Fun and Active Date Ideas

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My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary earlier this week and I thought it was a great time to share some active date ideas with you. While we haven't had a chance to actually celebrate our anniversary just yet, we will be doing something active and fun when we do. We both enjoy a good movie and dinner, but that can be costly not only for our wallets, but our waistline as well.

Some of my favorite active dates that I like to go on include bowling, hiking or walking (sometimes we bring the dogs too), biking, and staying home to play games on the Wii (golf and bowling are both fun). The way we see it is that we are not only having fun on these types of dates, but it keeps us from sitting around more than we already do during the workday. Honestly, I find having more active dates like that to be more fun overall and allows us to enjoy each others company more than just the typical dinner and a movie date. We also get some exercise in at the same time and usually spend far less money with our active dates compared to going to the movies and a restaurant. Win-win situation, right?

If you would like some active date ideas for you and your significant other, please click here!


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