Fun Fitness Halloween Costume Ideas

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Since your closet is full of workout clothes anyway, why not use this Halloween as an excuse to celebrate your healthy lifestyle by dressing as your favorite fitness personality? There are tons of possibilities, but here are 10 that are pretty easy to pull off.
Richard Simmons
All you need to dress as fitness icon Richard Simmons is a curly wig, some super short shorts and a sparkly tank top. You'll also need a big cup of coffee to match his high energy and enthusiasm for a good workout!

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Suzanne Somers (Thigh Master Era)
Do you remember the late night infomercials featuring this truly strange piece of fitness equipment? Celebrate strong thighs and a good sense of humor by bringing out a Thigh Master or similar piece of goofy gear, donning a blonde wig and your favorite retro workout wear.

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80s Jane Fonda
Jane brought the idea of aerobic exercise into homes across America and she did it while wearing some of the most ridiculous 80s-style workout wear. To pull off this look, you'll need a leotard and a belt. Don't forget the leg warmers!
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Yoga Jones (from Orange is the New Black)
Yoga Jones doesn't let a little thing like being in prison keep her from her favorite form of exercise. This costume is dead simple. Just pair your saddest gray sweatpants with an oversized gray T-shirt and don't forget your yoga mat.

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To dress as this popular viral video hostess, you'll need to pair a fancy pink jacket like this or this with some white leggings and a curly wig. You'll want to spend some time perfecting your moves--Prancercising isn't as easy to master as it looks!

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Karate Kid
For this one, you can choose to either be the good Karate Kid or his nemesis from the Cobra Kai Dojo! If you already have your own Gi, you can simply add a headband to complete the look.
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Paul Ryan Lifting Weights
No matter what your politics are, you have to admit that the pictures of Paul Ryan lifting weights in a backwards baseball cap were pretty funny. This look is super simple to put together. Just dig up an old gray T-shirt and red hat. Bring along a real or toy dumbbell to complete the look!

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Sue Sylvester from Glee
While you can't hope to match her over-the-top personality, it's pretty easy to get the look of Glee's Sue Sylvester. Just dress in an old school athletic jacket and track pants and don't forget your megaphone!

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Fantasy Football
If you take this term literally, it makes for a pretty funny Halloween costume. Just pair a football jersey with a wizard beard and hat to create this punny look. And don't forget to carry a football!

CrossFit Bro
Whether you're a part of the CrossFit craze or not, you can dress the part for Halloween by pairing an obnoxious T-shirt with this muscle costume. Just be prepared to do burpees on demand!

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

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CECELW 6/11/2021
hahahah this was hilarious! Report
Funny! Report
Some really great ideas and they won't cost you "an arm and a leg!" Report
FUN! Our Zumba class usually does an "I love the 80's!" costume theme near Halloween! I *LOVE* the "Prancersize" lady (minus the camel toe)! ;) Report
Thanks! Report
I like the one about the football. I feel that there are more options to dress it up. Report
The Richard Simmons one is my favorite. Another one would be Gilad from Bodies in Motion, but I don't know if people will know who he is! Report
These are great!!! Report
I don't do halloween, but these would be fun ideas for a costume party at other times of the year... Report
I actually have a Thighmaster which I use often while watching TV. I use it to tone my arms and my legs. Report
I went as "The Flash" last year. It was sort of a superhero-meets-bad-pun costume, as I wore my Flash hero t-shirt and a short skirt under a trench coat with tennis shoes. People thought it was clever. Bazinga. Report
I've never heard of Prancercise. That was one of the funniest things I've seen!
If I were to dress up as a fitness person I'd go as tony little. Report
I'm going to be a sexy witch! Report
I'm going to be Velma from Scooby Doo too, I actually go crazy when I lose my black thick square eyeglasses, You should see me with my hand touching everything, lol. Report
I actually watched the clip of Richard Simmons above - the first part of the interview was great! Report
I'm going to be Velma from Scooby Doo, and my partner is going as Fred! Report
Oh, how I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my old track suit. I doubt my Halloween costume that I bought lay year on clearance is going to fit now (3.5 weeks postpartum.) Report
so great to hear all the encouraging comments, I need lots of them! have been trying to loose weight all my life the way it seems. Am gluten intolerant, which is a blessing because can't eat the usual processed food most people can, but now many food manufacturers are coming out with "gluten free" items now!! Report
Sorry to be bringing politics into this but anything to do with Jane Fonda after what she did during the Vietnam era is not what I would want to do. Lost a cousin and dear, dear friend in that war. She is not worthy of being called American Report
Paul Ryan lifting weights. What a joke. Report
These are really funny! Thanks Report
Me in anything Spandex = scary any time. Report
We costume at work, and the company across the street sends an employee over to judge. The winner gets a choice between a gift card and leaving early that day. It's my first Halloween there, so I'm looking forward to debuting my Goth circus performer, complete with blood red hula hoop. :) Report
Prancersize. Woohoo Report
Don't think I'll wear a costume this year. Last time I did was for my daughter's fourth grade class-I made a witch costume which turned out pretty good. We each made treats for all the students, and there was a haunted house in the auditorium. Report
These are cute! There is a "Run Like Hell" race in my area around Halloween time and you dress up for it. Maybe next year I will enter and dress as one of these. :) Report
Thanks for the chuckle... makes me glad that my big Halloween thing is a few decorations :) Report
My daughter recently found some of my 80's leotards and tights. Good grief! Why have I held on to these things? She described the style as "weird", but liked the bright turquoise and maroon tights so she's currently wearing them. Report
It may be super funny to show up to my CrossFit class dressed as Richard Simmons for Halloween. Report
No Sean T from Insanity ??? I'm a female so couldn't pull that off, but would if I could ! Report
Fun ideas! :) Report
The crossfit bro made me laugh! I shared it with my husband. Thanks for the idea! Report
Prancercise? For real? Goodness! Report
As a pilates and yoga-pilates fusion student, I'd like to add a suggestion:

The Pila-tease character from the Yoga Action Squad:

you could find it on YouTube. Report
Love the Prancersize Lady - what a hoot! Report
What, no Zumba instructor?! Report
I'm totally going as the prancersize lady! Thanks for the inspiration. Report
Sue Sylvester would be quite fun! Report