Join 'The Spark Solution' Summer Challenge and Win Prizes While You Lose Weight

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To celebrate the start of summer, we're launching The Spark Solution Summer Challenge on June 21. Lose weight while using the comprehensive 14-day program from SparkPeople's new book--and be entered to win prizes, including a $250 Visa gift card.

Lose up to 5 pounds in 14 days,
enter to win great prizes,
and say goodbye to diets forever!

Here's what SparkPeople Founder Chris "SparkGuy" Downie has to say about this challenge--and why the program in The Spark Solution: A Comprehensive Two-Week Diet Program to Fast Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health works:
Summer is a great time to set new goals for yourself. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your diet, or just reinforce the healthy habits you already have in place, The Spark Solution Summer Challenge can help you achieve success. At SparkPeople, we know you can't go it alone--and we know it's much more fun and rewarding to reach goals as a community. That's why we're offering prizes and added support to those who follow the program.
We hosted a challenge right after the book launched, but many of you said it was too soon--you needed more time to get ready or your copy didn't arrive in time. We listened, and we're launching an even bigger challenge this time--with prizes. (If you did the first challenge, you can still do this one and be eligible for the prizes.)
End the yo-yo diet cycle for good with a program that's proven, with built-in, no-fail tactics to ensure you're successful. No more deprivation and no more relying on sheer will power alone. With The Spark Solution, there is no next time, only this time! You're just 14 days away!

To join the challenge, you'll need to have a copy of the book by June 21. Read through the intro, get familiar with the layout of the book and the program, and be ready to start Day 1 on Monday, June 24. Starting that day, you'll check in daily on the team, share your progress, and receive added support and feedback from the book's authors (and others like you who are committed to getting healthy and losing weight once and for all).

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today so you can join in the fun!

Q&A about The Spark Solution Summer Challenge

What if I already did the 14-day plan? Can I still win prizes?
Yes! If you have already done The Spark Solution 14-day program, we hope you're sticking with the healthy habits you built during those two weeks. You can still join the challenge and win prizes--just keep going with your program and make sure you're on the official Spark Solution SparkTeam.
What if I don't have my book in time?
You do need to have your copy of the book in order to participate in The Spark Solution Summer Challenge. Order your copy today so you can join in the fun!
How do I join The Spark Solution Summer Challenge?
It's easy. Simply enter your order information here, and you'll be added to the official SparkTeam. If you're on the team, you've joined the Challenge.
What can I win?
One lucky member will receive a $250 Visa gift card, while five others will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the SparkPeople Store.
How will you select the winners? When will we find out?
We will choose the winners randomly from those who join The Spark Solution Summer Challenge. We will contact the winners on or around July 8, 2013.
How do I access the team?
The team is private, so you'll need to first enter your order information here, and you'll be added to the official SparkTeam. You will see The Spark Solution (The Official Team) listed on your SparkTeams page.
Does this plan really work?
Yes! If you haven't yet watched it, please check out this amazing vlog (video blog) from Shelli (MOSTMOM1). She was an early reviewer of the program, and she stuck with it. During the first six weeks she saw amazing results, and she explains why everyone needs this book. (She is continuing to see results, but this video was taped six weeks in.)
Want more proof? Check out these blogs written by members who have been using the program:
This all-inclusive two-week program—brought to you by the experts at America's #1 weight-loss website,—jump-starts your own weight loss and radically improves your total body health. You will never need another diet again.
With The Spark Solution, you'll get:
  • A three-part plan to optimize your metabolism and mindset while building momentum
  • Reduced cravings and stabilized blood sugar
  • A program based on research into what worked for our most successful members--and what didn't work for those who gave up early on
  • Two weeks of 1,500-calorie eating plans, including 70 easy, healthy recipes
  • A custom exercise plan that helps you maximize your efforts, with efficient fat-busting workouts
  • Daily motivation and tips from people who've lost weight and kept it off

With The Spark Solution, you're only two weeks away from a new you! Get your copy today so you can join in the fun!

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I bought the book for my Nook today... but had "restarted" with SP last week, and yes I've lost 4.5 pounds in the first week. Back to the food tracking and motivation SparkPeople give and now with the mobile ability of The Spark Solution it will make each day Sparkable...
Thanks and have a great week... Report
Am getting late start, but determined to wear a bathing suit and look ... feel a little more confidant in it !!
60 yrs old, 20 pounds over .... Time to get rid of it ! Report
How do i join. Report
I'm excited that there is another challenge! I got the book on my Nook when it first came out - but since I was finishing up a school year, I just didn't have the time or patience. Now I'm ready. Let's go! Report
I would like to order the Kindle version of the Spark Solution. Will I be eligible to win the prizes advertised and participate in the challenge? or is that only for hard copy book owners?

Looking forward to the challenge! Report
Found it. Go to shop, click Spark Solution, click the gifts with purchase tab, scroll down to the bottom and click orange bar that says "Already purchased? Click here to get your gifts" Report
I can't remember because I preordered a long time ago. I think when I ordered there was a link I could click on to get my points and be registered to the team. I know I didn't do it at the time I ordered but I was able to get the points and I have the I ordered the Spark Solution icon. I think I clicked the learn more on the ad and followed a link. I am having trouble getting my free Spark Coach. Any hints with that? Report
I can't figure out where to click to Report
PLEASE tell those of us who already have the book how to join! I can't even get the points for buying the book, though I ordered it soon as it was available. Report
Awww I'm really disappointed because I am Canadian and after reading the Rules more closely, I see that it says in the U.S. only. I was ready to go out and buy the book because they do have it in bookstores here but after reading all those comments I'm glad I didn't because it has to be ordered online anyway! Bye everyone, it would have been fun. Now I'm going to eat something fattening to drown my sorrow : ( Report
I have the book reserved from the library but I dont see how to join. Can anybody out there help me????? Report
How do I join this challenge? I've already purchased the book. I read the blog and comments posted, and I still don't see how to join. LWADE1963, if you learned how to participate, please let me know. Thank you. Report
Wow! A lot of the comments from EMSIJO could have been written by me: I'm 5' 3", will be 60 in December, tried everything and even by cutting calories and carbs, drinking more water (which I don't enjoy), walking, etc. etc., the scale doesn't go down (I even bought a newer one) and I'm stuck on size 12, sometimes 14 ! So definitely joining the summer challenge on June 21st !!! Report
I've recently lost 15 pounds but the only way that the scale seems to move is if I eat closer to 1,000 calories a day. Even with that low calorie intake it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to lose one pound! I am 5'4" tall. I am 60 years old and the key seems to be eliminating sugar, eat small servings and drinking more water. I went from a size 12-14 to a 8-10 but it took several months. I'm joining the challenge to help me lose the last 10 to 15. In the past I always pushed myself to exercise at too high an intensity. Then I would injure myself and stop all together.
I recently watched a white board video called 23 1/2 hours on You Tube. It has had over 3,000,000 hits and Never Ever Give Up which has had over 9,000,000 hits and for good reason. They are very motivational. These videos made me realize that even though I had a hip and knee replacement which made me ache when I exercised and no time in my schedule that if I focused and REALLY wanted to change I could do it. Report
I cant follow the diet as designed (certain dietary restrictions apply) but I'm going to std to make healthy substitions and stick to the exercises and such! Report
I wonder if the book has vegetarian options. Report
I'm hoping to do the challenge this time! I was not able to do the 1st challenge
after I got the book, it was too soon & I wasn't ready! Report
I am ready for this challenge now. I have been reading and rereading the book and can't wait until the 24th. I tried to start the 1st but wasn't quite ready. I have tried some of the recipes and they are delicious. Report
I would like to participate, and buy the book, I would have to buy it on my Kindle though as I live in Australia and I really don't want to pay shipping..but buying it through my kindle I would not receive the DVD free gifts that are offered with purchase, is that really fair? I am on the fence about it :( Report
I got my copy from the library. I almost have it read, with lots of notes. According to the sign up form, you must purchase it. I wont be able to do partcipate. I still will be following the plan. Good luck everyone. Report
I'm going to try again because I wasn't ready for first challenge. Report
I agree that the first challenge started too soon after receiving the book. I was in that challenge but did not participate. Now I am ready !!!! Report
Hi, team! The questions you've posed are mostly answered in the blog post above.
One clarification: You can do the program only if you purchased the book. Report
Not sure how this differs from any other "quick weight loss" program out there. I would prefer the slow and steady approach. Report
I tried to join the team, but it appears that I cannot without purchasing the book. Is this correct? Report
I ordered the Spark Solution when it first came out, but it arrived later than expected, didn't have enough time. Since I already belong to Spark Solution team, can I still do this challenge. Report
Clicked to join and it took me to order information, please let us know how to join, as far as I could tell there wasn't any place to enter the order information. Are we already signed up if we got the free gifts and already entered our order information? Report
Lose (up) to 5 pounds, I lost 2 the first week I tried it and I didn't even follow as closely as I could have. I think it is a great idea. Report
"Lose 5 pounds in 14 days" sounds like the quick-fix mentality this site seeks to avoid. Report
Think about it. Report
Can't wait! Report
What if you got the book from the library? Report
Interesting. Report
Finely some new blogs to read Report
how do i join? i have the book but didnt do the first challenge. i want to participate but i am lost as to how to join. Report
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