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Eggs: Now More Incredible Than Ever

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A certain amount of cholesterol is necessary by the body for proper physiological and structural function. Too much of it can have negative health consequences. Since cholesterol levels are influenced by your genetic makeup, your diet and certain lifestyle choices, controlling it can be a challenge.

According to the newly released 2010 Dietary Guidelines, eggs and egg dishes comprise approximately 25% of total dietary cholesterol intake in the American diet. Over four decades of research suggests that healthy adults can enjoy eating as much as one egg per day. Nutrition data released last week suggests the nutritional content of eggs may be even better than previously thought.

Eggs are packed with nutrition. One egg contains only about 70 calories and is a rich source of high biological value protein as well as lots of vitamins or minerals. Although most known for the cholesterol they contain, eggs are also a natural source of vitamin D. One egg provides as much as 10 percent of the RDA necessary to help with calcium absorption as well as forming and maintaining strong bones.

The research released last week found that eggs are 14 percent lower in cholesterol and 64% higher in vitamin D than previously found when evaluated back in 2002. On average, a large egg now contains 185 mg of cholesterol and 41 IU of vitamin D. The exact reason for the improved egg nutrition compared to data from 2002 is unclear. However, some researchers believe it may be the result of intentional improvements to the feed provided to laying hens. Whatever the reasons for the egg nutritional improvements, at about 15 cents a nutrition packed serving, the egg remains as incredible as ever.

What do you think of this new egg information? Will it change your egg eating habits? Share your favorite way to enjoy eggs.

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I will fry an egg in Pam for breakfast or dinner and enjoy a slice of toast on the side to mop up the yolk. Eggs are a great protein source and are low in sodium. Sometimes, my husband makes two egg omelettes on the weekend or for dinner with a slice of swiss cheese and chopped asparagus as the filling. Report
I never stopped eating them or serving them to my family! You get a lot of nutrition for a good price so eggs are a great way to spend your money at the grocery store. No food is PERFECT so just eat everything in moderation. That is really what the media should be teaching us! Report
I have been trying to increase my protein intake. If recently added an egg to my breakfast. Delicious. Im glad to hear that they are bad for you. Report
My 4 Buff Orpingtons each lay an egg a day - delicious! Report
I really appreciated MostlyH2Os post about CSAs. I didn't know about this and followed the link she provided. I found a lot of farms near where I live, and some that have shares for individuals. I love fresh veggies and even found one that has eggs from grass-fed hens. Thank you so much for your post!!!!! Report
Being a protein type and working on kicking the c:rap (carbohydrates:refined and processed) out of my diet, quality protein is vital. Organic eggs are on my weekly shopping list. They keep me satisfied and keep the sugar monster at bay!
: Report
We raise chickens and have lots of eggs. Report
One more reason why I love my hens........ Report
This is great news! Poached eggs and turkey bacon are one of my favorite meals, and not just for breakfast. Report
I love eggs! Now I have even more good reason to keep eating them. No guilt!!! Report
I love eggs, all kinds of ways. Report
Love these little capsules... any which way Report
I cannot WAIT to get hens! When we got married last September, the process involved building a deck; my husband promised me a coop and hens once we were done -- we're planning to get them this summer! My friend has 3 laying hens, beautiful creatures, and sometimes we get some extra eggs from them, and let me tell you, if you've never had farm fresh eggs, there is NO comparison!

My absolute favorite egg dish is one our family has always called "George Eggs" (from a neighbor who loved them) -- butter a piece of bread, cut a hole in the middle, put in a frying pan and break and egg in the hole -- and fry up the little bread round too, natch!

And, not to be a debbie downer, but "free range" eggs may not be all they're cracked up (sorry!) to be -- the terms "free range" and "cage free" don't necessarily mean what you might think. (See this article for more info:
). A better choice than conventionally-raised, probably, but the best is to try and get to know a farmer (from a farmer's market) that sells eggs, or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group -- you can get eggs directly from the source, and sometimes you can even go and see the farms/conditions. Plus, you have the added benefits of eating locally AND the eggs usually last much longer, since they're fresher!

I highly recommend CSA's, not just for eggs, but also for other produce. It can introduce you to new things, and to eating seasonally, plus, and it's a big plus, it supports small farmers rather than industrial agribusiness. At my work we have an arrangement with a CSA that delivers to us there -- a boon for the farmers, since they deliver to one place, and convenient for me and my coworkers. To find one in your area, you can go here: /

Wow, didn't mean to write a book!!! Sorry, that seems to happen to me when I get to talking about things I'm passionate about!

Cheers! Report
I raise my own chickens and the flavor is substantially better than the factory store bought variety. Spark People deny or debunk the free range thing; but chickens that have access to eating grass have better tasting eggs, period! Report
Good news as I really like my eggs, and I ike them fixed any way. Report
Cannot wait to build our chook house and get some laying ladies for our family!
Eggs are an important source of protein in our household, pretty much our meat source apart from fish. Report
Eggs are one of my main sources of protein. I eat them regularly, and my cholesterol levels are excellent, below normal in fact. Report
Eggs are one of my main sources of protein. I eat them regularly, and my cholesterol levels are excellent, below normal in fact. Report
At least they are an affordable protein source for most people. I have egg whites or subs. every AM with 2 cups of veggies. Then have hard boiled with lunch, helps me to maintain the weight loss, figured out I wasn't eating enough protein. Wouldn't stop eating them, no matter what is said about them though. Report
I absolutely LOVE eggs and would continue to eat them even if I hadn't read this information, BUT it is nice to know eggs are still good for us! Report
Wow, this is good news about the cholesterol......I had all but cut eggs out of my breakfast menu. Good to know. Thanks. Report
For the longest time I could not eat eggs. Then all of sudden I ate a egg and it didn't bother me at all... Now I enjoy a egg at least every other day of the week... Report
We have chickens (all hens) which lay brown eggs with a nice dark yellow yolk, and we eat scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and poached eggs regularly. They don't seem to make my cholesterol any higher than it was, so we enjoy them. All our chickens are very tame and sweet, and most have names given them by our kids! Report
i love eggs! we buy them about 5 dz at a time. Report
With the exception of a period of time when my cholesterol was out of control and incredibly high, I have enjoyed eggs and egg dishes all my life. I'm one of the few guys I know that even likes quiche! I don't go crazy like I did when I was younger (the smallest omelet that I considered a real omelet had to contain at Least 3 eggs!), but I Still love a couple of eggs over-easy, soft boiled or poached a couple of times a month - most often as a dinner meal. My total cholesterol has been below 110 for the past 5 years. Report
Dr Oz said eat the yolk..have one egg a day the whole egg has health benefits. I also poach two eggs have them on dry toast and let the egg juice run into the bread..tastes so good. I also poach them in vegetarian spaghetti sauce and have them over pasta..they are great for dinner once in a while hubby likes it too! Report
I buy only free-range eggs, as chickens are treated HORRIBLY in factory farms. You should take this into account when discussing cost. I can get free-range eggs for about $3/dozen = 25 cents/egg at Trader Joe's.

A lot of the egg's valuable nutrition is in the yolk--what a waste to throw it away, as many people do to minimize calories or cholesterol. Eat the whole egg & enjoy it!

My favorite way to eat eggs is scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, & nonfat sour cream. Report
With the new research finding higher Vitamin D and lower cholesterol, I worry about what the farmers are feeding their chickens! More and more, I'm thinking that organic is the way to go, despite the cost. Report
Poached eggs are my favorite! Report
I start every morning with a half a cup of egg substitute and mix in some broccoli and mushrooms. 2 minutes in the microwave and an accompanying slice of multigrain toast satisfies me until lunchtime. The adders bulk up the eggs, providing interest in the form of taste and texture. A dash of pepper and dive in! After years of big bowls of empty carb cereals for breakfast, this has been a major transition for me but I'm nearly a year into it and 30 lbs lighter thanks in part to the incredible egg. Report
I made egg white omelettes with mushrooms and onions and pepper for breakfast on Sunday morning (a little olive oil in the pan). Wow was that yummy! Just using the egg whites and not the yolks really reduces the calories! Report
Will SparkPeople update the nutritionals for eggs in the tracker based on this information? Report
I have been eating an egg almost every morning. I cook it in the microwave with no fat, and put it on a piece of fiber toast. It satisfies me alot more than eating cereal or oatmeal. I buy the Egglands Best. They claim to have lower cholesterol. Don't know, but they sure are delish! Report
Thank goodness for that, I love eggs, long as the're cooked. Great scrambled with loads of different foods. Report
I break a soft boiled egg over salad veg, the warm egg is heaven on them. Report
This makes me think about "HUMPTY DUMPTY", poor guy. All the King's horses and ALL the King's men!!

LOL Report
The first report did not bother me. Although I read/heard it, it never detered me from my love for the egg! All things in moderation! Report
I have an egg and vegetables with wholegrain toast every morning, otherwise I am starving all day! Report
I've recently upped my egg consumption since our two hens started laying. I love them with salsa and a little cheddar cheese for breakfast or dinner. Report
This is great news. I love eggs but I had reduced the amt of eggs I ate because of the first report. Being a vegetarian this will give me another option for getting more protein in my diet. Report
Won't change anything--I have always eaten eggs, and hope always to go on doing so. Report
Great news but I cannot tolerate eggs. Report
I love eggs. Poached or fried are my favorites. I don't eat them everyday any more. My Dad used to fix them for us for breakfast. He ate fried eggs all his life, and he's 97 now and still in pretty good health, so I guess the cholesterol didn't do him any harm. Report
I love eggs and eat both whole eggs and egg substitutes. I eat them almost every day and my HDL is 115; I also eat clean and do both HIT aerobic and weight training all week.

Some of the cholesteral might not be the eggs themselves but hereditary. I love them because there are so MANY ways to prepare them. Report
I was just boiling eggs when I logged into SP and this article was up! I love eggs, too. I have chickens and eat a lot of home grown eggs :-). I sure would love the recipe for the 'tortilla espanola,' that I saw someone unthread mention! Report
Yay for eggs!! I have at least 2 every morning for breakfast. I start my day with high protein or else I feel sluggish in the afternoon. Report
I love eggs I normally have scrambled egg whites for breakfast. Report
I love eggs and we have our own free range chickens - now I can eat them with a clearer conscience! Report
I like eggs lots of ways -- cheese omelet, French toast, poached with corned beef hash, scrambled, hard-boiled in salads. I usually buy the Omega-3 eggs these days. Report
I love eggs (including the yoke); How are we to know if all eggs are better than before and how are we to know when they are no longer as good? I think the best thing to do is to limit egg yoke if cholestrol is high. Report
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