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Blogging has been a part of my job for well over three years now and while some blogs come quite easily, there are times when I struggle to come up with a topic that I think many of our readers can relate to. And as crazy as it sounds, hearing just a phrase or reading a quote can send my mind racing as to how I can relate it to my life.

That is precisely what happened a few days ago. It was a cold day here in Dallas and I had just finished a short 4 mile run when I needed something to warm me up. I went into my pantry and grabbed a package of hot chocolate. I glanced at the quote on the package and it read, "Create Your Moment." The minute I read the quote I knew this was going to be a blog, after all life is really all about moments we create every day. It's not a single event that defines who we are, but many moments strung together that will.

I don't know if it's the wisdom of growing older or the fact that  that I am no longer accepting mediocrity as my norm, but my journey of healthy living has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. I am no longer sitting back and waiting for life to happen to me. I have found the courage to take life by the reins to CREATE MY OWN MOMENTS of living.

I refuse to sit on the sidelines watching others live their dreams. If that means going out there and taking risks only to fall flat on my face, I am all for it. This is something that I struggled with for most of my life. After all, who wants to be embarrassed or look silly?

That was the 'old' me--the one who wanted to meld in with the rest of society, to conform to their standards. The NEW me wants to soak up life. To have friends who enjoy being silly with me. If that means donning a Santa suit to run a 5K or a prison outfit to run a jailbreak run, then bring it on.

There is something about the comfort and safety of playing life safe, but the more we step out of that comfort zone, the more comfortable we become in taking risks and the more we grow as an individual.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to run my 15th Half-Marathon in Las Vegas with over 44,000 other runners and walkers in what is the World's Largest Nighttime Run. It was an event that had its ups and downs and certainly the race directors need to do some tweaking, but looking back how many people will ever have the opportunity to run the Las Vegas Strip at night for the very first time?

Each race I participate in is one more day I am CREATING MY MOMENT. Each day I walk into my gym, I am CREATING MY MOMENT. It's not about winning, coming in first, being better than my colleagues--it's about me living life. I am no longer a bystander in my own life, I am a full participant. Each step I take, whether that is on my training runs or a big race, I am creating my moment. Each second that passes by we have the choice to sit and let life pass us by OR we have the choice to take life by the reins and CREATE OUR MOMENT!

How do you 'create your moment'? What are your plans for 2012 to create your moment?

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This is what I needed to read. I need to remember that you only live once and that fear stops you from living. Report
Thanks so much for this. I am planning to borrow this for my new motivator. Report
This is awesome Nancy! I am afraid of failing in front of others but now that I have run a few races, one without shoes last year (because I somehow forgot to pack them!) I am not so worried. we might look foolish, but who cares when your having healthy fun? Right! Report
I love this thought--"Create your own moment". My life is changing and thre are many moments to create! Thank you for this thought! Report
Thanks for sharing Nancy. I also ran the Vegas 1/2 Marathon and have to admit I was so disappointed that I forgot to even consider the fact that we should be celebrating such a marvelous event. Not only were we among the first to run the strip at night, we were participating in a 1/2 marathon (my 3rd and my husband's 7th), but we have also used our newfound love of running to create all kinds of moments. I haven't really thought of it like that, so thank you! I am typically like a lot of other people that have posted; afraid to try something new (or actually more afraid to fail), and tend not to venture outside of my comfort zone. Others don't see me this way; they see me as confident and outgoing. Perhaps in my own way I'm already creating my moments but just don't see it. Thanks for helping me see it. Happy running! Report
That is what my higher self has been trying to tell me! I have been living in fear for so long and part of me has been struggling to break free. I LOVE when the Universe taps me on the shoulder and says "See!" Thank you so much for putting into words what has been dancing around my brain!
Thank you for this blog. Last year I had a hysterectomy with difficulty healing & was on leave from Curves but was allowed to walk. I used to walk fast when I married my hubby over 15years ago. He complained &got after me to slow down so he could keep up. In recovering from surgery, I started walking fast again. I love it & he enjoys seeing me move active than I had been in the last 2 or 3years. Report
I'm going to Create A Moment by going snowshoeing today! Up in the foothills of Colorado. Even with a small cold, I don't want to sit by and watch - I want to participate! Report
Wonderful blog. My mother used to tell us that we could choose whether to live life or just exist. I've found living life is much more fun. Some of my most memorable "moments" are from hiking and backpacking. Thanks for sharing this. Report
I create my moment by taking one of my kids out hiking. They can keep up and we get to spend time together outside.
Thank you for the post. Report
Perfect idea to begin the new year with. Report
Create every moment and live every moment to the fullest! Amen!!! Report
Awesome, thought provoking post!

I have to say that the best moments I have in life are those created with my nieces and nephews, my training of service dog candidate puppies and the prospect of their potential. And then their graduation into service...

Who knows what else will come down the road... Report
Great blog - and just what I need to remember at the moment. It's so easy to sit on the sidelines and observe, maybe criticise even..... (what me!!!)
Lately I've realised it's also easier for me to recognise awesome things other people have done than anything I've achieved. I'm good at thinking how rubbish I am. So I am going to write down moments I want to / plan to/ have created a moment.
Thanks again for your awesome blog, well done with your running and have a great Christmas! Report
I am living my moment each and every one. I have had an amazing week, doing something I never thought I could do and finding it managable. I plan on 2012 being the year I rebalance reinvent and retool. That 's a lot of really cool moments. Report
And I'll add, also cherish those moments and you only need think on them anytime in the future and that in itself can be a "made moment" any time you need one. I have moments to remember that always bring a smile to my lips. That way, the more you create, the more smiling memories. Even things I can no longer do bring happy fond memories, and my "new" moments will do the same. Thanks for the reminder. Report
nice true. I love living outside the box or coloring outside the lines in life. Report
Keep creating those moments. They will become wonderful memories! Report
Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! Report
I love this! Very inspiring blog! I want 2012 to be the year I start creating my own moments. Thanks, Nancy! Report
my plan in 2012 is to simply create a "moment" for small successes EACH and EVERY day where possible! Report
Fantastic. I love "Create Your Moment." I need to be creating more moments. Report
Best. Blogpost. Ever. Report
I used to get out and take long walks, but now I take care of my grandmother who has dementia and can't be left alone. I would like to find an adult-sized jogging stroller I can afford so I could go for walks again and take gramma with me. Report
Thanks and well done!!!! See you at the next adventure! Report
This so inspires me. I will remember and do "Create a Moment"! Thank you. Report
Your blog almost made me cry! Before I gained weight I was the person my friends could count on to do crazy, outragious things and bring them along for the ride (mostly safe, but out of the ordinary things). life was interesting to say the least. as I grew older I guess I kind of stopped creating moments... thank you for bringin that back to light. Report
What a great blog, and a fabulous new perspective!! Thanks!! Report
Oh Nancy. You've written a winner here. I remember a year or two back, there was a day that I was struggling with some issues at work. I know that you wouldn't have known that, but for some reason, you wrote a reply to my status "Create a great day". I have never forgotten those simple words, but they turned my whole day around. We don't have to accept everything that comes our way - we can go out and grab things and create our own paths.

We never know when our words are going to have more impact than we thought when we wrote them down. You are always inspiring me. Loved this blog!
:) Report
Nancy - i LOVE THIS BLOG!!! What a kick in the pants and a great reminder!

I used to sit and watch life go by, I admit that, NO MORE though. NO MORE!

My favorite liine in the blog is this....
I refuse to sit on the sidelines watching others live their dreams.

Awesome blog my friend....absolutely awesome Report
I'm retiring at the end of the school year, and DH and I are becoming nomads. It will be like backpacking around the world, but with rolling luggage, LOL! We figure we have 10-15 travel years left in us before we decide to settle down in one spot - so we'll be collecting those moments! Report
I've never thought about life in that respect. I've been living my Dream Board/Vision Collage, but never thought about it as "creating a moment". I began living my dreams and technically creating a moment back in 2010 by swimming with a dolphin, then this year climbing to the top of Chimney Rock! I, me, actually climbed a mountain, and I can't wait to go do it again. I always thought I was too fat, heavy, out of shape, etc, and frankly too embarrassed and afraid to fail. I'm by no means skinny, and don't plan to be, but I'm in the best shape ever and ready to do more. April 2012 snorkeling and ????? - something else new, different, and challenging. Whatever it is, I'll be "creating a moment". It doesn't have to be the big dream, but many moments strung together. I'll be creating a lot in 2012, maybe even kayaking? I've always been afraid I would sink the boat! or not fit into it.

I'll also need to create a "Moment Collage"!

Thanks, and great blog. Congratulations too on all of yours!
This blog was just what I needed. I know I'm not getting any younger. I've been settling for a life of mediocrity far too long. I'm tired of it being the norm of my everyday life. For 2012, my journey of healthy living means I need to step out of my comfort zone. I am no longer sitting back and waiting for the good things in life to happen to me. I need to find the courage to take life by the reins to CREATE MY OWN MOMENTS of living. I must refuse to sit on the sidelines watching others live their dreams. If that means going out there and taking risks only to fall flat on my face, I am all for it. I have struggled with this for most of my life, too. I've acted out of fear before. I wanted to meld in with the rest of society, to conform to their standards. The NEW me wants to soak up life. To have friends who enjoy being silly with me. Now I'm too angry that I've allowed this to go on as long as I have. I now need to speak up with conviction and courage and take action.

I really like this point: There is something about the comfort and safety of playing life safe, but the more we step out of that comfort zone, the more comfortable we become in taking risks and the more we grow as an individual. Report
Thank you for a fantastic post Nancy, you really struck a chord with me.

2011 was the year I decided to start saying Yes to life! I was self-conscious about my appearance but decided that I wasn't going to wait to be skinny to start doing the things I've always wanted to try. And so I found myself squeezing into a wetsuit to try surfing for the first time ... and I loved it! I wasn't much good but I had no fear or embarrassment, I got lost in the fun of it! And I realised yoga wasn't just for thin girls bent into pretzels, it was for everyone including me. And that has done me so much good, it really helped me to accept and appreciate my body (more than I used to anyway) and want to feed it what it really needs.

Great topic to ponder and definitely more effective that just letting things happen! Report
Very thought provoking blog! It made me think about how too often we let the every day things in life create the moments, good or bad, instead of ourselves creating the moments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and providing inspiration! Report
Awesome Blog! Thanks so much for the kick in the pants. No more sitting on the sidelines for me!!! Merry Christmas! Report
Thank you. I needed to read this. Your sentiments here were mine a short 12 months ago, but I let myself get derailed by life and the slings and arrows it throws at one, until today, I'm totally the opposite. This blog reminds me where I was and why and how great it made me feel. Thanks againl. Report
This was a great blog, and an awesome motto:
Create the moment.
That must have been great running in Las Vegas at night. Report
Way to go on taking life by the reins! And congrats on your 15th Half Marathon. Report
Awesome! I am going to remember that and move that into MY vocabulary! Thanks! Report
Couch Nancy is the greatest. Your blog is awesome. Very inspiring to all of us. Thank You for it. It is very helpful. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Report
That is a ctachy title. I amtrying to think up a do-able new tradition for this Christmas.being in my late 60's I have done so many things that have been suggested.Can't see well so that rules out quite a few things. Still thinking about it though.Never give up, is my motto. Report
I can completely relate to your blog. I used to be to shy and scared to go out on a limb and along the way I missed out on a lot of great opportunities and experiences. I learned that I have to risk the occasional disappointment or bad experience.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Report
Life is short and it is the only one we ever live, so make the most of those moments. Report
Absolutely an awesome blog, one of your best. What better way to lift yourself up than a moment of your own creation. You are a bit of a genius aren't you? Report
Ditto, ditto, ditto ... I can relate to ALL of this! It is a shame that some of us spend time in the "wall flower" time of Life when we could be chasing our dreams with our arms wide spread and our hopes soaring! Congrats on breaking free of the fear of failure! You are awesome! Report
Iīve always wanted to be a runner. My goal for now is increase my walking speed(At 64 I think thatīs reasonable.) I will run again, and do a half marathon some day. Iīve always wanted to finish college- the problem is that my major keeps changing, and you have given me the motivation to create my moment there too. When I get back to the USA I will enroll in some internet courses. Report
Love this encouraging blog, esp the part about not accepting mediocrity as your norm. Report
Thank you for this.....what a great reminder! Report
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