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Celebrity Diet Lowdown: Britney Nixes Fruit

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Britney Spears is looking good.

Not only has her hair grown back, but she has slimmed down, too. (I don't think Britney was overweight, but you have to admit she did look pretty unhealthy during her series of personal crises over the last couple of years.)

On the cover of OK! Magazine, a tanned, bikini-clad Spears reveals her toned new bod.

Spears' plan

"I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," Britney, 26, tells OK!. "My diet has a lot to do with my getting into shape. I have no sugar. I don't eat fruit or even fruit juice because of the sugar. I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I'll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it's not much, but it's actually a lot of food if you eat the right things."

Of course, Brit also hits the gym on a regular basis, doing "lots of cardio and weights" five days a week.

While Britney certainly looks happier and healthier than we've seen her in a long time, take a closer look at that nutrition and exercise regime.

The dailySpark's Celebrity Diet Lowdown

Protein boost Getting enough protein is important, according to experts. Protein helps you stay fuller longer. (That's why experts say to include protein at every meal, because it takes longer to digest and helps keep you from feeling hungry right away.) After a workout, eating protein will stop your body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy and initiate the process of rebuilding and repairing your muscles.

SparkPeople recommends that 10% to 35% of calories should come from protein, which means the remaining 65% or more of your calories should come from the other food groups.

Vetoing sugar In the past, 26-year-old Spears was often photographed with oversized, calorie-laden, frozen coffee creations topped with chocolate and whipped cream. Cutting those regular indulgences (along with other processed foods) surely makes an impact on the waistline. But Britney's plan treats all sugars as equal and excludes fruit and fruit juice.

Fruit contains sugar, yes, but it is a naturally occurring sugar that is packed with nutrients. And not all fruit is high in carbs and sugar. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are at the low end of the spectrum of carbs in fruit. (They're full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber to boot!)

Just 1,200 calories? Spears, a mother of two active young boys, is only eating 1,200 calories or so a day, and she's working out five days a week. I'm guessing she's hungry. Really, really hungry.

SparkPeople doesn't recommend that any female eat fewer than 1,200 calories daily or that any male eat fewer than 1,500 calories daily.

When calories drop too low (usually below 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men), your body’s protection mechanism switches on because the body thinks it is starving. In order to conserve energy, the body lowers your metabolism and you will not burn calories as quickly. This results in a slower weight loss rate or sometimes prohibits any weight loss from occurring.

At SparkPeople, our experts call this “Starvation Mode.” When your caloric intake falls below these levels, it is also extremely difficult to obtain all the nutrients that your body needs for health and survival. These very low calorie intakes can also lead to other health problems such as eating disorders, gout, gallstones, and heart complications.


Spears' diet excludes entire food groups and keeps her calories pretty low. Do you think she'll keep the weight off? Time will tell, and she seems determined. Let's hope she listens to the secrets of the 5%.

Photo: OK! Magazine

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WOW I love fruit, good for her but is it really long term? Report
I was thrilled when she came out of her slump of everything she was dealing with. I really liked her when I was 7-8 and she was just becoming a famous singer at 14, and I still know all the words to "Oops! I Did it Again!" I read another article several months ago when Brit first made her comeback. I was appalled at the replies about her "thunder thighs" and what a whale she was. I got the vibe that these were not thin, fit women making these comments... if they were, they'd be too busy working out to criticize Britney's body online. If I am lucky enough to look like that after having two children, they can bet their computer-chair shaped backsides that I won't be complaining. She looks just like how a fit woman should look (in my opinion, which is just an opinion.)

As for the fruitless 1200-calorie diet, 1200 is the low end of my calorie range for the day. I try to stick to that, but I don't feel like a cow if I eat 1400 in a day, especially if it's a workout day. She is right about it being a lot of food... if you're used to noshing all day long on calorie-dense foods it might be restrictive but if you're eating veggies and fiber while running around after two kids all day long, you have to work pretty hard to find time to eat it all. I disagree with cutting fruit out completely, because I love grapefruit and bananas, but for anyone thinking she's not getting sugar, remember that all sugars eventually become glucose for use by the body, so anti-fruities are still getting glucose from complex carbs and starchy vegetables.

Go Britney, keep taking your meds and rock that body. Report
Wow! Some very caustic replies here. Don't take it all so seriously folks.

I'm glad Brittany is back to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Report
I don't believe this is a very well written article, most of the comments show that people were confused about what the article was actually getting at. People are critical of Britney for going through a period of instability and neglecting her children, as well as for gaining weight. Remember, Britney suffers from bi-polar disorder which must have caused her to act irrationally when getting married a couple of times, and making many of the mistakes she did. In addition to this, medications for bi-polar disorder often have the side effect of making one gain a lot of weight in a short time. I am glad that she seems to have the support of her family and is getting her life in control again. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for her to suffer those episodes of mania with the entire world watching. Report
I cut out processed sugar, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners to help control my ADHD. It helps so much, and as a fringe benefit, I lost 10lbs in the first 2 weeks! But I didn't cut out fruit. Like some have said - there is good sugar and bad sugar. And yes - avocados are fruit! Thanks for pointing that out! :) Report
1200 calories shouldn't be too low, Dr. Oz says if you want to weigh 120, then eat 1200 calories, if you want to weigh 140, eat 1400 calories. Heavy exercise, and you probably need more to fuel yourself.
Not eating fruit won't hurt, it makes the mind to get over "wanting sweets", breaking the (bad)sugar habit. You can have a healthy diet by just eating chicken, fish, and vegs. All vegs have fiber....eliminating fruit and grains isn't unhealthy as long as you are getting plenty of vegs for fiber and nutrients. (ask any one who have eliminated fruits and grains because of gluten or frutose intollerance, if anyone is having a lot of aches and allegies, this is the first step to find the solution. I see nothing unhealthy about "a cave man diet". I have based my healthy lifestyle like this...trying to save sugar and grains for only occationally. I am one of the healthiest people that i know! Report
Why so much negativety?:)
The reson this article asks the question whether you think this diet is healthy is not to make you question your diets or what SparkPeople advices you on.
Sugar is a very important part of any diet and your body will naturally crave it. You can eliminate it completely for a certain period of time to put your body in a little shock and boost the weight-loss but this should not be done permanently. Instead of eliminating sugar entirely we should all pick and choose healthy sources of sugar and fruit is by far the best source as it is natural (maybe not the fruit sometimes but the sugar-source itself:)).
Also, it looks like Britney lost significant amount of weight and tighten herself up after she started to do her shows again. I think each show is an extreme workout in itself and is very stressful so I'm sure that contributed to her weight-loss as well. Report
She looks healthy. Her life has been so out of control. Congrats to her on getting her life back together. Report
I , personally, think that 1200 calories is crazy!!! BUT... and yes that is a big but.. when I first started on SparkPeople.. my calorie range was 1200-1550. I had a tendency to stay at the high end and managed to lose 35 pounds. Now, once I got there I hit a brick wall and stopped losing.. so I went into the My Goals area and adjusted everything for my current weight, how much I wanted to lose and by when AND added my exercise time (minutes of cardio a week) and Whoooooooooa... my calories were increased enourmously!!!!! And wouldn't you know, I started to lose weight again, it is that whole "starvation/metabolism" thing. Now, only being 2 pounds away from my new goal, I adjusted again and I am allowed 1670-2020 calories a day, which takes into consideration my cardio workouts... but your body really does need it.

Now onto the No fruit thing... That is just CRAZY!! I eat fruit everyday (as anyone can see by viewing my nutrition tracker). I love berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. I eat about 2 cups a day.. not only is it low NATURAL sugar, it is great for fiber and antioxidants! Report
spark recommends that I too should eat 1200-1500 a day and I work out 5 days a week too. most days i stick to the low end of that scale so is my diet unhealty too? i am really confused by this article Report
I eat 1200 most days. I eat fruit and not enough protein. She also has the advantage of a personal trainer I bet. Probably meals are fixed for her so she does not eat uhealthy. Grocery store probably she does not go someone shopes for her thus no impulse buying espceially when you are so hungry and that donut looks sooooo good. Report
I agree with JAZINE...who cares what that spoiled brat of a child is doing? Now she is staying away from sugar & fruits....I hope she stays away from drugs too because that is her real problem! Why should we look to her for any advise after doing drugs, being immature and neglecting her children?????? It must be nice to have all that money and not a care in the world...what reason would she have to do what she did? And if she's hungry because of not getting enough calories thats her problem...there are plenty of homeless people that would love to get 1200 calories a day. Report
Idon't see what is bad abouther diet. I follow spark people's diet plans and the low end of my range is 1200. Now if only eating 1200 calories is unhealthy then why is sparkpeople suggesting it to people. Also some people have to take serious measures to break their addiction to sugar. I see nothing wrong with cutting out all sugar untill she doesn't crave it.
Hippichick- Brown rice does not have 320 calories for a half cup. I don't know what kind of brown rice you're eating but I use Success boil a bag brown rice and it only has 150 calories for a cup.
To those who criticized her for using Adderall- if your don't suffer from bipolar disease or are close to someone who does then you probably don't have a full understanding as to what the disease is and therefore shouldn't judge others who do. Report
"Just 1,200 calories? Spears, a mother of two active young boys, is only eating 1,200 calories or so a day, and she's working out five days a week. I'm guessing she's hungry. Really, really hungry."

I do not believe for one second that with that amount of activity she can stick to 1200 calories, especially when eating rice. Brown rice has a whopping 320 calories per half cup!

Early on in my weight loss journey I had no idea what the caloric content of most foods were. Brown rice was one of my staples and I still eat it, but only once a week or so.

As for not eating any fruit I think that's a big mistake. Fruit is good. It's full of fibre, vitamins and nutrients.

I had a friend who took all sugars out of her diet for a time - even foods like carrots, peas, potatoes and corn. I was wondering how her night vision was and if she ever got constipated. She lost a significant amount of weight, but at what expense? I spoke with her a few days ago and she has gained back 25 pounds. There was no lifestyle change for her, which I think is the point. You HAVE to change the way you think about food and start eating a sensible balanced diet that has enough calories in it so you're not hungry or developing cravings.
It's terrific that she's in a better place- physically and otherwise. But the over-simplification with celeb diets in the media is amazing. Fruit- sugar- fructose= bad. Rice- sugar (eventually)- glucose= okay. ?? Huh?? Report
I think most will agree that weight loss is A LOT easier when you don't have a full time job to go to that keeps you busy all day, someone else takes care of your responsibilities AND you have someone to cook for you. Even setting aside these things, this diet plan doesn't sound right. 1200 calories? I'm famished at 1400 calories! No fruit? Really? This just isn't realistic. Right now she may LOOK great but I can't imagine FEELING great & if so, I can't see that lasting. I hope she realizes soon, or her doctor actually LEVELS w/ the poor girl. All the delicious foods she has to miss out on, all for the sake of 'looking good'? No thanks, I'll enjoy my fruits :) Report
She may end up going up a little when she gets tired of this crazy routine, but who knows.

Crazy nonsensical plan for a crazy nonsensical girl IMO. Report
The good thing is she looks healthy and not underweight. I am sure she will need to find ways to make sure her caloric intake sustains her or she will go into starvation mode which will make her body retain more than it should...

As for the adderall comment. I agree there are positive benefits to adderall for some people. I personally have adult ADHD and bi-polar disorder. I tried many medications for the bi-polar and I kept having issues with my addiction. They finally decided to treat my ADHD instead of the mood disorder and I finally have maintained personal recovery, my moods are completely stable, and I have found ways to keep myself balanced. Part of not living in a world of chaos is finding time to exercise and think of what I put into my body and how. I have also lost 50 pounds since starting my medication. But I also watch what I eat most of the time and I excercise six days a week, both between cardio and strength. I wouldn't have been able to do that before because my life was so chaotic I couldn't slow down and put organization into place. The other thing is Adderall isn't enough to make you lose and lose like illegal amphetamines, when taken medicinally (sorry if spelled wrong), it will only help the weight to a certain degree. Like I said I've lost 50 pounds but now I am maintaining and recently I had to increase my adderall mg's and I didn't lose anymore weight ..stayed the same. Hope that helps some people. Report
Last I checked avocados were a fruit. Though if they are the only fruit she eats she's still being extreme. Of course it's possible she's one of the people who really suffers with sugar spikes. In that case somebody should introduce her to the Glycaemic Index (did I spell that right?) so she can make informed choices instead of avoiding things altogether.

Will she keep it off? Quite possibly but I think she'll have to reintroduce fruits at some point. Too many nutrients to write them off. Report
Hey, don't knock the Adderall - its done wonders (life-changing) for my daughter who has ADHD and bipolar; if Britney is one of the lucky ones, Adderall will help her get her life in order as well. For those who truly need the medication, the weight loss is a "fringe benefit" - but it is no quick fix either. My daughter lost 30 lbs after starting the medication, but it took a year. So I doubt the Adderall had much to do with Britney's weight loss. Will she keep it off? I say she will, one way or another....don't think her current diet will stick though. Report
I'm sure they forgot to mention her daily Adderall regimen. I read that that's new weight loss secret in hollywood as it gives you energy and supresses the appetite. It's meant as treatment for ADD, but doctors are perscribing it off label for their celebrity patients. Report
there we go again! another publicity stunt! she is happy n fit n all... but I KNOW SHE'LL BE HAPPIER OFF THAT DIET! And there's your answer... anything you can't keep as a diet for life is more or less bad for you... of course i'm happy lil Miss Britney is back in form but she can't keep it off with a diet excluding fruit!!! no way! Report
I think that, as far as leaving sugar out of your diet goes, that it is a brilliant idea. I've given up eating sugar, and I've lost 12 pounds. The first 11 were gone in the first two weeks! It's incredibly time-consuming, because you do have to plan your meals and think about what you're eating, but it is overall very rewarding. Report
Because we all know what a great idea it is to completely cut things out of your life. A real person could never do this because they don't have the people there pushing them to stay on track if they fall off. Cutting out fruit is yet another dumb thing she is doing. At her most overweight she was like an average person, a normal diet and exercise regime would be enough to get her back on track. Next week we'll be hearing about her going on a sugar binge because her body is freaking out. Report
I think that in her profession she HAS to be underweight in order to look good on camera, in photos etc. And in Hollywood, losing it FAST is important for their image. Even if it hurts them in the long run. Report
I was so disheartened when I read about her "no fruit" policy. I bet she's going to keep the weight off because she is surrounded by people who are going to make it happen. The thing is, we can only see the outside; we have no way of knowing how healthy she is (or isn't in this case) Report
I would love to have personal trainers, chefs, and others to help chase my kids! I bet if I had that I could do it quickly too! Report
personal feelings about brittney spears aside, i would never go on a diet that recommended not eating fruit. firstly, i love fruit. secondly, it is an excellent source of vitamins and phytochemicals. people who eliminate entire food groups are setting themselves up for failure later on. Report
I think this was a great article to post. Thank you for that. Too many people are caught up in body images and celebrity diets. It is a very unreasonable mold that celebrities have created for women to fit in. It makes me very sad to see young women who think they are fat because they have a little shape to their bodies! Great post. Report
I am glad to see Brittney is getting back on track though I personally do not think this is an ideal diet plan. Even so, it's better than the fast food and Starbucks she was consistantly eating before. I think baby steps would be key, but sometimes it's easier if you see results rather quickly. Hopefully she will find a diet plan that includes all the food groups and will keep her on the right track. Report
I think she looks awesome, but it is probably easier when you have someoen to fix your food and a personal trainer. If I had that, I could probably look like her too. Report
She looks very beautiful. I hope she is able to keep it off cause that is were the problem is. And I really feel she should be given room to make corrections in her life without people judging her so much. We all make mistakes and its our ability
to turn that around that makes the difference. Report
Honestly tabloids always seek stories of people at their worst and people eat them up. Plus I'm not a Britney fan either. Report
She's young & foolish, I just hope that she learns better before it's to late. Report
It not about what the stars are doing, it about what you do to make yourself healthier and happy. I love veggies and fruits, they are a part of my everyday eating habit for a healthier me. I hope britney is doing well, next subject! Report
Been there. Done that. Gained the weight back. Report
I really think sometimes that Britney is the media's puppet. I don't like saying that because it sends bad vibes. Thank god her unhealthy lifestyle has changed, but I also have to remember that HOLLYWOOD people have chefs, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. Would she cut out fruit if she was the regular Jill? Would she have a body like that if she had her own work out routine? I am happy for her, but I have to believe its the people BEHIND Britney that make Britney look good. I would like to see her be a better mother, than less weight. Report
Just 1200 cals a day isn't great. I have 1200-1500 cals a day and exercise 5x's a wk and my friends r noticing a difference. I'm glad for Brit but removing fruit cuz it has sugar in it isn't great. Fruit has healthy sugars in it. Report
I wish her the best - but I'm not confident that she will be able to maintain her weight loss on such a restrictive program. At this rate I'm fearful that she will crash & burn again. Working out 5 days a week, while only consuming on average 1200 calories a day is unheard of.

I don't want to come across a as a pessimist - but I don't think she'll be able to maintain her weight loss unless she considers revising her current meal plan. Eliminating fruits & fruit juices isn't an ideal plan for a "healthy" lifestyle. Report
I don't think cutting any food group completely out of your diet is a good thing but espically natural nutrients from friuts. I think they're nearly as important as veg. Yeah cut back but not entirely! I don't think she's creating a very good role model for her kids! she looks fab but she's gone too far! Report
My nutritionist specifically cut fruit out of my current nutrition plan due to it's sugar content so I believe there is something physiological to this! Now, I try to eat fruit in the AM and I eat all my veggies in the PM... this saves me from those sugar spikes in the PM when my body is winding down and doesn't need to use the extra blood sugar! (I work out at noon most days)

I am not sure about the entire plan she's on though... but yeah, I think limiting your fruit and eating MORE veggies is a good idea for everyone! Report
Who cares - Brittney is a young, immature, baby and she is also an idiot. I think the idea of excluding a whole category of foods or types of nutrients is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard and frankly she looks like a complete stick and I would not even consider her worth looking at if she were the last female stick on earth. Report
Like most stars going to extremes to get the look. Report
Her toxic lifestyle attributed to her health crisis just as much as her toxic eating habits. I hope she continues to seek balance in mind, body, and spirit as well as in eating so that she can continue to know true health. Report
I am glad her life is getting in control...but I am also tired of all the hoopla. Report
She sure looks great, but I hate that she just banned fruits from her diet. I love Sparkpeople because it encourages eating ALL types of food, only in more REASONABLE amounts. I hope Britney realizes that going too rad is not healthy at all. Report
First off, I'm glad to see she's doing better and surprise to see OK magazine actually reporting something good about her. No hating on the diet, but I don't think its for me. I love my fruit and really don't believe in eliminating entire food groups, and there is so much information about dieting and getting healthy, who knows what to follow including celebrities. I'm pretty sure someone probably recommended this diet to her or whatever. So I say No to her diet, but Yes to her being better. Report
I wish people would not get so caught up in the silly stuff reported about these people Report
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