Lighten Up about Weighing In

By , SparkPeople Blogger
When I was younger, I would jump on the scale a good 20-30 times a day.  I was obsessed.  It was like my life’s judge.  If the scale tipped upward at anytime, I must be a bad person and a failure.  If it dipped downward, I was walking on air!   Have you ever played this game, or is it just me?
IF I’m lower on the scale, I’ll be good, bit if I gained even an ounce, I’m eating this _____ and lying around in sweats all day.
That is sure giving a scale a lot of power, almost like a god, which it is not.  It is not a judge, jury, nor executioner either.  A scale is a tool for seeing only one tiny aspect of a very complex journey.
Weight loss is not just about losing weight.  That sounds crazy, right?  It’s true though.  It wasn’t until I realized that it is the complex journey of self, that I was set free from the scale.  I had other measures of success--like walking a 5K with my walker after a ton of training to get there. Measurements, clothes fitting better, getting in and out of restaurant booths easier, wearing a seatbelt--these are all signs of weight loss that the scale may not show.  I also measure my success by happiness and willingness to give to others.  When I’m closing off, I know I’m in need and therefore, more likely to overeat. 
Giving the scale too much power is a mistake.  A good goal is to measure your progress in more than one way.  Awhile back, I bought a shirt I loved that was two sizes smaller than me at Goodwill.  Not a pricey investment at all.  Now I almost fit into it.  I measure how much more I can do.  It feels like doors are opening up to new worlds every time I have a new fitness achievement.  I was NEVER the sporty/ exercise type.  I found that having friends to workout with helps me, as do workout clothes I like and a hot playlist.
If ANYTHING in your life is better for your weight loss journey and efforts, don’t hand the key to your happiness over to the scale.  Weigh as you see fit.  I had to go to once a month weigh-ins for a while to gain that focus. Once you have mastered the monthly weighing and put the scale in its place, you may be ready to set your own schedule.
There is no rule for weighing.  There is only the journey.  
How often do you weigh in and why?