Spring Into Shape with a 20-Day Challenge!

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It's almost March, which means we've made it through the worst of winter (knock on wood!). Can you believe that spring is less than a month away? Although the arrival of spring promises warmer weather and better conditions for exercising outdoors, it might also make some of us realize that we hibernated a little too much over the winter. Maybe you skipped a few workouts due to bad weather or the flu, or the winter blues derailed even your best efforts to stay consistent. It can be hard to get active again after a lull in your exercise plan, but it's entirely possible to get back on your feet. And we're here to help you do it! 

From March 1 through March 20 (the official first day of spring!), we're challenging YOU to ''Streak into Spring'' with us. For these 20 days, make a point to fit at least 10 minutes of exercise into your day, and keep the streak going right up until the end of winter. You can do whatever you'd like—running, walking, strength training moves, intervals, etc. As long as you're moving and getting your heart rate up, anything goes!

The best part? We'll be there to support you along the way. Each day of the challenge, TweetPin, +1 or comment on our Facebook page using the hashtag #StreakIntoSpring to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing. Then, we'll serve up tips and encouragement to keep you headed in the right direction! We will also be posting daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to check in with your progress using the same #StreakIntoSpring hashtag. If you don't use social media, start a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable! 

At SparkPeople, we've seen time and time again how our members have made small, consistent actions that snowball into bigger lifestyle changes. We KNOW that making an effort to spend a daily chunk of time on your fitness (even a tiny chunk) will help you revamp your goals and step into spring on a healthier, happier and more energized note! Are you up for the challenge? Let's start streaking!

What do you think? Will you "Streak into Spring" with us?

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just got the email today april 3rd but I am willing to accept the challenge and go 20 days.I need the motivation to exercise daily w/o excuses holding me back Report
same here! late to start but will go for full 20 days! Report
I'm so late, but I am all the way in! I will complete 20 days starting today!! Report
Just saw this, so am a little late starting, but I will go the full 20 days and then some. Thanks needed the motivation to not skip a day! Report
3 days in, using couch to 5 k in the morning, 2x's a week aqua aerobics... Thanks!! Report
I'm in. Late but will go 20 days. Report
I so needed to see something like this.... I love a good challenge. Count me in as well. All 20 days and then some....now if I can just find a reliable workout buddy here in greater Cincinnati!!!!! That would just make it even better!!!! Report
Just starting today... I will complete all twenty days Report
i'm in just had heart surgry about 7 months ago, i hoping to get into alittle better shape.... Report
Yes I'm in....hit a plateau can't seem to lose the last 15 pounds. Report
I am in. Report
Late-Bloomer here, but beginning this is good! Happy Spring Break! Break a leg! Report
starting late, but I'm in
count me in !!! this is the jump start i need
I started this on the 5th and already missed yesterday the 6th, I can't blame anyone but myself. However I am not going to let that stop me ,I am back on, worked out for about 1 1/2 hrs. today cardio and weights. Report
I'm in! I need this accountability. Thanks everyone!
Count me in Report
Count me in! Started 3 days ago. Report
I've been a little off the past few weeks with my workouts. This might be just what I need to get going again. I'm in. Report
This couldn't have come at a better time. I've been slacking off lately because I started Nursing School. Count me in!!!!! Report
Glad I caught this e-mail!. I was going to skip a workout today...haven't done THAT in weeks...was feeling a little down...now I'm getting on the treadmill after I leave my comments. inspired by everyone's enthusiasm! Report
I just found my email count me in, my husband and I are planning a motorcycle ride out west this summer and with all the weight that I have gain I need to do something to lose it. This is very sad coming from a person that has never had to worry about gaining weight until last year when I quit smoking. Some times I feel like I want to start smoking again just so I can lose all the weight that I gained. My husband hates a smoker and I love my husband. Have a good evening. Report
Starting today. Shoveled 5 inches of snow. Report
A little late to start but going to catch up..this is a good thing since March 20th is my 59th birthday.. Report
I'm late too after being called fat at work (personal trainer) I starting today for the first time spinning. :-) Report
Count me in. Report
Im in i bought a jump rope yesterday. Report
A few days late, but I'm in! Report
I am 6 days behind but I can do it!!! I have to go on a plane on the 8th of April so I am IN!!! Report
Just received the email today but I'm in . . . maybe this will get me moving. Report
Just read the email today, and I am in too! Report
I am late for this challenge, but will start today...but did take my dog for a walk yesterday...I need help starting and am hoping that leaving messages will help... Report
Under normal circumstances .... I'm right with ya! BUT right now I'm in the middle of a transition of relocating from NV to WI and it's been harder than hard just to eat right when you are the guest of someone at their home.( BOY do my friends need some serious help when it comes to their diet!!) I'm doing what I can to stay on track, but it is not an easy task. I'm horrified that I just can't stay on the track for now!! Report
I am in!! Starting a few days late but I need a nudge, been in a rut for months.
The weight needs to go!! Report
I started. done my elliptical for 10 minutes today morning. Report
I am ready for some real exercise after the winter weather. Report
I m in Report
I'm in! I have GOT to do something. This weight and size is horrible. Report
Went for a 45min morning walk, did a few strengthening exercises using dumbbells and I felt really great and alive Report
Starting today. Did 18 minute Exercise video today. Also did dishes leaning over the bathtub for 15 minutes, cleaned out a large container and Laundry. Laundry required going up and down 2 flights of stairs for each load. Did 2 loads. Report
I just got the message but I'm in! I would LOVE to lose a size for my daughter's graduation in May... Report
I'm a few days late but I'm in too! Report
just got the message im in Report
i'm almost a week late just got internet up and running again but i'm in... Report
I'm a few days late but I will just go a little longer! And I can handle 10 minutes a day, no problem! Report
Ok. I'm in. Starting on the 5th day but it is better to be late than to not join at all. Today I completed 25 minutes of dance central dancing. Report
Count me in! Report
I'm in! Report
I'm in!! Been using all these wonderful recipes the last couple of weeks....love love love how I feel. I am committed!!! Let's do this! Report
Just saw challenge and I'm in. I did a 30 minute circuit this morning. I will be alternating that with a walking dvd. 4 circuit & 3 walking. Report
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