How Well Do You Adapt to Change?

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I've always been a creature of habit.  I remember when I was young, I was reluctant to learn how to drive.  I had a very hard time moving out of my parents house on my own.  Any time there have been big changes in my life, it's usually taken quite a bit of adjustment.  I've always been slightly envious of those people who are able to just "go with the flow" and take change as it comes.  I've never been able to do that easily.

If you follow my blogs, you know I love running.  Before kids, I trained regularly for marathons and loved to push myself to see how much faster I could get.  I remember the days when I felt like any run under an hour was pretty much a waste of time.  My, how things have changed.  I still love training for endurance events.  I ran one marathon last year and plan to run another next fall.  But these days I'm happy to find any time for myself to exercise.  I'm no longer disappointed if I don't have the perfect workout.  I've learned to accept the fact that being regularly active with two small children and another on the way is an accomplishment.  That's right- I'm pregnant with baby number 3.

I was still running the week my first two were born, something I was very proud of.  This time, my body hasn't cooperated quite as much, so I recently started walking and will continue that (along with strength training) until the baby arrives (which won't be long!)  Making the transition from running to walking would have been a really big deal to me in the past.  I would have been totally disappointed with myself that I couldn't push harder and tough it out.  But my priorities and expectations of myself have changed.  I've realized that my fitness level doesn't define who I am.  Exercise (specifically running) will always be an important part of my life.  But if I have other, more important things to focus on for a while, that's okay.

So I'm trying to become a little bit more like those "go with the flow" folks I've always envied.  Don't get me wrong- I still have a very hard time with that in most other areas of my life.  But right now, where fitness is concerned, I'm trying to listen to my body and give it what it needs instead of fighting for what I think I should be able to expect of it.

How well do you adapt to change?  Whether it's fitness, nutrition or other areas of your life, are there times when you've struggled with it?    

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Life is so much easier when we go with the flow and able to adapt without stressing. Good for you! Report
Congrats on the baby!

I usually have to be led kicking and screaming the whole way for any kind of change. Deep breathing my way through it usually does help! Report
I try to view life as my prepped diaper bag. You never know what will happen with kids so you pack the bag for all sorts of situations.
Having backup or contingency plan helps me get through what ever comes up.
I play a game "What would you do if:"
Hungry and only bad fast food joints around... find a market , get fresh fruit and a bit of cheese from the deli.
Raining hard and cannot walk outside... That's what dvd's and SP videos are for.
Sprained ankle... Chair exercises.

Don't get me wrong I do love the comfort of routines too, but being open gives me the opportunity to try something new and something to perhaps bring into my life more.
congratulations on your new baby! Report
My life has been nothing but change since I've joined sparkpeople. I lived for years with the identity of a fat girl. I had a low self image, little or no self confidence. As I lost weight and modified my lifestyle to a much healthier one I've had lots of changes - yes the physical one of loosing a lot of weight, but also the mental changes that come with a changing identity, improved confidence and self image and the behaviors that go along with that. Although positive changes - they were and still are difficult to deal with and accept.
Good for you for seeing what your priorities are and adjusting to them, you AND your growing family will be all the better for it.
Congratulations and God Bless not only you new child but it's older siblings who will also be learning to embrace change in their family dynamics!
Frances Report
I've experienced many changes throughout my lifetime, they've only made me stronger, smarter, and more determined. Report
Congratulations on your third child!! I am like you in many ways, change is difficult for me and often makes me anxious. I, too, am working on it. Report
Congrats of baby #3!! :) I too am very bad with accepting change... Pretty much any big change in my life is met with resistance, but I'm working through it with the help of my husband. This was a good article for me to read. Thank you for writing it! Report
Congrats on the baby!!!!

I have learned to adapt to change better by lowering my expectations and go with the flow. So what if things don't go the way I want? The world keeps going. Lowered expectations=less disappointment in the long run for me. It is what it is! Report
I am extremely slow to change in many aspects of my life. Church, work and fall lineup. Getting better; I am extremely cautious, and weigh everything, and drag my feet to make sure .. of what I do not know, but I finally just jump on the tailgate and go for the ride. Report
Most of my life, sadly, has been marked by a 20-pound weight gain, every time I have gone thru a major change. I first realised this when I was 21 and made a major, long distance move. Now working on that.... SIGH not easy, though. Report
Change happens every day , I choose to roll with it, NOT that I like it. But looking back most change is for the better if you can control your willingness to stay in your comfort zone. Report
Beautiful job, Jen! Report
I have always learned to move with the flow
Congrats, that is such great news, and to see
you keeping up ith the exercises during the
pregnancy, way to go! Best wishes. Report
I have always learned to move with the flow
Congrats, that is such great news, and to see
you keeping up ith the exercises during the
pregnancy, way to go! Best wishes. Report
Congrats!!!! Report
Congrats on the wonderful news! Report
Congratulations!!! Take care of YOU.

Great blog. Change and I used to be archnemesis. But as I've grown older I have learned to go with the flow more. You'll see . . . it'll happen! Especially with 3 kids to take care of! Report
Congrats on baby number 3!!
I worked in Corporate 38 years and the last 10+ years were nothing but "change" and more "change" so I learned to not only adapt but to anticipate and embrace change! Report
I am terrible with change! Both my little guys are school aged now and I am finding that I have more time for myself and I am able to exercise more consistently. Being flexible with the different stages throughout our lives is important!
Congrats, Jen! Report
I hear ya! I hate change so much, even good changes make me nervous!

Congrats and God bless you and your family!
I love change. I make the best out of it. Do things that is FUN Report
Congratulations Jen!

I don't react very well to change myself.

Hugs Donna x Report
Congrats Jen!! I know it is hard changing your goals and how to except yourself.I have the same problem. I am not pregnant.I had trouble dealing with having a hystectomy 7months ago,as I always wanted children but my spouse didn't has he already had 3.Guess I have love everyone elses children. Report
aww congrats!! Report
Someone responded that change is easier as one ages. Maybe it's just me, but I disagree. I was FAR MORE FLEXIBLE when I was younger.

I guess I EXPECT more now that I'm older and hopefully a LITTLE WISER. Report
Congratulations on baby #3.

I used to think I was good at going with the flow (I could change types of software at work very easily), but I have never been good at going out of my comfort zone. I am definitely not a salesperson, which I was forced into at one job. I would have loved to move to the country when I was younger and maybe still would, but lately I would just rather stay where I am. However, getting older does not make me go with the flow better. I hate it and I fight it, but it is taking it's toll on me. Report
I'm much more laid back now, in my 50s, than I was younger--nothing like experience to show how little difference racing along, or forcing the issue makes in the long run.

Simultaneously, I am surer about which 'hills I'm willing to die on" than I was: my priorities are clearer--and fewer & simpler--than they used to be. Seems all of a piece somehow.

Congratulations, Jen, on the courage to be a three-fer Mom. I wish you all the best. Report
How wonderful that you are getting a new blessing for your family!

I have not been one that really embraces change very easily. However, for the past year, there have been many changes in my life. I was "warned" ahead of time by getting repeated feelings during my devotions that change was coming. God was letting me know that the change would be OK as long as I handled it with prayer. Thus when out of the blue, my financial situation was going to be changing and I knew I would have to sell my house before I lost it, I was somewhat prepared to go ahead and do what was necessary. The details, which seemed very difficult, worked out with prayer and cooperation from my family. I have had some other changes in my life also, but at least I am prepared to handle them with prayer. I know some other changes are coming in a few months, but I am praying about them. Report
I think I'm slightly odd in that I am more "laid back" now than when I was young. When I was young, I was impatient; the minute I saw a problem, I wanted to fly right in & fix it. I am a lot more tolerant of others & I am a lot more tolerant of myself now. And guess what??? I am a lot happier!!! I just let it all happen & my motto is "There's nothing that can't be fixed!" Report
I can relate. With me, it's just a "getting older" thing. This time around, I'm remembering to listen to my body more during workouts--I'm fitter, faster, and stronger, but older and with a longer list of old injuries that threaten to return. Report
Congratulation on baby #3. Keep up your pace. I am very adaptable and I just try to go with the flow. Report
CONGRATS on the new addition to the exciting! I have never been particulary good at adapting to change unless I was the one in control of the circumstances, but that is just another one of the valuable lessons that this journey on Sparkpeople and running has taught me. That I don't need to be "in control" of everything.....I need to manage the things that are important to me and that I have some control over and with everything else, I need to learn to adapt and "go with the flow". It's not worth wasting my energy trying to fight things that I can't control. Report
Congratulations on baby # 3! That's awesome. Good for you at knowing (and choosing) what's best for your body at this stage in your life. Change is not easy for me but I'm working on that. I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone these days. Scary, but I'm doing it. Thanks for all you do for us too. Report
I don't like change, unless I'm driving it, but I think the older I get it's a little easier for me to go with the flow. Report
I second the comment below, I thought of this book immediately when I read this title. I learn something different every time I read it :) Report
I highly recommend the book "Who Moved My Cheeses" by Spencer Johnson. You can get it used at Amazon for under $5.00. It's great about dealing with change. I made it required reading in my teacher prep classes. I hope you enjoy it. Report
Congrats on baby #3

I agree, going with the flow gets easier with age. Report
So glad you are seeing your babies as priorities. They grow and go so quickly, you won't regret energy investment there.
As far as change goes, I'm one of those who adapts fairly quickly. I feel that life is too short to waste it in a negative space. What really scares me is the idea of sameness, boredom, and complacency. Report
Congrats on baby #3!!

I think "going with the flow" becomes easier as we age - these days I am thrilled with anything and everything I can do. Clint said it best, "a man's gotta know his limitations".

While there's nothing wrong with pushing, sometimes your best try just has to be good enough. Report
I'm normally a "go with the flow" type of person... unless you're asking me to go way out of my comfort zone. I'm traveling alone for work this month. I'm glad I had several weeks notice because I am gradually getting used to the idea. Report
I'm pretty much the opposite. I find it difficult to plan things far in advance, because a lot of times by the time the occasion is at hand, I've changed my mind and I don't want to go. I'm almost too flexible, and my moods/wants change frequently. For example, I find it very stressful to plan a vacation far in advance, & some of my best vacations were "let's pack a bag & get in the car & see where we end up."

I like to juggle several priorities at one time, rather than know exactly what I have to do every day at work. I've dealt with several serious health issues, including breast cancer & its treatments, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, and possibly prediabetes (waiting for test results). I've been very stressed about all these things, but I find them challenges that I have to learn to deal with. If that means cancelling plans for dr appointments, or because I feel crappy on the day I'm hosting a party for friends - I just reschedule. It's not the end of the world. Report
Congrats. Report
A new baby ... wonderful! Now that's a change that would be hard for me (at my age)! Sometimes I look forward to change ... a fresh start sounds so nice! But I do tend to stick with the tried and true ... from vacation spots to restaurant meals. Interesting question to ponder ... Report
I'm not that keen on change. It takes me a while to get used to the idea. Learning that I had Diabetes Type 2, was a big issue to deal with. It has taken a while but I am learning to accept the changes that need to be made. Some days I kick against it but most days it's ok. I guess we learn all these things as we move on through life and get a little older and wiser (we hope). I wish you well with your new bub. Report
Congratulations on the new baby soon-to-come!
And congratulations on your wonderful attitude!

I'm not good at all with change - and everyone who knows me knows it! LOL!! If we need to make a change, my friends usually try to bring it up a few days ahead of time, so I'll have time to adjust to the idea before a decision has to be made. Report
Congrats, Jen! Best wishes for your family!

Nope, I really REALLY dislike change. I dig in my heels and go kicking and screaming....I know this about myself and try not to let it happen, but what can I say? Much as I'd love to embrace change I'm a creature of habit! Report
I don't mind change, even like it to a point. I just take forever to adjust to it and during that period I'm very irritable and my anxiety is through the roof. Once I'm adjusted I do great. I look forward to change just not the adjustment period. Report
I am horrible with change...most changes completely get me down and I shut down. Don't worry, I'm going to start therapy ;-) Report
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