Happy Hot Breakfast Month!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Think back to this morning. What did you have to eat?

A. Coffee and a doughnut
B. A granola bar
C. Nothing
D. Cold cereal
E. A hearty, hot breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's one that too many of us often skip. This month is Hot Breakfast Month.

Sure, it's a silly holiday created as a marketing gimmick, but if it gets you to fill your belly with a square meal in the mornings, it has served its purpose.
Think you don't have time for hot breakfast? Think again.

I've even converted my boyfriend, Fred.

Fred, who is the antithesis of a morning person, has long complained that he doesn't have time for a real breakfast. He grabs a cereal bar or a pastry from the coffee shop where he grabs his morning cup of joe, and that's breakfast. I've tried to get him to take a hard-boiled egg, a peanut butter sandwich or even a homemade breakfast burrito, but he's usually not interested.

I tried to get him on the oatmeal bandwagon with me, but he didn't bite.

Finally, he remembered that he loved Cream of Wheat as a kid. I checked out the nutrition facts at the grocery store last week. (I do all the shopping and cooking; he cleans and does laundry. We've got a great setup!) The original has only 1 g fiber. However, there's a whole-grain Cream of Wheat with 4 g of fiber a serving! Score!

Now he's hooked on hot cereal in the morning. He takes a container of dry cereal with a drizzle of maple syrup, then adds hot water from the water cooler at work. It's ready in under a minute, and he has had a filling breakfast.

If he can make time for a hot breakfast, so can you. Here are a few tips to get you started:
Make batches. Breakfast burritos freeze well and can be eaten in the car, on the bus or at your desk. Try whipping up larger batches of low-fat quiches, muffins or quick breads on weekends and freezing the extras for busy mornings.

Pre-portion. Save money by buying oats or hot cereal in bulk (or at least not in those single-serve packets), and make your own single servings. Measure the proper amount into food storage containers, add your favorite toppings and head off to work or school. Add water and heat once you reach your destination, if need be.

Think "healthful." Hearty, heavy hot breakfasts are common weekend meals for many people. Eggs, bacon, pancakes slathered with butter and syrup… while those are delicious "sometimes" foods, you can eat within your calorie range and still enjoy a hot breakfast. Whole-grain toast with all-fruit spread, wheat pancakes (add real maple syrup to the batter to make them portable and less messy) and egg whites on English muffins with low-fat cheese are all slimmed-down versions of your favorites.

Want to get started?
Find breakfast recipes (for fewer than 200 calories a serving) at SparkRecipes

Toppers from Quaker Oats

A Tribute to Oatmeal by Kath Eats Real Food

Egg McMuffins for Home Skillets by CheapHealthyGood

Last year, Jimmy Dean and Zogby International surveyed the breakfast habits of more than 6,000 people living in 25 major U.S. cities. Here are their results:
"With more than 70 percent of San Diegoans waking up to enjoy breakfast each morning, "America's Finest City" tops the list as America's "Best Breakfast City." Another California city, Sacramento, came in last with 14 percent of people forgoing breakfast and only 46 percent making it a part of their regular daily routine. Also ranking at the bottom of the list is Orlando, Fla., where 11 percent of people skip out on breakfast and 46 percent eat it regularly.

Vegas families eat breakfast together everyday placing it at the top of the list; Atlanta ranked last with only 7 percent of families sitting down to eat breakfast at the same time.
  • Breakfast clocks in at San Francisco offices: San Franciscans are more likely to eat breakfast at their desks (33 percent) than people in any other major U.S. city including New York (20 percent); 11 percent nationally.
  • Breakfast goes mobile: Nearly one in every five people in Dallas (20 percent) regularly eat their breakfast on-the-go (in a car, on a train, etc.).
  • Breakfast after dark: Nearly 50 percent of Americans typically eat breakfast foods during the dinnertime or evening hours.
  • Grown-up breakfast not for kiddies: 20 percent of people with children choose to eat different breakfast foods than their kids.

Do you eat a hot breakfast? What's your favorite healthy, easy-to-make hot breakfast?

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New to the program (started Monday), Learnig to eat steel cut oatmeal Takes hours to cook but can be refrigerated. Cook enough so that it can be eaten for the week. My favorite breakfast is grits, eggs, potatoes and sausage. Sausage and potatoes have been eliminated. My food combinations are in the process of changing! Report
I eat breafast pretty much every day with few exceptions. I go in spurts and I'll eat the same thing for a couple months then I get sick of it and need to switch to something else.

Options include: Kashi go lean cereal, oatmeal, sometimes I'll have an egg sandwich on a muffin (no butter).

Breakfast is the easiest meal for me to keep in my calorie range.

I need to get myself back on the Kashi kick again. It's hard in fall / winter - my body craves something warm in the morning. Report
my favorite breakfast is hot ceral, (oatmeal, 5 grain rolled, cream of wheat whole grain, 5 grain ground .. ) does not matter, although I do cook the 5 grain the might before, and finish it in the morning because it takes longer to cook! I sweeten it with usually unsweetened applesauce a tiny bit of butter, cuts the starchy taste, and about 1/2 cup of original Silk Soy light. and either 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, or a boiled egg, less the yolk. Sometimes I eat a table spoon of unsweetened peanut butter.. something for protien. My problem is... my husband likes to fix breakfast and it is ALL fried dripping with grease.. How do I convience him .. to make that only once a week!! I say no thank you at least 4 times a week, and then HE eats it all!! that is as bad as me eating it. He needs to lose weight.. so badly! Report
I had a bowl of instant oatmeal and a fiber one bar Report
On the road - Lovin it - the McDonald's Oatmeal - ask them to just use water and skip the brown sugar - yum, filling and low cal! Report
One cooked egg white and a slice of cheese on a toasted whole wheat english muffin or oatmeal. Report
I always eat breakfast. I really do not understand why so many people skip breakfast, which includes my husband, who generally just has coffee. If I do not have breakfast I am cranky and irritable, so people close to me will say, "have you had your breakfast, yet?" My usual breakfast Old Fashioned Oatmeal, cooked in the microwave for three minutes. I cook it with non-fat milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chopped almonds, and raisins--Yum-O! Delish! Report
I love Kashi GoLean crunch cereal its my Fav if I'm not eating that its Banana Nut bread instant oat meal or and Egg beater omlete with low fat cheese toped with salsa mmm Report
I like Nature's Path Multi-Grain Raisin Spice oatmeal. It's pretty low in sodium. I also like egg white, with maybe a whole egg once in a while. I am fan of Morningstar Farms Breakfast Patties. I cut one slice of toast into four pieces to make little sandwiches or use the smaller whole grain bagels. Report
I was recently introduced to fresh soft boiled eggs in those cute little egg cups and we eat it with "mouillettes", finger sized toast pieces we butter with salted butter (pre-measured of course!) It is so fun for each of us at the table to butter our toast, cut them into fingers, gently slice off the top of the egg, salt and pepper it then *enjoy.* We only use super fresh organic eggs. We usually finish off the meal with fruit and or yogurt. Bon appetit! Report
I love my hot breakfasts. My favorite quick hot breakfast is Oatmeal with light brown sugar, maple syrup, and whatever type of nuts I have on hand. Report
Hot breakfast is almost an impossibility for me. I won't do morning meats, eggs kind of gross me out, and I'm avoiding gluten, so oatmeal/muffins/cream of wheat/waffles are all no-no's. Fruit, yogurt, or smoothie it is. Report
I eat breakfast everyday usually oat meal.
My favorite breakfast is 1 cup of all bran cereal with 1/2 cup home made soy milk 1/2 cup of water warmed for 2 min in the microwave, but I cant eat it everyday that's a lot of bran for me.
Meme Report
At times, I'll have a double fiber wheat muffin, with egg beaters(1/4 cup), onions, 2 slices of canadian bacon(30 calories) and some fresh spinach. Very filling and right under 200 calories. Add a glass of nonfat milk for another 90 calories. Report
I eat a hot breakfast every morning. My biggest meal of the day during the week tends to be breakfast. I tend to eat less when I have a high fiber, protein breakfast such as steel cut oats
with 2 egg whites, walnuts, flaxseed, wheat germ and some fresh berries. Report
great Report
I almost didn't read this blog, because I am a special k plus for breakfast gal. But I did anyway, and am glad I did. I have saved several of the breakfast recipes , and look forward to trying some of them. Report
My husband and I eat breakfast together every morning - usually eggs and toast - 1 egg for me, and 2 for him. It doesn't take that long, and we enjoy sitting down together for a few minutes in the middle of the morning routine. One of us makes breakfast for both while the other gets our son ready to go.

I've always eaten breakfast, usually a hot breakfast. I don't like anything sweet first thing in the morning. Even when I make breakfast at work, it's something savory like a bagel with cream cheese or a slice of toast with cheese. Report
I eat breakfast every morning. Some days it is a multigrain bagel with peanut butter or other days it is Cheerios. I have kids to get off to school so I usually have it at my desk at work with Green Tea and then a fruit to follow. Report
I have breakfast ever morning....I find that as long as I eat a good breakfast, I am not searching the house for food the rest of the day mindlessly eating. Usually, since I go to the gym really early, I prepare everything the night before. When I get home it is just a matter of either microwaving something I have prepared, or pouring on some hot water or milk. Report
i make steel cut oats for oatmeal and cup up an apple with it or I make an egg substitute omelet with carrots and mushrooms either is really filling and yummy. Report
I would love to have a nice warm breakfast everyday, but I also like to sleep a little later, however I haven't ever thought of making burritos ahead of time and freezing them. I will have to try making some foods ahead of time. Report
Oatmeal is my standard go-to breakfast. I cook up a batch every few days (four servings at a go) so all I have to do is microwave my daily portion. I have to get up and out EARLY in the AM and it has to tide me over until a noon time lunch. I change it up by alternating organic high quality rolled oats (so cheap!) with steelcut oats (take a little longer to cook-- nice and chewy) and Bob's 10-grain cereal. I cook the oatmeal with cinnamon stick and cardamon seeds, a trick I learned from a great friend who is also a great cook.And flax seeds for more fiber. Season with vanilla and a splassh of sweetener. Top with milk (protein!), a half a banana or a sprinkle of nuts and seeds. This breakfast never leads me astray. Eggs and other stuff for Sunday morning... Report
I have always eaten a good hot breakfast!! This morning was green onions, sweet onions, green pepper, mushroom, and small slices of last night's pork tenderloin all cooked up with egg beaters on a slice of whole grain toast.

Yesterday was homemade blueberry pancakes.

A lady at the gym asked where I get all my energy from and I replied a from a good breakfast!!

OTG Report
I have found a great way to get around those high calorie breakfast skillets that are sold by Jimmy Dean! I get egg substitute, one jennie-o turkey sausage link, a few chopped veggies (sometimes I even put some jalepenos in for an extra kick!) and some toasted chopped potatoes (I cheat and use the premade hash browns by Ore Rida). I put everything in little bowls and then bring it into work for a great warm breakfast that curbs my cravings in the middle of the week for an warm, scrambled egg breakfast. If you watch how much ingredients you use and don't overdue it you'll have a yummy breakfast that is no more than 300 calories!
Rather than Jimmy Dean's 500 calorie bowl! Report
I may not eat a hot breakfast every morning but I feel I eat a good breakfast every day. Report
I also love cream of wheat but haven't had it in a long time! I can't wait to try the whole grain variety ! Report
Do you eat a hot breakfast?
I have changed my eating patterns a little, but I really love a hot breakfast.

What's your favorite healthy, easy-to-make hot breakfast?
1. Oatmeal with butter, brown sugar , cranberries, and nuts
2. Omelet with cheese , ham, spinach, green peppers and onions.
3. Pancakes with ham or bacon
4. French toast Fosters from Eat and park.
None of these items are healthy as I have described them but BOY are they good. I do spurge every once and a while
Breakfast is my favorite time of the day! I am in love with the new Whole Grain Cream of Wheat!!! I make it with fat free milk and I add a sliced banana to it! Mmmmmmmmm!!! Report
We went to Tanzania for the month of December and while we were there we got into the habit of eating eggs with veggies and toast for breakfast because pre-packaged cereals are about 10 dollars a box and milk has to be pasterized or it just isn't safe to give kids so...we ate eggs. We came home and tried to get back into our bowls of cereal and yogurt routine and found that it just wasn't doin' it for us anymore. Now we get up earlier and make egg white omlets with peppers and cheese, toast with jam and fruit salads. The boys love it and the hubby is finally eating a healthy breakfast that isn't coffee with a side of coffee LOL:) Report
One of my favorite hot breakfast meals is egg whites prepared with fresh spinach, chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and bean sprouts. I sometimes also have a piece of toast with natural applesauce spread on it. Report
I used to have a bowl of cereal and OJ for breakfast but found that I was ravenous by mid-morning. Have switched to having egg beaters, a whole wheat light English muffin and OJ and find that I have so much more energy and breakfast stays with me a whole lot longer. Takes a bit longer but so worth it. Report
I love the Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwiches. I grab them from the freezer and shove 'em in the micro when I get to work. A minute and a half and I have a hot breakfast for about 250 calories. Quick, easy and filling! Report
I'm big on fiber one muffins and bars, but if I have time I like to make egg white sandwiches. It really is worth the extra time. Report
I vary my breakfast with where I eat it. I love Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal and light Tropicana with calcium OJ (but it's a cold breakfast). Sometimes I toast a Vitamuffin if I am in a hurry. I eat it in the car (100 calories) then eat Yoplait Light yogurt around 9 (100 calories) to get me through to lunch.

On the weekends we love a warm breakfast. If I fix pancakes I use wheat or Fiber One mix to make them. Usually we mix egg whites and eggs then scramble them with low fat cheese, salsa, and maybe some turkey if we have a bit left from the week. It fills you up fast and everyone from my 1 year old to my husband agrees it's a good start to the day. Report
I'm in Sacramento and I eat breakfast. Nya.
Seriously though, I rarely have time for hot breakfast for myself and my cold cereals are often more nutritious than the hot ones. I love oatmeal but my Fiber One and All Bran cereals give me more bang for my buck. However, reheating last night's bean soup was great this morning! Report
I usually don't since I don't eat eggs, meat, etc. I also hate oatmeal. I gave it another try last week. I like the taste, but the texture is gross. Report
FYI, I buy organic oat bran from my CO-OP in the bulk section. It's reasonable price similiar to cream of wheat texture but has 7 grams of fiber in a half cup. I love it as I also use it for muffins and breads. Report
I get up most mornings and cook my breakfast. I usually make a sandwich of toast (double fiber bread) egg white a slice of no fat cheese and canadian bacon. I get to work at 5:00am and I'm not hungry until about 7:00 so I can pull out my sandwich and eat it at my desk. Report
If I don't eat breakfast every day I feel like I'm hungery all day long, and have a tendicy of over eatting the days that I don't eat breakfast. Report
I used to skimp on breakfast before I started taking care of my body. Now it's often my biggest meal of the day. I usually have a couple of eggs and some red meat (sausage or bacon), which keeps me going through my busy day of teaching, up til our late lunch, a good 5-6 hours after breakfast.

When I can't face a fry-up (or simply sleep in!) I turn to the amazing FibreX cereal by Empower Foods. Yum! One serve with hot water - and I add a little cream and erythritol - tastes like a nutty porridge, filling without being carby and heavy. Empower is an Australian company, but they ship internationally, so if you're watching your carbs but like a bit of cereal in the morning, check 'em out! (No, I'm not being paid to write this! ;) Report
I have Bison strips with egg white. it's very lean and taste good. Also, I keep a batch of oatmeal and oatmeal pancake in the fridge. Report
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I am getting to the point where I cannot go without it. I use to skip breakfast but since joining Sparkpeople, I eat breakfast on the regular. Report
I am not a breakfest person, so I have to MAKE myself to eat it every morning! Report
I have never liked the consistency of oatmeal. I wish I did, because I know how healthy it is! Since having gastric bypass 11/26/2007, every morning for breakfast I have 8 oz. of skim milk with 20g whey protein powder. I like drinking my breakfast! I don't miss cold cereal, and when I want a scrambled egg or an omelette, I often make it for dinner (the kids love it!). No sausage or bacon in our house, if I can help it. Those are treats that we get only a handful of times in a year. Report
the breakfast I eat everyday is Quaker oatmeal..the bulk stuff that you could buy in the round tubs with 1 tsp brown sugar. everyday..sometimes I add flax seed to the mix Report
I was brought up to start the day with a good breakfast, and it's my favourite meal. If I don't eat breakfast, my blood sugar drops and I suffer a rare attack of the grumpies! Report
Every morning, without fail, I have the same breakfast: a protein shake with a scoop of whey powder, a cup of water and frozen peaches and a bowl of Kashi hot cereal. It is low calorie and a good mix of protein and carbs. Report
I don't get hungry until around 9am, so I take breakfast to work with me. My 2 favourite breakfasts are porridge with raisins and sunflower seeds, made with skimmed milk, which comes in at 355 cals, or a bacon and egg toasted sandwich with brown sauce, which comes in at 270 cals, depending on the type of bread I use. I can't imagine facing the day without breakfast, as it's a long time until lunchtime, and I prefer to have a hot breakfast in the wintertime, although I'll eat porridge or bacon sarnies in the summertime too. At the weekends I'll make a veggie omelette with bacon on the side and a couple of rounds of toast, which comes in at around 400 cals. Breakfast really sets me up for the day, as I can't concentrate if my tummy is rumbling. It really is the most important meal of the day. Report
I didn't eat breakfast before work until I started here on Spark, but these days I start the workday with oatmeal before leaving the house. On weekends my darling fixes a lovely brunch with rolls & spreads, juice&milk, boiled eggs or an omelet and coffee/tea - it serves as a breakfast/lunch for us and is a great start of the day. Report
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