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How I Lost 3.6 Pounds in One Week

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The plateau: That leveling-off point at which you feel there is absolutely nothing you can do to drop those last few pounds. I had been there since January, and nothing was changing for me.

Then I saw the advertisement for The Spark Solution book, and I read a blog about the recipes being fantastic. Thinking it was simply a cookbook, I clicked on the icon on my Start page. I ordered off Amazon for about $16.00. When the book arrived, I nodded at it, put it on my kitchen counter, and let it sit for two days.

I received an email after ordering, informing me that I was added to the Spark Solution team. That's nice, I thought. Then I received another email on May 11 that read, Are you ready for Monday?

Ready for what? I wondered. Apparently, the Spark Solution team was going to complete the two-week Spark Solution together, beginning May 13. Yikes! I only had two days to prepare...and I needed to begin by reading the book. Little did I know that the Spark Solution was a meal and fitness plan for a two-week period of time, complete with a grocery shopping list for each week.

I did it. I shopped. I cooked. I froze leftovers and substituted them for meals that didn't appeal to me (which was only 1 out of the 21 I made). My family ate better, as I was now cooking with whole foods instead of a boxed dinner. I found out that I had been grossly overestimating the number of calories I needed. At 5'6" and 147 pounds, my nutrition tracker set my range for 1500-1850 calories daily. Silly me, I added calories to that range for hard workouts and then wondered why I couldn't lose any weight. The Spark Solution plan kept me at 1500 calories, even while working out. And I was never hungry! Choosing better foods kept cravings and hunger far away.

Results? This morning, the scale read 143.4. I was shocked...amazed...proud...thr
illed. Even better than the number, my clothes fit better, I slept like a rock all week, and I had more energy than usual -- more than enough for my Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run yesterday!

The plan meals are easy to prep and cook and work for both individuals or families. My favorites are ALL the breakfasts and the berry cobbler dessert -- only about 100 calories. Intrigued? You should be!

The book also includes several valuable Insider Tips, but I'd like to include here a tip of my own: Leave the excuses behind. We can all make them: I'm too busy, I don't have time to cook, I have dietary issues, I can't find time to work out, my kids' schedules are crazy... There's a great quote that Coach Nicole uses from Nike on page 70 of the book: "Someone busier than you is running right now." What's your excuse? And how can you beat it?

My goal for the next week is to keep following the plan. I already have my refrigerator stocked full of goodness, and I'm about to schedule my workouts. Will the scale say 142 next week? I hope so. Regardless, I'm already a success story. I've broken through my plateau and I'm losing weight more quickly than ever...without being a gourmet chef, without starving, without working out for an hour a night.

I found The Spark Solution. Find your own at

** Update: As of June 15, my weight was 140.6. I've lost almost 5% of my body weight!
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