My Fitness Dreams

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

Playing free in the sunshine,
Soft brown hair in tossing in the breeze,
Walking amongst the flowers,
Hearing the buzzing bees.

I discover and I travel,
Without a wheelchair or walker in sight,
Walking down the sandy beach,
On a balmy Florida night.

I visit favorite places,
Like those I used to go,
Disney World and Epcot,
To walk them makes me glow!

To fly there now,
Would really be a treat,
Instead of buying two,
I would only need one seat.

I would ride the rides,
And relish each and every one,
And enjoy the walks between,
My journey has begun.

My body dances in the wind,
On the curls of the ocean surf,
Limitless and full of possibility,
My soul barely touching Earth.

I want to live the dream now,
I know it can be done,
Iíve lost 145 pounds now,
My battle is halfway won.

The inner child never tires,
And now nor will I.
With grace and beauty transformed,
I now aim for the sky.

What is your fitness dream?

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You will succeed. Look how far you've come. Be strong, make your dreams come true and don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't ;) Report
A beautiful poem. You inspire me so much every time I think I can't you remind me....I CAN!!! Report
Beth, you have always been such an inspiration, I just wish I had your strength.
I loved your poem, Thank you.
Love Lee Report
We share a name and now we share the same dream! I am only just starting on my journey but I know that I will get there! I will keep this as a favorite and check back on it for motivation.

Thanks! Beth Report
Wishing you all the best in achieving your goals!

Bee x Report
This poem brought tears of joy to my eyes. It is beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the great writing and the fantastic weight loss. Report
You are extremely talented. Way to go! Extremely moving! Report
Expressed in a wonderful manner, that is exactly how I want to feel. Report
I Love your Poem,Thanks for Sharing. Report
My fitness dream remains a dream because I fit reality. I want to dream instead of waking up and doing the hard work.....
My fitness dreams would be to be fit. Tight. Firm. And, 'feel' fit in my clothes. Not tight. Flabby. Unhealthy. Nothing in comparison. Yet....
Great poem I might add.... loved reading it. Thanks for sharing!! Very talented ! Report
I love your poem Beth!! Very Inspirational!! Keep the good work going!! Report
Very nice-great inspiration! It's amazing what a great world we live in when we are able to get out there without the hindrance of the excess weight. Congrats on that loss and all you gained from it. Report
What wonderful inspiration; what wonderful imagery. Keep up the good work, Beth! What a great way to start the weekend. Report
Great poem, great imagery, Beth. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work, and please keep on writing!! Report
Beautiful! And right where my head is at! I am appreciating all of the small changes I experience from the weight I've already lost (46 pounds so far), but look forward to the day when all 170 excess pounds are gone. What a fun thing to think about! : ) Report
very touching. Reminds me to be thankful for what I already have, without forgetting to aspire higher Report
Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely images. Report
Love it! Report
I'm living it. Report
love the poem. My fitness dreams are to just go for it, and be aware of how good my body feels. Report
I loved this...I can picture everything! Report
Beautifully written poem!!!!! Report
What an encouragement! Thanks so much! Report
Great, inspiring poem. You go girl!! Report
To be able to run wild and not be encumbered by an inefficient body.
To be as graceful in reality as I am in my mind.
To have people look at me the way I look at me.
To show that I am not just a fat person, I am a person. Report
I really did enjoyed your poem. Thanks for sharing this. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
I like this Report
What beautiful words!! Report
Beth, thanks for sharing...I see you traveling lightly and proudly. Keep on loving you!!!! Report
Wonderful poem, and awesome journey which inspired it! Report
that was soo nice!! thank you for sharing Report
WOW Beth! Congratulations! Report
I loved your poem and applaud the fabulous results you have achieved. Truely an inspiration! Report
Your blogs are my favorite! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing this! Report
Beautiful poem, gave me goosebumps... Enjoy the rest of your journey! Report
Lovely -- It is more than a dream; it is you. Report
Truly gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration to write my own hopes down! Report
Words of such HoPe and BeLiEf in the person that you really are!! WONDERFUL!! Report
What a wonderful poem, Beth! I can just see you dancing by the waves. Beautiful imagery! You can do it! You are such an inspiration to me! Report
This is a beautiful poem .... I need to make a collage ... how do you do that? Report
Congratulations on your weight loss and this is a great poem! Report
Oh, Beth - you are such an inspiration to everyone
Have a fantastic day
Lovely! Make it happen! My dream is active, joyful living ... "running" and playing with my kids and grandkids. Report
That was wonderful. Just this morning, I was thinking of redoing my vision collage, the original one seems so boring... Report
Beautiful! And what a great way to provide inspiration - not only for yourself, but for all of us. Thanks! Report
That's a lovely poem - well done on living your fitness dream. Report
This reminds me to express my creative side in my weight loss journey. It's beautiful...thanks for sharing! Report
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