How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

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You enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast, a glass of tea in the afternoon, a sports drink as you recover from your workout and a few pieces of chocolate to sooth your sweet tooth after dinner. Nearly 80 percent of people around the world consume caffeine on a daily basis. Adults in the United States and Canada consume an average of 250 mg of caffeine each day whereas those that live in Sweden and Finland consume around 400 mg per day. People in the UK enjoy caffeine in a range somewhere in between with an average daily intake around 300 mg and the average adult consumes most of their caffeine from coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and medicine. The estimated intake for children is between 150-200 mg per day mostly from soft drinks, sweets, and sports drinks. Do you know how much caffeine you get in a day?

Caffeine is a stimulant and abstinence in someone that typically averages a moderate intake can result in withdrawal symptoms such as headache, tiredness, fatigue, decreased energy, and a depressed mood. Studies show that withdrawal symptoms can begin within a day of not consuming caffeine and can last for a few days or as long as a week. While many still question whether caffeine is truly addictive or not, it is well documented that unpleasant side effects exists when consumption is stopped abruptly after a sustain intake. Although caffeine is not a nutrient, if it is added to a food or beverage, it must be listed in the ingredient label but the amount does not have to be listed. Nearly 30 manufactures produced alcoholic beverages with added caffeine at one time because it was such a promising business. In November of 2009, many were contacted by the FDA and informed they were being investigated for safety and legality issues.

A low to moderate intake of caffeine is defined as 130-300 mg per day and many health professionals consider this a safe and health conscience level. Here are some common caffeine sources to help you estimate how much you are ingesting on an average daily basis.

Plain, brewed coffee (8 oz) – 135 mg of caffeine

Instant coffee (8 oz) – 95 mg caffeine

Espresso coffee (1 oz) – 30-90 mg caffeine

Decaf Coffee (8 oz) - 5-15 mg caffeine

Green tea (8 oz) – 25-40 mg caffeine

Black tea (8 oz) – 40-70 mg caffeine

Coca-Cola Classic (12 oz) – 35 mg caffeine

Mountain Dew (12 oz) – 55 mg caffeine

Milk chocolate candy bar (1.5 oz) – 9 mg caffeine

Sweet chocolate candy bar (1.45 oz) – 27 mg caffeine

Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar – 31 mg caffeine

Snickers Charge Candy Bar – 60 mg caffeine

Excedrin (1 tablet) – 65 mg caffeine

Midol Menstrual Maximum Strength – 60 mg

NoDoz 100 mg – 32 mg

Vivarin – 200 mg

Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte (16 oz) – 150 mg caffeine

Full Throttle (16 oz) – 144 mg caffeine

Red Bull (8.3 oz) – 80 mg caffeine

Amp (8.4 oz) – 74 mg caffeine

Glaceau Vitamin Water Energy Citrus (20 oz) – 50 mg caffeine

Jolt Gum (1 stick) – 33 mg caffeine

How much caffeine do you consume in a typical day? Is this more or less than you thought.

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GMACAMI 1/17/2020
interesting article and interesting comments Report
KHALIA2 1/16/2020
I will take my one cup decaf and that one w/o sugar! Report
LEANJEAN6 10/23/2019
really interesting Report
LEANJEAN6 10/23/2019
really interesting Report
1CRAZYDOG 10/15/2019
Good to know. I try not to overdo the caffeine! Report
KHALIA2 5/15/2019
Great info! Thanks! Report
Can't give up my coffee. Report
Caffeine is like anything else, moderation is the key Report
today i am not consuming any--drinking a small cup of milk today and the rest is all water. Report
I try to stay away from caffeine. Report
Like My Coffee! Report
I know I probably consume too much caffeine. I need to consider cutting back a bit. Report
I have noticed lately my intake of caffeine has shot WAY up. My stress level hasn't helped.

What are the long term results of too much caffeine? Report
Up to I guess 60-80 mg a day with two cups of tea, probably.

Usually zilch, but I've recently considered experimenting with the benefits of tea, despite the caffeine.

Will not drink coffee as I think it tastes nasty, as well as other sugary caffeine stuff. Report
Holy cow! Around 200-250 a day! Need to lay off the chocolate...NOT giving up the coffee. Report
I never drink coffee, rarely drink tea. But I do drink a Diet Pepsi most weekdays and once in a while I'll eat a chocolate bar. My average? Less than 100 mg most days, 0 quite often unless I'm getting some in some other foods not listed here. :) Report
I was taking Vivarin pills fairly regularly (ouch! 200 mg per tab!), but then I saw a medical professional who solved a health issue for me. Now I won't go near anything with caffeine--. Report
I'm with Katie33!!!! I gave up the Butts - barely drink - don't do drugs watch what I eat and rarely drink soda come on .... me and coffee are going to continue on FO EVAH! LOL Report
I cannot believe there's caffeine gum.

I like green tea in the afternoon. Slight caffeine pick-me-up, but not enough to keep me awake at night. Report
Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!!!!! My downfall (after my one cup of coffee and Venti Latte) is Diet Coke in the office. I drink C-free at home, but we only have regular in the office. I try to bring in a case of my own, but it gets filched from the fridge (by my bosses, no less! LOL!!) Report
About 40-50 mg daily from a cup of green tea in the morning. Not bad. About where I expected to be as I am not a coffee drinker and never have been.

cj Report
When I worked I drank two to three cups of coffee every day. I did not notice any signs of withdrawal when I stopped. I make coffee at home ever so rarely, and still enjoy a Starbucks tall soy Caffe Mocha with Splenda every now and again. Report
I really need t leave coffee alone. I stopped drinking it years ago and hadn't drank it for about 12 yrs and about two yrs ago pick it back up. Can you believe that? I do drink green tea but it doesn't have the same energizing effect on me. Report
On the plus side, I'm consuming a lot less caffeine than I did years ago. I was a total caffeine addict !! When I gave up Diet Coke, that was where the bulk of my caffeine intake came from. These days, it's from English Breakfast tea or an occasional iced coffee. I think I've managed to ween myself off the stuff, at last ! Report
I know that the "energy" drinks are high in caffeine, but I was a little surprised to see a Grande Starbuck's vanilla latte has MORE caffeine than those souped up sports drinks. Report
I was very suprised not so much in what I drink but in the chocolate and other things that I wasn't considering. I will definetely monitor a little more closer Report
I've cut back from 4 cups of coffee to one in the morning (16oz). 4 cups of green tea throughout the day and occasionally a serving of dark chocolate. So on a daily basis 370 and occasionally 401. Time to reevaluate. Report
usually not much if any, lately some with diet coke. hard to find the caff. free coke in my area. today had ice tea at lunch (out). usually make caff free ice tea. Report
I gave up caffeine cold turkey about 2 years ago due to our struggle with infertility (doctor recommended). It SUCKED for a few days, but then was OK. I haven't had a caffeinated beverage since. I drink decaf coffee everyday and occasionally a caf-free diet coke (is just not the same). Even though we have a beautiful daughter now, it is not worth it to me to go back to caffeine. I remember all too well that feeling of awfulness before I had my "regular" coffee. I also was affected with headaches if I didn't get enough caffeine.

It is not for everyone, but I would recommend at least cutting down. (That being said, have a really strong cup of Joe for me) :)

I have a 4-cup coffee maker, 24 total ounces. I NEED my coffee and refuse to give it up. I like myself better (I think others do too!) when I'm caffienated. About 400 mg /day. I don't understand the point of decaf coffee.
(I am clearly in denial, but I'm denying that.) Report
Woo hoo! Something I do well. I don't drink tea, coffee or soda. I gave up milk chocolate 18 months ago and only occasionally have a little dark chocolate. Just off to polish my halo. Report
Probably somewhere between 300 & 500. Just last week, I stopped drinking my usual 2 cups in the morning at the office to see if it would make a difference in my sleep. I'm frequently awake by 4 a.m. and toss & turn until I get up at 5:30. I slept more soundly, but I think the brain synapses are a little bit sluggish during the day. This experiment will have to go on a bit longer before I decide to permanently give up my caffienated cup of joe.
I drink decaf coffee, tea and soda and have dark chocolate occasionally. I am surprised at the amount of caffeine in dark chocolate. Report
I refuse to give up my java. I drink coffee all day long. On average about 12 to 15 cups. It helps curb my appitite, a mild diaretic, and gives me energy. So I'm not giving up my java. Report
What KATIE33MAHALA said. Giving it up is NOT an option. Report
I quit soda about five years ago and focus on water, milk, and natural juices. I have an occasional cup of tea or piece of chocolate or cup of coffee. I may have some caffeine as often as three times a week but most days I don't have any. Most of the things I like which contain caffeine also contain lots of "empty" calories so I don't have them often. Report
hmmm, I almost never drink calories, no soda at all, no coffee, alcohol perhaps 2 times a month. Chocolate in surges, dark by preference, occaisionally hot chocolate lite. (60 cal). Sounds pretty good, eh? Well I left off my tea. 1 pot - all six cups in the morning, 4 cups made in the cup bleh at the office, 1 more for the drive home. two pots in the evening 1before and during dinner, the other before bed. A six cup pot is made with one tetly tea bag most of the time, but each made in the cup one gets its own two cup tea bag and lots of times the early evening pot has two bags and gets topped up after the first pour. probably 9 teabags a day 3.15 grams each. Some days I substitute some Ruby Red Rooibos Chai or Chocolaty Chai for the regular--they are supposedly 'herbal'. I am guessing about 900 mg, without even the smell of chocolate. No meds. Report
This is something I should probably start tracking. I have not done so yet but my husband has. Depends on the day for me. Report
I used to consume well over 300 mg per day. Then I saw a new doctor who told me the chest pains I'd been having for several years were probably the result of the caffeine intake. I stopped tea & soft drinks and the chest pains are gone. I always thought the soft drinks were my coping mechanism to a stressful job and busy schedule, when in fact, they were aggravating the situation. Report
I'm a caffeine addict, one of those habbits i can't get rid of Report
I'm always pretty aware of how much caffeine I have in a given day -- I track it on Spark along with nutrients because I know I tend to go over if I don't monitor it closely (That is, something like 800mg in a day, NO problem). I come from a family of consummate tea drinkers and I'm a total Americano addict. I gave up coffee for Lent once and it nearly killed me. Report
I quit smoking, don't drink,gave up sweets, breads, and salt so, NO, I WON'T GIVE UP MY COFFEE, DON'T CARE HOW MUCH CAFFEINE I GET! I WON'T DO IT, NO WAY! Sorry, whewww, I feel better now. I love my coffee, its just not an option. Report
Don't drink coffee, tea or the energy drinks. Might have some diet pop with caffeine once or twice a week. My biggest source of caffeine is chocolate and the amount varies from day to day. Report
I think it might be important to note that caffeine alters the fibrous tissue in our bodies. Before you go for a mammogram, you should stop intake of caffeine for several days to prevent false positive appearance of lumps. I generally do NOT drink coffee, and limit any caffeine intake to morning hours to prevent interference with proper nighttime sleep. Tea is my beverage of choice, and may be caffeinated before noon and herbal or decaf after noon. I also have my daily dose of dark chocolate, about 17 grams, in the morning because of the caffeine it contains. Report
I get mine mostly through green tea and dark chocolate but do drink the occasional coffee and take Excedrin to treat certain sinus headaches. I am careful not to drink enough to send me into withdrawal when stop. I went through that in college and never want to deal with it again.

I have to say I'm truly shocked to see there's caffeine in Midol. I've always read that caffeine is one of the worst things to imbibe if you suffer from PMS an cramps. Report
I probably consume way too much caffeine. I drink about 6 to 8 canned diet cokes a day. Everytime I get off the caffeine I have such severe headaches. I've detoxed several times and started back even after all the grief. It's on my 'to do' list again. Report
I can't have a lot of caffeine because it causes my heart to beat fast when I have a lot (one Starbucks coffee will do that and I can even tell with their decaf as well) so I avoid it, unfortunately even though I love coffee. I have been drinking decaf green tea which probably has a little bit in it. Chocolate ( I only like the plain or dark stuff) affects me the most, but I think there must be some other thing in it that keeps me up if I have it too late in the day. I don't have it that often, but always forget about the caffeine until after I've eaten it. I've noticed that when I do fall off the wagon and start drinking things with caffeine in it, I really crave it (like obsessively) so I do believe that it can be addicting--at least for me. Report
Likely under 100. I don't drink coffee; use decaf green tea; only drink the occasional diet soda (one/week), but eat chocolate daily. Report
I drink too much coffee I think, I know. Would not be able to give it up. In the morning a brew in the mug, then again at 10am , then after lunch and sometimes in the afternoon, then after supper. Sometimes I exchange for tea, all sorts, green tea etc. sometimes fruit tea. I know I cannot stop and I am truly addicted. Report
I'm in the 300 to 500 range (some days I have a cup or two of coffee after dinner), which is much less than I used to consume (lost my taste for a couple quarts of coffee a day). I don't drink diet soda like I used to, but I still drink iced tea when I go out to lunch or when the weather is warm (living in Seatte prevents too much warm weather drinking). Would I like to cut back more--yes. Will I--probably not.

I guess I need to carefully consider which is worse: the effect of caffiene (my blood pressure is fine as long as I walk at least 5 times a week) or having those horrible headaches if I try to cut back. Report