New Fit & Fresh Nutrition Products in the SparkPeople Store

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A few months back, I reviewed some portion control products from Fit & Fresh. We were so impressed that we decided to partner with Fit & Fresh to develop some healthy eating "kits" for our members, which are now available in the recently updated SparkPeople Store! While Fit & Fresh's products are available online and in stores, these kits, developed exclusively for SparkPeople, are more affordable. SparkPeople sells these kits at a fraction of the retail cost you'd pay to buy the same items elsewhere! Plus, every purchase you make at helps SparkPeople remain a free resource for millions of people!

If you've been struggling to control your portions or need better tools to pack healthy lunches and snacks when you're on the go, check out these four portion-savvy kits for yourself!

You can find all four of these kits, along with other SparkPeople nutrition products right here in the SparkPeople Store.

The Smart Portion Lunch Kit (Retail Price: $32.97. Your Price: $17.99) includes everything you need to take a healthy lunch on the go:
  • The Fit & Fresh Food Scale
  • Four 1-cup Smart Portion Chill Containers with lids and two removable ice packs
  • The Lunch Chiller, with a main compartment that holds 3-˝ cups of food and a removable one-cup Smart Portion Chill Container

Our Meal on the Go Combo Kit (Retail Price: $23.97. Your Price: $17.99) will help you take healthy meals and snacks with you when you're away from home. This Kit includes:

  • The Salad POD, which holds 2 tablespoons of dressing in a separate dispenser
  • The Lunch POD, which holds up to 2.65 cups of food and seals tightly for freshness
  • The Healthy Food Snacker with a separate container for dip or dressing

The Gourmet Cuisine Kit (Retail Price: $28.97. Your Price: $21.99) offers more great products for meals on the go, including:

  • The Gourmet Cuisine Chiller has a main course container that holds up to 2-˝ cups of food and a removable one-cup Smart Portion Chill Container
  • Four 1-cup Smart Portion Chill Containers with lids and two removable ice packs
  • The Vortex Hydrator drink cup, complete with an agitator to blend protein or flavored drinks and a chill wand to keep liquids cool

Our Smart Portion Prep Kit (Retail Price: $27.98. Your Price: $25.99) includes everything you need to make meal preparation fast and efficient:
  • The Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center, complete with a non-skid cutting board, compact food scale, and side measuring cups
  • Four Smart Portion Chill Containers (1-cup and 2-cup sizes) with lids with two removable ice packs

You can find all four of these kits, along with other SparkPeople nutrition products right here in the SparkPeople Store.

What do you think about SparkPeople's Fit & Fresh Kits?

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I have bought multiple Fit & Fresh kits/items from Ross and I love them. I use a salad cube almost daily for bringing my lunch to work (paired with a thermos of soup lately). I have actually been using mine for a few years now, they're held up very well, except for the painted-on measurement markings. Those scrub off very easily, but I use a food scale (not theirs) as I prep my meals, so that part doesn't really matter to me. Report
I loved this kit at first, even though, as another person stated, the scale does not work at all. It is all over the place and never goes back to 0. I have stopped using that. I liked the containers because they have measurement lines on them and, being diabetic, I could stop guessing at the amounts I am eating. But now these lines and their numbers are disappearing. I came back to the Spark Store today to get information on where to send a complaint to the manufacturer. Report
I dislike this set completely. The cutting board stained almost instantly which looked just awful. The "scale" was junk molded out of very cheap plastic. It literally never weighs the same twice not to mention there were no directions for resetting it so it doesn't weigh the bowl that fits on top of it. I can measure/weigh out an item and put it on the scale and take it off numerous times and the weight is NEVER the same. The containers are ok but they leak so make sure you don't lay it on it's side or tip them in any way. Had the board not of stained so quickly and so bad I would of sent the entire thing back....NOT worth the money. Report
My husband wants to buy a scale for me for my birthday, does the Spark scale measure in both ounces and grams. I need one that weighs in both measurements and was considering this set if it weighs both ways. Report
Very happy to see containers that have ice packs, that's really cool! LOL Pardon the pun! That's really a good idea! Report
I read most of the posts and wondered why the vijay guy was allowed to post with an advertisement?? If I wanted to shop for that stuff I would go to those websites. He was really annoying!!! Report
am considering buying this, but second the leakproof statement above. I hate it when soup leaks out and contaminates the my lunch tote... Report
I bought mine from Ross and I absolutely love it! I use my everyday! Best investment ever!!! Report
I really like the look of all the kits. My question is do they fit in the spark lunch bag. I think I am going to have to order one of the kits for me and also one for my sister. Just not sure which kit yet LOL. Report
What a great idea! I know lots of people who could use this. Report
great christmas gifts. might let hubbie see this. I like but I saw some of them are out of stock. NO?! Report
Can someone tell me if all the bowls, etc are microwave safe??
Thanks, Karen Report
What a marvellous, innovative, and encouraging idea! It would eliminate a great deal of "guesswork".

I bought the Smart Portion Prep Kit and absolutely LOVE it! I love the cutting board, the measuring side dish, the scale, and those 1 & 2 cup containers. I use this all the time. They're not cheap, flimsy plastic either. These are really nice pieces. Report
I have the salad bowl. I got it from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's wonderful! Report
I saw these in the supermarket and thought they were a terrific idea! A great way to always leave the house prepared with healthy, nutritious food choices. Report
When will the lunch kits be available..why advertise if you are not going to have a consistant inventory available? Fustrated.... Report
I am SO getting the smart portion lunch kit. TODAY! I'm always guessing for lunches at work and measurements. WOO HOO! Report
I bought the smart portion prep kit. I love it. I have it out all the time. It does all fit together so I could store it but I don't. I weigh all my meats, and specialty breads. I love knowing that I'm right on track instead of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best... The only problem I have is that they are not leak proof. I need to get a container for my soup. I am sure this company can help with that.. The product has a measure scale on the side of all containers so you can easily just put 1/2 cup in or 1/4 cup. The freezer lids are wonderful! no more bulky ice packs that make some food taste funny, or turn your banana black. I highly recomend this product. Report
I like the idea of these. I am on the hunt for small containers for my food. But with my calorie range I need 1/2 C to 1/4 cup. I can't eat that much food! Report
I like what I see. I'll try them but first I have to save up for them. Report
I have bought some of the Fit and Fresh products and they are great. Handy, convenient and they wash up really well. I am sure to buy some more. Report
I just tried to purchase the The Gourmet Cuisine Kit and it is no longer in the sparkstore - anyone know why? Report
I really want them all, Specially now that I'm really in to Spark! (Almost reach my goal!) Do you know if they send this to the UK? Report
I bought several Meal on the Go Combo Kits as Holiday Gifts. Wow! Everyone who received a kit LOVED it and was excited to start using it.
Nice quality products that encourage folks to pack healthy foods to eat. The sizes make sense from a proportion point of view. They're not too big! Report
Does anyone know when they will be getting more in, they have been "temporarily out of stock" for a while. Guess they're pretty popular! Report
prep center is what i need to advance to next level Report
Meal on the Go Combo Kit

Item: 510
Your Price: $17.99
Quantity Available:
Temporarily out of Stock

This is what I really want. Report
This looks awesome but it made me realize how many tupperware items, that fit those measurements, that I have laying around the house that I do not use. But I may end up purchasing them anyways for Christmas as a reward. Report
These products would help me a lot. I can't wait save up and buy them. Report
these products are great.. some great ideas
I have some Fit & Fresh products I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. I especially love the Salad POD with the dressing dispenser. I have worked places where a refrigerator wasn't always available, and their products are very helpful to eat healthy on-the-go. Report
I'm starting to plateau, so I think these portion kits will help me to be completely honest. Thanks for offering them! Report
Wellll....I'm going back to school on Monday (oh boy) and I've put weight back on - so I think I'll try these things and get the lunch bag...does anyone have it? I always pack my lunch in self-defense, it is so hard at school. I'm changing thyroid meds and everyday I have put on weight. Report
I have the smart portion lunch kit. It has come in so handy! I love the fact that it comes with an ice pack to keep everything cool! Report
I wish I could afford those items, they would be better for the environment than my paper bag and sandwich baggies. I would also be able to eat healthier, and have less leaks! And keep my food private and cold. Report
I use these containers all the time. I love to use them at work or on weekend day trips. They are wonderful! Report
I love these products. I will add them to my 'wish list'! Report
I think they're great!! I want 'em ALL!! Report
I love using small sealing containers to carry my food, but I get mine at IKEA or just plain old Gladware. $3ish for 5 containers is a great deal when you have a refrigerator at work! Report
I love these products. I was visiting an area that had a K-Mart and bought the kits. I use them daily as I leave my house at 4:45am and don't return home until the afternoon. I am on the road so my lunch bag is filled with these containers. I also like them because most of them have the measurments on the side so you can control portions. Perfect for me! Report
I got one of these at Target in the back-to-school sale section. I like it for taking fruit for me and my daughter while out of the house.

Does anyone know if they are BPA free? Report
i just got my kit and i am so excited to use it. i have been wanting something to take a salad on the go and to keep it cold. i can't wait to use it. Report
i have wanted something i could take a salad in. This looks awesome! Report
This is AWESOME!!! I bought one of the fit lunch kits for $2 at K-Mart a while back... on one of the random trips to K-Mart. I LOVE it!!!! It keeps food cold, even though I don't use an actual lunchbox; it also is perfectly portioned and never leaks!!! Everyone needs these products!!! Report
To those who are concerned with the plastic used, I went to the manufacturer's website ( ) and found the following statement:

"All Fit & Fresh™ products are BPA (bisphenol A) free ,easy to clean, freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe (except for the ice packs). Do not microwave the ice packs.

All Fit & Fresh products are BPA free and meet FDA regulations for food grade plastic."

Hope that helps! Report
These look like a necessary batch of items. I want to purchase some as well, waiting for payday. As others mentioned, mix&match would be a great idea but can't please everyone all the time. My main concern: this skeptic has ordered stuff at reasonable prices before only to learn that my money was wasted on very low quality. This causes me to feel regret & my husband tells me "another poor internet purchase" I would like to see comments from those who have purchased & USED these items to let us know how well they stand up to real usage, especially the scale! Report
our family uses the salad containers for school & work. my niece recently asked for the prep cutting board, which we gave here as a wedding gift FYI i paid 25$ just for the board. i really liked it and was going to buy me one , but now i will buy it here to get all the extra goodies. Report
I think these are the neatest containers I have seen in a while! I read some of the previous comments, but I was just wondering if anyone from Canada had ordered? Did it work out okay? Report
I tried to sign up so I could place an order and seem to be ignored. all I got was a log out message and when I looked at my 'order' is was not there. are there rules that I can't seem to see? I am not happy! Report
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