

Just one more thing before this all ends,

I want to thank all of you, my dear Spark friends,

And hope my advice with the help of Doc Suess

Will keep you all fit and your clothes hanging loose.




What makes your face glow? What topics would you like me to write about each week?

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Great work as usual, Beth. Can I re-post this? x Report
Welcome to the blog "team"! Yeah!

Would love to see more depth of thought on something Coach Dean has written on: instant gratification versus long-term rewards.
What helps you choose when the thing in front of you seems "worth it" for the moment.... But later,as you lay down at night, you kick yourself for the "stupid" choices that don't really matter after you got what you thought you wanted. Report
I love this...it is just great. Report
This is great! Thanks Indygirl! Report
Fantastic! I hadn't read Dr. Seuss's book in years but I could immediately hear it in my head! Very talented Lady! Thank you. Looking forward to your future blogs, no matter what the topic would be! Report
Love the blog. Really, really love the photo. Could you tell me where to find it? Report
What an absolutely wonderful blog. EVEN BETTER that we get to read an article by fantastic YOU every week!!! WOOO HOOOO! Report
Thanks, Beth. How cute. I'm in the dark place now and trying to start again with baby steps. Your philosophy connects with mine. You rock. Report
Your poem made me laugh out loud. I love it - the approach and the content are on target. Report
Too cute!!!! What a fun read this morning! =) Report
Fun! Great way to capture what SparkPeople is all about.
I'd like to see blogs about how you've overcome specific obstacles, advice for inspiring or encouraging others who may not be receptive to changing their lives for the better, and just other positive, upbeat blogs. No ranting or negativity please! SparkPeople is all about making others feel inspired and good about themselves and those around them. Report
Love it... do you give permission to share this with others outside of this website? Report
What fun!! You are creative! Report
I loved it! Thanks for sharing! Report
Great inspiration based one one of my favourite books of all time! Thanks Beth. Report
plateaus and how you stay on track after you have lost a good amount of weight = be it 50 or 100 = how do you change it up and stay on track... Report
Congrats, Beth!! :D
Jocelyn Report
Loved this but then I always loved Dr. Seuss....and this was perfect.....*grin* certainly made me think and made me smile...:) Report
You can do it. Report
Nice Blog - I like Dr. Seuss and your version for SP. Report
I am feeling healthier and happier than I have for a while.
Your Blog will ecourage me to stay on track, Thank You
I am looking forward to your next Blog
Beth, you have always been an inspiration to me
Thanks Again Report
Cute, funny, so true! Report
That was WONDERFUL !! Report
That was a real treat, Thanks! Report
Awesome job! As far as topics to talk about each week- I think you are on the right track already. But, motivation and avoiding temptation seems to be what I see needed here lately with Sparkfriends. And needed willpower! Congrats on the weekly blog job! WTG! Report
This was AWESOME! Report
Nice, Beth! Thanks. Report
This was lovely.... Thank you!! Report
thank you I was in a bad place your dr.seuss poem lifted me up and put a smile on my face. Report
This was really fun! Thanks for sharing!! Report
Great Blog really enjoyed it. Report
I LOVE IT!!! Thank you :) Report
Very good blog,Loved it! Report
The Doctor is in! Good job! Report
Wonderful stuff! Report
Beth, I hope you read this out loud to everyone at the next SparkConvention! I can just hear you reading it:-) Report
Great job, very cute! Definitely put a smile on my face! :) Report
Great job, very cute! Definitely made me smile! :) Report
That was the best thing I could have read this afternoon! Thanks for gracing us with your poetic blog! Report
That was awesome! Inspired me to get off my duff today. Report
Yup yup..‘tis true.. slip-ups can happen even to me...or more like major muck ups.. 'tis true.

After 7.. count them 7 chocolate bars.....I feel rather sick....SO this was timely for me to read today....SO... psych myself up.. shake it off & get back in the saddle (bike) again.........like right NOW.. LOL

Thanks ever so much for sharing your talent with us.
Indy Girl, You're the master! Many thanks for writing that for all of us. Report
What fun!! Congratulations on becoming a weekly blogger. I know you "will tell it like it is"!! Report
Love it!

Congrats on being a weekly blogger! Report
:) Great! I love it!

(Indy is also the best!) Report
We can call you Dr. Spark! Wonderful blog. I love everything you share so I don't have specific topics in mind. I'm really looking forward to your Friday blogs here! Way to go:) Report
This is truly an ispiration for all of us here at Spark!! I love the way you used Dr.
Seuss as an example for your words!! Report
I like all your blogs. You have your finger on the pulse of Sparkpeople. Thanks. Report
I really needed this today - thank you. I love your blogs and always look forward to reading them. Report
Fun to read! I'll read this blog again for inspiration!! Now its off for a walk!! Report
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