Do It Every Day

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Think of a few things that you do every day of your life.

            Getting out of bed

            Having breakfast

            Brushing your teeth

Fairly simple stuff, right?  Things that you do daily become a habit, and habits are typically hard to break once we really get set on what we are doing, agreed?

This month I have been discussing my personal success factors in an effort to share with you what worked for me. 

#1: Know WHAT/HOW much we eat(track it)

#2  Shut up and sweat. 

To achieve success with steps 1 and 2, I recommended using the SparkPeople trackers so you know exactly where you stand with your nutrition as well as your fitness.

The third and final success factor that works for me says this: Do it every single day.

That's it.  Do success factors 1&2 every single day.

Here's the deal: When you were gaining the extra weight, didn't you do that every single day? 

Weren't you overeating?

Maybe you were binging?

Or maybe you were eating your emotions away.

If you are honest with yourself, I bet you will agree to some or all of these, I know I did most of them!

Doesn't it make sense then that you need to do exactly the opposite of these habits, every single day, in order to break the bad habits for good ones? I very strongly believe that if you want that extra fat gone, you have to work at it every single day.

What is the work?  It goes back to success factor #1: know WHAT/HOW much you eat (track it).  This is the ONLY way for you to know if you are overeating or not.  Use the SparkPeople nutrition tracker every single day.  Use the SparkPeople reports to view your nutrition over a period of time.  The only way to know is to do it, right?

The other part is your fitness. It's time to shut up and sweat. Again you have to take the opposite path that helped you gain this weight.  It's time to change, time to move, time to take your life back.

Yes, you are going to get sweaty.  Know what else? You will probably get sore, that's normal as well.  This is one reason you need to start out slowly and build your minutes gradually.  You will possibly find muscles you didn't know you had, muscles that haven't been worked in a very long time.  When I started, I was sore for weeks, but I didn't let it stop me. My life meant more than a few sore muscles.  I believe your life means more as well!

I can already hear the struggle going on inside your head. I hear thoughts like, "I don't have 10 minutes a day" or "How can I add another thing to my daily schedule." I know it can be overwhelming to think about adding something else to the day. This is where you must change your train of thought.  You must change that thought to "this is something that I must do." Remember, this journey is about change, inside and out.  Part of those changes must be your thought process!  If you are like most people, YOU have no time for YOU on your calendar.  I want to encourage you to add yourself to your list of important things. Put yourself on the calendar for some "me" time. That time should include your fitness. Maybe it's as simple as a walk or quick trip to the garage to get on the treadmill. 

I have a few suggestions that might help you find the time YOU need to take care of YOU.
  1. Each night, write out your schedule for the next day.  This helps you to see where you have time to sneak in a 10 minute workout.   Try to plan a full week ahead if possible, so you know when and where to ask for help.
  2. Create a menu for the whole week based on what will work for your schedule.  This may be a good way of finding some lost time.
  3. Get your family involved with daily chores.
  4. Ask your family help with meal prep
  5. Get out of bed 30 minutes earlier
  6. Take a 15-minute break during work and go for a walk.  (Call it a smoke break!)
This month I showed you that SOMEDAY has arrived, FINALLY!  Then I talked about the need to WAKE UP and start living.  Then I gave you my personal success factors that have given me my life back.
  1. Know WHAT/HOW much you eat (track it)
  2. Shut up and sweat (fitness)
  3. Do it every single day
My wish is that as you walk through your own journey, you stay focused and use all the SparkPeople tools available to you.  Then share your success factors with others.

So, are you doing #1  daily? Will you? What works for you? If you joined SparkPeople in early January, what keeps you coming back?

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EVIE4NOW 2/1/2021
thanks Report
Thanks good advice Report
CECELW 7/1/2020
Oh wow!!! Love this.. doable...great advice Report
good ideas Report
Great Article Report
Thank You for a great blog. Report
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thank you Report
Love this! Thank you!! Report
Thank-you, great blog Report
Fantastic article! Report
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I like it! Report
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good points Report
Thanks! Great article! Report
Thanks, I'm saving this Report
I like it. Report
Another Terrific blog. Thanks for the reminder to put ourselves on our To-Do List! Report
Great Blog. Everything that you brought up is absolutly right. The only way to lose the fat and lead a healthy lifestyle is to do these things every single day!!! Report
Absolutely awesome blog! You are so right about doing it every single day! Report
You are so correct. Tracking is the #1 thing Report
Great blog - simple, real and straightforward. I've been using walking breaks for 17 months and they help me stay productive and focused, as well as working the kinks out.

I also endorse having the family take responsibility for daily chores. It's good for the kids, the family and the adults in the household. Why do so few parents expect this of their kids?? Report
The daily schedule is a good idea. I pre-plan my meals, may as well plan some "shut up and sweat" time. My time is usually the morning before work, while the family is still sleeping. Report
Absolutely take the 15 minute break at work, there are so many smokers who overuse the "smokebreak" that the nonsmokers get the stinkeye from the boss for requesting a break. Been there and had it happen to me, and my boss was a smoker too, I got asked why I needed a break if I didn't need to smoke... at the time I didn't really know what to say, and just used the bathroom and came back. Now I wish I had walked for the rest of the 15 minutes just to use up the same amount of time she did! Report
You are so right!!! Report
This is a very good Idea.Keeping track will also let you see where problems are Report
Im a true believer. Report
Yay Jerome! yup, i do it every day! i keep an actual journal so that on the days when i cannot Spark online, i still know what my food intake and my fitness burn are. Thanks Spark for helping me change my life. 2 years in march! woohoo! Report
I finally reach the point everyone talks about!!! That A HA moment! It happened over two bites of a chocolate pancake and a very disturbed person freaking out about it!

I thought to myself as she was going off on me, that I was obese and gross and I should never eat stuff like this, that I have a Master's degree and am very smart. So if I am very smart and I am beautiful too...then...lose the weight and tell her to stick it where the sun don't shine!!!

Thanks for listening Sparkfamily!!!

Also, thanks to VP Villa I was led to Sparkpeople and am using it as best I can. Everyday I do what I am to do to make a difference in my life.

My blood sugar has been normal for a week!!! Never since I found out I had diabetes has my blood sugar been normal!!!

Thank you again!!! Report
I have exercised EVERY day of January Report
Great blog. I'll be thinking "do it every day!" Report
Thank you for this! I am new to Spark People and loving it. Thanks for the tips! Thank you Jesus, for all you do for me. I will pray for all who posted here, thank y'all;) Report
I'm going to be cheezy so forgive me but not too long ago I was running, and I passed a One Way sign and it dawned on me that its true in more than just driving, there is ONE WAY to stay healthy, eat right and exercise, yep its the Hard way, but being organized definitely helps, I keep track of what exercises I'm going to do on a calendar, that way when I wake up I know what I'm doing that day, works like a charm.

no.2 is the best part isn't it? that should be on T-shirts " Shut up and Sweat" Report
I have never cared about eating breakfast. Report
Great message! It is definitely something that I'll remember. Thank you! Report
Great blog, Jerome! I love doing it everyday! LOL! Thanks to your support and encouragment on our discussion boards, it's easy to want to take care of myself daily. You make it fun! Report
I find meal planning for the week and cooking lunches/dinners on Sunday keep me on track for the nutrition piece.

The "Shut up Sweat" is true. Thanks for this blog today! Report
I was just having this conversation with a co-worker yesterday - plan it! schedule it in! Make it part of your daily routine! That way working out, or exercising if that is what you call it, becomes a part of your life and you do it every day!
Along with tracking what you eat, tracking your workouts also shows what you accomplish - like learning I walked 200 miles in 2011. That did not include the non-cardio part of the workouts. For me that was quite an accomplishment so want to add at least 20 to that this year! Another goal! Report
Very similar to a blog I, myself wrote! Report
Consistancy, like perserverance, pay off! Report
so true Jerome.

I have exercised (run, bike or walk) at least 30 minutes every day in January. I have tracked food and stayed in range most days (business travel makes it impossible some days.)

I have lost over 5% of my body weight in just one month.

Tracking food, staying within your range and exercising just works. Report
Absolute truth!! :) Report
This is what I've been trying to do. Doing it everyday turns it into a habit and then it's just what you do everyday. Don't even have to think about it.

Instead of a break at work, we walk a mile (about 15 minutes). Including 4 flights of stairs, ugh! And now it's not even something I think about, we just do it. And that's five miles a week right there. It's a great break, even when we have to walk inside, even better when the weather is nice. Especially since the office we work in doesn't have windows. Report
Before I started my job I walked for an hour every morning. Then after I began working I persuaded myself that I haven't got time to walk any more. I made a plan. I asked my husband not to drive me all the way to work but to leave me at a point over 2kms. away so that now every day I walk for almost 30 minutes. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing and it's a great start to my working day. What I do every day counts , not just sometimes. Report
The KISS factor-keep it SO simple! Report
Thanks my friend. Sure makes sense to me. Report
Thank you for making it simple and easy. Do it every day. A great philosophy! Report
Smoke it! We can cut out for a walk or a quick set of jumping jacks with the same desperation the smokers use. Our break will refocus our minds and bodies AND help us find our smokin' hot selves ;-) Report
Do it every day...
Do it every day...
I'm trying! So far so good with the exercise. The food tracking is the hardest part for me. I started on the first of the year and I've only lost 4 pounds, but I FEEL so much better and my clothes fit way better.
Great article. Simple, straight forward advice that will work. Report