My 2010 Goals: What Are Yours?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's hard to believe we are almost 2 weeks into 2010. This blog is coming a little late since we have been undergoing quite an ordeal in the Howard Household. My Mother-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer only 3 days before Christmas, so for the past 3 weeks we have been working frantically to set her up with hospice while making sure all her affairs are in order.

Even though it seems I have a lot on my plate right now, I did not fail to make some goals to strive for this year. Goals are such an integral part in keeping on this journey I call healthy living, so be prepared--here goes...

  1. Jump rope at least 5 minutes three 3 times a week. Many of you may be wondering why in the world I would choose such a goal. Well, when I traveled to San Diego last May to attend the first SparkPeople Convention, my first meeting with Chris Downie had him leaving the hotel, jump rope in hand, off to do what he talks about in 'The Spark' and that is jump rope at least 10 minutes a day. I thought if he can do it, why can't I? Maybe not every day for now, but I'm working on it.
  2. Take at least 20 to 30 minutes to eat a meal. This by far is one of my most challenging goals--the reason being I have to make myself fully aware what I am doing at all times. I have to make time to eat. So many times in the past I would sit down to a nice meal never really appreciating the taste, texture and smell of the food. It was how fast can I eat so that I can do other things. I am learning to put my fork down between bites while wearing a watch to remind me of my goal.
  3. Focus on getting up every hour while on the computer, even if that means doing jumping jacks, planks, or walking around the house. When I wrote my blog about how prolonged sitting may be detrimental to our health, I decided this was something I had to work on. I have a timer that I set every 55 minutes and when it goes off, up I go.
  4. Run the New Orleans Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon/ Marathon with over 15 other Spark members in February. This is a dream come true. My dear friend and co-leader of the Road Runners SparkTeam, Gail AKA as Rhynic and her husband Mark, are traveling all the way from Nova Scotia to run. We will be joined by fellow Spark members from Alaska, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Virginia, Nebraska, Texas, Florida as well as another Canadian. What a treat this will be. Little did Chris know that he is the official running ambassador to bringing us together to share in the passion of this sport. So if you happen to live in the New Orleans area and want to come and cheer us on or if you want to run the 1/2 or full marathon, come on down to NOLA on February 28th--the more the merrier.
  5. Run the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Relay with my SparkPeople colleagues in May. This is something we have been toying with the past few weeks and I thought if they saw this in my blog how could they not commit, right? No pressure, really!
  6. Run the Chicago Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon with other fellow Spark Members August 1st. This time we will have runners from Washington, Florida, Texas and Illinois. If you think you might be interested come on down. Can you tell how I am blending my passions...SparkPeople, running and traveling, now that's a cool way to live!
  7. Run the Hood to Coast Relay at the end of August. This by far will be the biggest challenge but one that will bring me to Oregon, one of the few states I have yet to visit. This is a SparkPeople exclusive team that my dear friends Kate AKA Keakman, Mike AKA Kayakid and Kim AKA KGPossible put together. It is a 197 mile run from Mt Hood to the Pacific Ocean which must be completed in 30 hours or less. How cool is that? And not every team that enters gets in, but we did.
  8. Run the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10. Never in my wildest dreams would I have even considered running another marathon, but when I discovered it will be run on October 10, 2010, well let's just say I can't pass up the opportunity. Now all I have to do is register. Anyone want to join me?

These are just a few of my long-term goals I have set for myself and what an exciting year it will be. I must say each year keeps getting better and who knows what 2011 will bring. But for now I am ready to take 2010 by the tail.

What are your goals for 2010? Do you believe that goals are the springboard to getting where you need to be in life? Is this the year to ignite your own 'Spark'?

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Sorry to hear about your mother-inlaw. I too am a cancer survivor 3 times.. I'll pray for her.My goals are to keep healthy & active & of course all the weight I lost off so far I'm on 7 yrs gone & I want to continue that.. Thanks..;-) Report
My 2010 Goals

- Make healthy lifestyle choices
- Complete my first half marathon
- Be a positive role model to my family, friends and community
- Best Wishes & Continued Success, Happiness & Health To All In 2010!!!


PS - I plan to do the Pensacola Marathon on Nov 14th, 2010. I have a friend that has agreed to train with me for the event and my goal is to simply finish. We are going to do the half-marathon and have to complete it within 3 hrs. We will be doing a 5k in March and a 10k in May in preparation. Report
I want to lose at least a pound a week. I want to eat healthier foods and I want to be able to go shopping for more than an hour without my legs feeling like they will fold up. I do go shopping longer but when I get home , I am really tired and sore. Report
Your goals sound amazing. I can not even imagine trying to run around the block right now, let alone a marathon. I guess my walk away the pounds tape is better than nothing though. My goal is to get my thyroid cancer under control and loose 20 lbs this year, which is hard to do when your metabolism is whacky because of the thyroid mess. Report
My goals obviously is to lose 40#'s, but also to work on my goals to be a better drummer for my church band, get qualified to be an aerobics instructor & get 7 hours sleep a night. Weird goals I know but they are mine! :) Report
I am trying to make healthier choices when i feel the need to munch! Report
I am trying to make healthier choices when I feel the need to munch! Report
I'm contemplating a half marathon this year. I've run several 10K races, but never a half marathon...maybe that will be my 2010 goal. I'm registered & training for the 10K in March...if all goes well, I might double it with the half-marathon...hearing how many people do it and seeing this article and all the ones you're doing make me feel confident that I can do it! :) Report
First, I want to say that I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I enjoyed reading your goals, they are very original and seem to be very doable. I tend to make my goals to difficult to achieve, then get discouraged and quit. But, new year, new start, right?

My current goals are to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables three days a week, exercise at least ten minutes five days a week, and do yoga once per week. So far it's been a struggle, but I'm committed and will keep on getting back in the saddle if I don't reach them. Report
I hope to enter a walk a thon this year being my first. They always have a Cancer walk a thon that I can enter. Report
Your family is definitely in my prayers. Thanks so much for sharing your goals. RUN NANCY RUN! My goals are to continue to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, to focus on my career more, and to run a 5k this year! Report
Thank you for sharing your goals and the news about your MIL. I am so sorry about the diagnosis and pray for guidance and strength for you and your family. We went through pancreatic Ca with my brother and afterwards we were so glad that he was able to be home and have us around him to comfort and love him.
Your goal setting is inspirational to me and many others too. I am a goal oriented person, but have not been consistent lately. I am not sure why, but your goals made me realize how lax I had gotten. Best wishes to you on all fronts. Report
I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I know your family is blessed by your strength at this time.

I recently finished writing down my 2010 goals. It is important for me to record them. Not only did I write them down, I added the actions it would take to achieve the goals. I went one step farther this time and included a section on why I wanted to reach it goal. I have been carrying the notebook with me and plan to look at the goals, actions and 'whys' everyday.

Mine in a nutshell are: lose weight down to 150 lbs, get off BP and diabetes meds, declutter my life, self-publish a book, pay down bills and save, win angler of the year and / or championship in bass tournament circuit I fish in.

Good luck everyone. Report
Nancy, I love those goals! Especially #7! But I am going to see how #1 works with my foot - jumping rope is a great idea! I think it is great that so many of your goals involve SparkFriends - it sort of doubles the pleasure, doesn't it?! Report
So, so sorry to hear of your mother-in-law's cancer. I know of the rough road you face. You have given me encouragement just reading your goals. Jumping rope for 5 minutes. I used to love to jump rope, but have thought for years that that would be too tough for me, but I was thinking of 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I am getting the hang of the small bites... Report
I am sorry about your mil and hospice will provide all of you with lots of comfort and help.
I will reach my goal sometime in 2010 Report
My prayers go to your mother-n-law. Since I'm recovering from one knee replacement and trying to avoid the second one. My primary goal is to get 30 pounds off to relieve the extra weight from the bad knee. Walking is painful but I walk .37 miles twice a day. I hope in time to increase that.
2. I will exercise in some form no less than 4 times a week.
3. I will begin dating again
4. I will find a new home state and a home for myself
I also created a bucket list of things that I want to do in the future. I've accomplished 2 already. Over the Holidays I went to NY to see the Rockettes Christmas show and I've booked a trip to Chicoteague to see the running of the horses in July. There are many more on the list and I will complete them over the next few years.
I hope everyone reaches their goals but most importantly that their lives are enriched with good health and happy memories. Remember even baby steps get you there.
My goal is to lose 12 pounds. If my glass was half empty, I would be beating myself up about not loosing 20 pounds. But my glass is half full because I lost 8 pounds of the 20 I needed to shed! I am no longer gaining weight as I get older! Report
Great goals. My goals are
1) To lose 30 lbs
2) To run my 1st half marathon - next weekend the Indoor Marathon in Milwaukee WI
3) To run the Kenosha half marathon on May 1st.
4) Did not know about the Chicago half but now that I do I may run that one also.
5) Maybe run my 1st Marathon in October - Depending on how my half's go. I was thinking Milwaukee but maybe I will do Chicago. Report
1. To lose the 25 pounds I have gained back (out of 65 lost), and get myself in better shape, so I can maintain again!

2. To find a second job, since the one I have now is getting kind of rocky. :/

3. To grow my home business on etsy, once my studio is set up (by the end of the month).

4. Take the first steps in starting a family. :D Report
My goal is to make it through the next 6.5 weeks of HM training so I can go meet Coach Nancy in NOLA!! :) Report
My goals are

-exercise 15 minutes every day (yesterday was day 14 of my success!)
-lose 5 pounds by March 4th (my b-day)
-Lose 16 pounds by June 1st
-apply for a summer fellowship
-take the GRE this summer and apply to the Ph.D. program in Social Welfare at my current graduate school

In 14 days I have lost 3 pounds! So it looks like my goals are going strong even though I am starting to get really busy.
what about pilates? :) Report
My goals are less health-focussed (I am treating my spak goals as a given )
*pass my driving test
*maintain the homework needed to get a distinction in my sewing course
*be the best, healthiest me I can be

(sorry about your sad news - my step-father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December, but was lucky to find out that he actually had pancreatitis) Report
well, I will never be a runner (but never say never I say !) My goal is to go to the gym for a minimum 30 minutes everyday (I am awake at 4 ish every morning, so what the heck, I belong to a 24x7 gym) if only to cardio. This is week two at this new gym, being a Curves member since 03/08. I joined January 2nd and today is day 9 ( I missed wednesday; saturday; sunday). Off I go now !!!! It is a respectible 05:00 a.m. LOL Report
sorry about the cancer you mother in law just find out are doing a wonderful job whatever you do do try and keep it up I know your hands are full but believe me you will be loved for doing both tacts.. Report
I'm sorry about your mother-in-law.

My goals for this year is to eat a home cooked (preferably healthy) dinner at home every day and to do a mealplan and weekly grocery shopping.

Hopefully this will be good both for my health and weight and for my wallet! Report
eat three times a day a regular meal
eat three times a day a snack
twice a week a workout of more then 30 minutes
on a daily basis always take the stairs in stead of the elevator etc and walk or bike for at least 20 minutes.
this is already a huge improvement because I usually only worked out once a week 45 minutes and the rest of week nothing more. Report
First, I am so sorry to hear about your mil.. it is good that she is all set up now so there will be no stress as time goes on. I hope her journey is as comfortable as can be and her family surrounds her with love and rememberences. It is very important..

Setting goals is so important because without them you are jut flying by the seat of you pants. I have mine set up and all I can do is take it one bite, one day, one pound at a time... Report
Best Wishes for your MIL. Sometimes I jump rope with an imaginary jump rope, also works, NO equipment at all to carry, but you look like a fool, must be done in private. Report
Jumping rope, I hadn't even thought of that, but it's a fantastic idea! Good luck on these goals. Mine are much less lofty, but important to me none the less! Thanks for posting this.
Linda Report
I'm a Hospice Nurse going on 7 yrs now. I hope your experience is good and all your needs and your mil's needs are met. I think it is GREAT that you are continuing on with your goals. It will make you stronger to deal with your family as well as your mil.
My Goals:
1) to lose 2 lbs /wk AT LEAST.
2) to exercise at least 10 min/day to start: whether Healthrider, Dancing or Walking.
3) to become more organized in my house--esp the paper war that has taken over. Report
Well Nancy, you sure do have a lot on your plate, and wish the best for your Mother in Law. I'm right with you when it comes to goals! Thanks for sharing yours! Here are a few of mine:

2/28/10 - Run 1st Full Marathon - Tampa's Gasparilla Distance Classic- it's the 10th and Final one they're doing so I couldn't resist!

After Marathon Take 90 days from long races and focus on building muscle definition.

Spring, train for first Sprint Triathlon for end of Summer

Fall - Another marathon possibly, assuming I'll enjoy my first one! Chicago's a possibility, either there or Detroit!

Nov. 21 - Women's Running Magazine 1/2 Marathon

In between, run a combination of 5 5k and 10k, and place in my age group at least once this year.

Maintain my love for fitness, drop the last 6-7 lbs, and continue to track my food every day!

Sad news about your MIL. So sorry. We had hospice for my Dad who recently passed away and we were so grateful for their services.

Way to go on the goals! Happy New Year. Report
Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law. It is a good plan to make goals inspite of the news of a loved one. Goals will help keep you moving through a rough time. Report
So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law....

Jumping rope sounds like it might be fun after all these years...wonder if I can remember how... Report
Nancy, I'm very impressed by your goals and by your attitude. I realise how important it is to set goals. I'm starting right now to think about what I want to achieve ! Report
Jumping Rope!! What a great idea! Love that. I'm new to the program and have been thinking about goals and where to start. I've been active all my life, but can get bored easy. Think I'll try it.... Report
I'm just hoping to have my multiple physical problems under sufficient control to begin running again by the first day of spring. Report
Oh wow my birthday is 10-10, but there is no way I can be ready for a marathon. The half marathon in Chicago might be doable. Report
I believe making goals are important. If you don't set goals you really have nothing to work towards. Although I have made many goals in my life I think the one I am working on currently is a little more realistic than the past ones. Getting healthy is the best goal ever, and thank you for your inspiring words. Report
Goal setting blog is a great idea. I have a few goals.

1. Eating slowly - I wolf down food - gotta slow down. I will use your tips to help me.

2. Pack my lunch at least three times a week, gets rid of any excuses to eat fast food.

3. Keep working out at Curves 3 times per week.

4. When the weather breaks, get back on my bicycle.

5. Workout with the kids 3 times per week.

So that is it for now, I do not want to get to far ahead of myself. Report
Nancy, you have such a passion and dedication to life. I applaud you for this. Your goals are amazing, inspiring, and will push you to even higher heights. I love your goal of skipping rope for 5 mins - 3x/week. I am going to do this as well. I am also doing a 5k walk in May, 2010. I am so excited to do this. Good luck and the best of wishes to you and your family. Report
You have inspired me to set real goals. Long and short term goals. I will modify some of yours and I will come of with my own also. It will take me some deep thought to really do ones that is important and helpful for me. Thank you!
Wishing you the best. Report
1. exercise for at least 10 minutes daily
2. eat mindfully
3. live below my means
4. write fiction
Sorry to hear about your mother in law. I applaud the fact that your family and you are going through so much and yet your still focused on getting healthy and staying strong kudos keep up the excellent work Report
I am trying to just stick to simple goals and stick with my healthy lifestyle journey. So my goals are small.

I am not be any means a runner but i live in New Orleans so I will try and find out the route and be out ther in my Sparkpeople gear cheering everyone on!!! I just looked at the map and the race actually passes only 2 blocks from my house so I will be there cheering on all the Spark people!! Report
I love the idea with the timer when sitting at the computer. What a brilliant goal! Report
I loved jumping rope as a kid. But at 65, with my knees as they are, jumping rope is pretty much out of the about my hula hoop? I can do THAT! YA! Report
I just got an idea from your blog and added it to my mini goals -- about getting up from my desk. I'm going to start smaller and make sure I get up and move around at least every couple of hours.

thanks! Report
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