Consider the Source: Could McDonald's Be Good For Your Kids?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
McDonald's has launched a new kind of ad campaign, this time targeting moms . The idea is to promote some of the more positive aspects of foods like French fries and Egg McMuffins. Skeptical? I know I was……

McDonald's has recruited mothers to go behind the scenes of the company's operations, meet senior executives and then communicate what they see via the Web, along with appearing in video of their travels. It's called the Quality Correspondents Program, with the idea that if the company can show that they serve quality food and offer healthy options, more moms will be likely to opt for these foods for their families.

The company is trying to be very open with their food practices. For example, they took some volunteers to a slaughterhouse to demonstrate that their chickens are treated humanely, and that their chicken nuggets are made from real chicken. If they can prove that food safety and quality are a top priority, the thinking is that McDonald's can overcome the image that it's generally unhealthy to eat their food. They are also trying to highlight some of the hidden nutritional benefits of their foods. For example, one discussion touts the benefits of French fries. Although they are cooked in grease, potatoes are a good source of fiber and potassium. Are you convinced?

McDonald's is featuring the moms with diaries and video on its Web site. The idea is that if these moms (who want the best for their families, just like you) are convinced that this is quality food, maybe you'll change your mind, too.

Some of their other demonstrations include showing that salads are prepared fresh with bagged lettuce, Egg McMuffins are made with real eggs (although their scrambled eggs are made with liquid eggs) and a tour of the bun bakery where food safety standards are a number one priority.

I think this program is an interesting idea and a good way to help McDonald's improve their image. I'm sure some people will be convinced to rethink their negative attitude towards McDonald's. Personally, it doesn't change much for me. When choosing healthy foods for my family, I'll still take a baked sweet potato over French fries and grilled chicken over chicken nuggets any day.

What do you think?