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Spend a little time on our site, and it won't take long to discover that our positive and supportive Community is unlike any other. That's why we're excited to launch a new feature, designed to help you celebrate success, get a boost of support when times are tough and engage more easily with other members just like you! Did you know that SparkPeople members who are active in the Community tend to lose more weight than those who try to go it alone? This new feature can help you reach your goals, all while having fun along the way.

The Community Goal Feed (found on your Start page or homescreen) is a place to post updates and photos, share your goal progress and tell others a little more about yourself! Here are the features the Community Goal Feed has to offer in more detail:
  • Make a post. Tell us how your day is going—what went well or what needs to improve. Ask for tips to tweak your program for maximum results. Share a milestone or ask a question. All posts are viewable by the entire community, so you'll get support and answers from thousands of community members.
  • Share a picture. Want to share a post-workout selfie? Did you make a delicious meal that others might enjoy? Do you have a motivational mantra that keeps you going when times get tough? Post those pictures for everyone to see.
  • Track a goal. Log your workout here and it carries over to your Fitness Tracker. Choose from other goals that you accomplished today. Did you resist a food temptation? Get enough sleep?  Give yourself a pep talk? Track those goals here for added accountability.
  • Comment on someone else's activity. You can "like" or comment on any of the activities listed above. Perhaps you see another member who could use a kind word, or a friend who shares a goal he or she accomplished today. Helping others expands your network of support while you make new friends working toward similar goals.
  • Filter your feed. You have the ability to filter your feed by Trending Topics (those posts that are currently the most popular), People I Know (members I am "following" so that I'm sure to see everything they are posting), New Posts, Goal Posts and My Posts. You can also filter by hashtag—popular tags (most commonly used), interests (such as low-carb or running) and goals (which are the tags connected to the goals tracked in the feed). Filters are a simple way to sort posts by topic.
The Start page (on the full site) and the home screen (in the app) will look slightly different with the integration of this feature. Here is a breakdown of those changes, so you know what to expect.

On the full site:

  • My Challenges, SparkPoints & Streaks, My Community Quick Links, Featured Member Blogs, Hot Message Board Topics and More Articles & Videos have moved to the right column on the page, making way for the Community Goal Feed on the left.
  • There are fewer articles and blogs at the bottom of the Start page, but those are still easily accessible from the Learn tab at the top of the page.
  • Team Bonus Points and What's New in My Teams are no longer available. We looked at which features were most popular when deciding what to remove, and these two were used less frequently than many others.
  • Edited on 3/10/17 to add: You have the ability to make a feed filter your "default", so that each time you log into the site that is the feed view you see on your Start page. We quickly made this change based on feedback from our members, so thank you for your input!

In the app:

  • SparkPoints are no longer on the homescreen. To access points, use the menu at the top left (Android) or My Spark button on the lower right (iOS).
  • Member blogs are no longer on the homescreen. To access someone's blog, click on their profile page.
  • Friend Feed will only be linked from your profile page on Android, and there will be a new link to it on the MySpark/profile tab on iOS.
  • Mobile Chat is no longer a standalone feature.  All of those posts will appear in the new Community Feed.
You will be able to get notifications when someone replies to your posts in the feed. You will also get SparkPoints for posting in the feed.

We encourage you to start posting today in the Community Feed, and hope you will find it to be a useful tool as you work toward your healthy living goals!

Have you posted yet in the new Community Goal Feed? Tell us about it!

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RYCGIRL 6/30/2021
thx Report
DPETERSON1212 5/30/2021
I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Trying to change the way I eat and get my bs down Report
ddd Report
EILEENO4 4/4/2021
Just getting started. Hoping to be successful. Report
DIVAGLOW 3/24/2021
Thank you Report
SUNSHINE7052 1/18/2021
I am looking forward to joining SparkPeople on a positive journey. Report
Thank you! Report
FAITH2BWELL 12/20/2020
I'm just finding my way back to this site. It used to be simple. Now I see what everyone is saying. about the community page and so forth. It is not fixed as of today 12/20/20 I'm wondering if it will get fixed. In the mean time I will keep looking to see if it will best to pay for this or not. Report
PATRICIAAK 10/19/2020
:) Report
CECELW 8/19/2020
thanks Report
GRALAN 8/2/2020
Not a fan anymore. I have a continuing problem over the past months of extreme long loading times, which prevent me from accessing my regular sleep, water, and more. Ads and more keep me from spinning the bonus because it all pauses my access. duh. Stupid move Sparkylanders.
I second the motion for an opportunity to dislodge Community Feed be available.
Not everyone is running the latest and greatest Broadband, OS, &c. Report
I'm starting over with a new name. I liked the former start page. I liked being able to add chores for points and check off the things i sometimes find hard to do. I would make time for them when I could check them off...and they reminded me to do something nice for someone else. I still find it hard to start at the beginning...but I'll go back and do the challenge pages it says I missed. I just wish I could get my rest day on Sunday..;) I have a bit more to figure out about this new format... Report
This pendimic is killing me stay home stay healthy. not a good thing but have to do what they say or never get into phase 2. Yakima is being hit really hard and having a lot of problem with my eating. I need to lose alot of weight and really need help. anyone out there want to be friends and help each other. Please help me. Report
Okay Report
Okay Report
I enjoy reading bloggs and blogging here. It's positive ideas that I may not have thought of. Thanks to all of you that contribute to community comments. Report
My community feed from time to time keeps loading without loading, and it blocks me on those occasions from being able to make note of activities on my Start page.
If Spark Admin wants me to pay attention to my Spark Page, I'd suggest that they figure out how to stop that error from occurring. I'm doing this at 0140 hours (1:40 AM to some folks) to minimize the load on my own internet access connection. So I'm confused. Report
W Report
Ok Report
I no longer receive Spark People. How come? Report
Why do you keep editing me???? Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks for sharing this one!!! Report
well here I start another year much heaver than I had hoped, but at least I lost 18 lbs instead of gaining 18. I am going to go on the Cabbage soup diet I don't like these kinds of diets but I really need to get this weight off before my 60th wedding comes around to celebrate don't want to get down to 102 lbs like I was back then but maybe 120. I got so many health problems and most of them is because of my weight.Mange this cabbage soup that I really like will do the trick on getting me to start disciplining myself more those candy kisses I got for Christmas is to hard to stay away from at least I didn't sit down with the bag and eat until it was empty like I use to do. Report
The community feed doesn't seem to allow me to post pictures. Is there a fix for this issue? Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
Not working on my iPad Report
The community feed doesn’t work anymore on my IPad for some reason Report
Nice! Report
It no longer shows up on my iPad.... Report
How do I see responses to my post on the Community Feed? Report
The NEW community Feed is BS! You should be allowed to REMOVE it from your start page. And it seems the moderators have their "PICKS" on there to. Some allowed to post ANYTHING, but others aren't. Report
App no longer is available for Kindle Fire ( 8th generation - newest version). Please update!. Same for your recipe site!! Report
Thanks! Report
Cant' post anything, it's been 3 days and won't load! Report
I wish I could post on the "Community Feed." 04/29/2019 Report
Congrats! Report
Glad to see that the glitches with the community feed are now fixed. From this comments section it is easy to see that people missed this aspect of the site so it is good to know that it is back and working.
I have a very fast broadband speed but like SO many others I can no longer access the community page - it just spins and will not load. It was an aspect of the site that I used to enjoy - now no longer available. I am on a low fixed income and so can not afford to pay for the Premium service but I gather from other peoples comments that the community page does not work on the Premium service either. What a shame. Report
it doesn't load on the web version... just spins. Report
It has been a while since I was here I was having such a time putting in my food and other things because the site just keep closing down so I decided to stop Saying I would do it latter and during my wait I gained up to 202.08 lbs. I don't know what happened but during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 I lost 10lbs. I have been plaining to come back every since but my blood pressure went out of sight and I really mean out of site The top # over 200 and the bottom 180 during this time my meds were change almost every time I went to see the doc. It is still running a little high 162 over 86 but I am feeling much better and my weight is down 192 still higher than I want it to be. I know I can do better than this and I will. Report
I don't like this feature, either, and like others, I'm experiencing loading problems with it. Because it's in continuous cycling, other features of my start page that I do like and use never load at all. I wish someone would read these comments and fix it, or delete it. Report
Community feed doesn't seem to quit circuling. It's not loading any way Report
This feature is still loading 01/16/2019.....Cannot use. Please fix.....thank you. Report
Community feed is still not loading? I thought it was my computer! Report
Make this continuous loading stop. Still doing this 01/16/2019 Please fix...Thanks Report
I like the Community feed feature. For those that don't like it, just skip this feature. Please fix the constant loading. Thanks. Report
I don't like this feature, particularly now since it. never. loads. It ties up my goal tracker so I am unable to track anything. Please offer the option to remove this from the Start page - or - FIX IT PLEASE!! Report
Read this responses. At least I am the not the only one who doesn’t like this. Report
Read this responses. At least I am the not the only one who doesn’t like this. Report