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Coach Nicole Has One Cool Career, Says Local Paper

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a local reporter who wanted to interview me for a feature story about cool careers. The reporter's co-worker is an avid SparkPeople member who suggested that she interview "Coach Nicole" at SparkPeople. I was flattered! Of course, I think I have an awesome job, but I didn't know that others felt the same about it as I do.

The story, "10 Cool People, 10 Cool Careers," published yesterday in Cincinnati's Cin Weekly paper, featured 10 young professionals who love what they do. Like Stepfanie, working at SparkPeople is my dream job, so I was excited to talk about my "cool career" and Spread the Spark at the same time. Here's a link to the article, as well as some behind the scenes info that didn't make it into the story.

Nicole Nichols, Editor and Content Manager
(You can see all 10 cool careers here, too.)

With all the talk about the Wii Fit, office gym and "Beer Fridays," at the end of the article, it may seem like working at SparkPeople is all fun and games. Sometimes it is (we don't take ourselves too seriously), but we are serious about what we do. Every person on our small team works hard to help others, putting in long days at the office and checking in on nights and weekends, too. I think everyone here has a cool career—our work directly helps millions of people realize their goals and dreams.

I wouldn't trade what I do for almost anything, and although I dreamt of writing for a fitness magazine when I was in college, I'm here to stay. Where else would I get to write healthy lifestyle articles, design workouts, create cool features, answer questions, shoot videos, blog about fitness, make DVDs, meet new friends, review new products and feel inspired every day? (It's a busy job but someone has to do it.)

The fact that every time I do one of those things, I'm directly helping someone learn how to live healthier—that is the only thanks I need for doing the job that I love. So thank YOU for making my cool career possible! Keep Spreading the Spark!

Do you think Coach Nicole has one cool career? What is your dream job?

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What an awesome job you have Coach Nicole. It would definitely be one of my dreams to work where you actually love to go to work! :D I worked as a nurse for nearly 20 years. I loved the first few years, but started disliking going into work due to the stress involved. And later just retired. You do an amazing job and you do inspire and encourage. Great job Coach! :D


N Report
So sad. The article is no longer available. I wish they'd reprint it here. Report
Awesome Job. You are Helping Millions of People Everyday. We all Love You Very Much with Everything You Do and Offer Us. Keep It Up. God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care. Report
yes Report
You definitely have a cool job - love your job and how you helped others :D
I wish I can do what I love to do but I'm starting to love what I do now (if this make any sense at all, hehe) Report
A best-selling author/poet and interior decorator. Report
coach Nichole has a cool job ,
for me iam a mom now ,my dream job for the future is to work again in hotel management as i was before ...wonderful job Report
I agree I have a dream job. I'm a stay @ home mom. Thank you for what to do. Report
You do have a pretty cool career. I have been lucky and already found my cool career as a professional firefighter. That's why I am on Sparkpeople to ensure that I maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure a long life of enjoying my dream career and be around long enough to have a family with my lovely wife. Report
You do have a great Job, and now that I am into SP, and living a healthy lifestyle, my dream is to own a Bed and Breakfast that focuses on healhy eating, and fun fitness. Report
I'd also like to read your story but it is no longer online. Report
Youur article said it was no longer available online,.:( I'd really love to read it.If you get thi link or get it up somewhere sparkmail me.(MOM210) Report
What an awesome story! Report
I do think Coach Nicole has a cool job. I love being a stay at home Mom but if I worked outside of our home I would want to have a job where I was helping others, working with people. Report
You have the best and coolest job!!! Wish I worked at SparkPeople!!! I love this site too. Nicole, I also enjoy your bootcamp & kickboxing videos, they're GREAT.

Keep up the awesome work and thanks! Report
Coach Nicole does have a cool career, if I ever leave my field it would be for the fitness industry. I'm pretty lucky, though. As a school-based SLP I'm in high demand, and I get to take part in miracles every day. Report
way to go, Nicole...Keep on spreading the Spark. You are a great represenatative. Report
Nicole is great! She deserves her dream job. She is probably one of the most down-to-earth and welcoming fitness video experts I've ever seen. Report
Talk about spreading the Spark. Great job Nicole and I must say that having a cool job means that you are appreciated and valued for what you do. You are definately valued by me and so many Sparkies. Thank you and Congratulations for recieving the recognition you deserve.

My dream job... hmmmm - Dressing up in costumes and delivering singing telegrams :-) Report
Congrats Nicole you do have a great job/career. I also like using my exercise ball. I have found, since after physical therapy, it is a life saver for my back and I can use my ball, exercise and work on the computer all at the same time. Report
Yes! (and I'm jealous!) If you ever need a replacement, let me know ;-) Report
Coolest career EVER! Congrats to you! I would LOVE your job! Report
Congratulations, Nicole! I agree you have a cool job. My "dream job" is to be locked in the basement of any relatively large museum collection of fossils and go through all the drawers, classifying each fossil and labeling them. I could do that all day, although I would like to do fieldwork too. Report
Congrats coach Nicole! No wonder you're such an inspiration! You certainly have been a hero to me...Thanks. Report
Congrats! I definately think that everyone at SparkPeople has a great job - when ya'll want to open an office in Houston, TX let me know and I'll apply :) Report
It's nice to hear that you have a wonderful out look in loving your career choice.
Congrat's Nicole. I wish you the best! Report
Congrats, Coach! You're doing a great job! Report
I do think Coach Nicole has a cool career! My dream job would be to have Coach Dean's job.... I already do my dream jobs which is as a licensed professional counselor and a college instructor..... However, offering motivation and self esteem advice on SP would rock!

Nicole-- I am looking forward to a swimsuit bootcamp this spring now that my broken leg is healed and I can do more and I own your DVD and love it! I do a mix of the various workouts almost daily! I also use the Spark videoes on a regular basis and am always excited when new ones appear! Thanks! Report
Congratulations Nicole! Report
Congratulations, Nicole! Your enthusiasm and knowledge are always front and center whenever I watch one of your videos or read an article you've penned. I'm so glad you've got a great workplace where you can truly showcase your talent! Report
It's always Cool to get 'paid' for doing what you love! I'd like to do Wellness Coaching or Patient Advocate. Report
If you find a job you like, you'll never work a day in your life. - unknown
I think anybody who has a job they enjoy has a cool career. My dream career would be to be a counselor with a sliding fee scale so that every person could afford counseling regardless of income level. I am unable to work or go to school, so I can't see it happening, at least not yet. But I live by the quote above. If you love your job, you have a cool career. Report
So many SparkPeople are congratulating you, Nicole. And I'm one more. Congratulations! And thank you for your advice and new exercises and all the other things you do for us. I'm glad you love your job--everyone loves YOU! Report
You DO have a cool career. So do I!
I teach piano and just love it!
GiGi Report
I do think Coach Nicole has a cool career. I also think she is the reason it is so cool. Her enthusiasm, personality, and inspiring,motivating manner help me and so many others to reach for our goals. Way to go Coach Nicole!!! Report
Coach Nicole, You loving your job is definitely reflected in how you do it...incredibly! You inspire and teach me something new everyday!
Thank you! Report
Coach Nicole has a job helping people. That's what makes her job so cool! Report
Way to Go coach Nicole. I would like to work with kids(Unicef) or sports(tennis) Report
How about a special ed teacher - is there a place for me working for sparkpeople? After 20 years - I need a break!
Coach Nicole - you are awesome - you make me feel like I CAN do it - when I do one of your boot camp videos.
Thanks! Report
I think Coach Nicole has a great career too. But it wouldn't be what it is if Coach Nicole wasn't good at it and show that she enjoyed it. It would be a great career to be able to do all those things at work rather than having to find the time for them before or after work. But someone has to have those desk jobs. Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
Coach Nicole, you rock! You make Spark a fun place to be!! Report
Yes I think Nicole has a cool career.
Congraulations NICOLE.
Thank you for all you do for us here at Sparkpeople.
I would love to have a career I enjoy. Report
Great job Nichole! Report
Nicole, I want to be you when I grow up. OK, I'm pretty sure I have at least 10 years on you, but still. Congrats! Report
Cool job indeed, Nicole!!

My dream job has been to go back to school after my kids are raised and gone and get my masters in Counseling. Now that I've gone through my own personal weightloss journey, I may focus on weightloss counseling. I've also thought about getting my Life Coach certification from ACE. Report
Congratulations on the Story. It's so nice to love what you do.Real people are so much nicer to deal with then image people. I wanted to be a Doctor, but ended up as an RN, I got married and had children waylaying any chance of Medical School, and I loved being a nurse. Report
Coach Nicole deserves a RAISE.

My dream job was to be a doctor when I was growing up, but being a girl I was discouraged by every one even our family doctor, whose son became a doctor, but his two girls went to college to be teachers. I feel sorry for young women today who think they will get married and not need a career. It just isn't smart thinking. Report
Congrats, Nicole! Of course your career is cool! Thanks for putting so much energy & heart into what you do to help us all.

I am very blessed to have a way-cool career too. Since early childhood I have been word-obsessed, & as an adult I have been working as an editor for years. Today I'm in an excellent workplace & will soon start editing the 16th edition of the big orange editor's bible! (Fellow book editors will know exactly which book I'm talking about--heh.) Years ago when I started out, I would have been amazed & thrilled to think that someday I'd be at this level. Report
Nice write up! What a wonderful job you have! I don't know where I'd be without SparkPeople, probably still sitting around feeling sorry for myself and listing the number of things I'd 'never' do again. Thanks to people like you, that's not the case. Report