Are You Ready to Run? Join the Inaugural National Running Day June 3rd

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Many of you are aware that I am a runner. I ran my first 5K only 13 months into my journey to become a healthier me over 3 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. Running is my passion as well as a challenge I take on each and every time I head out the door.

I have been told by countless running coaches in my journey that the running resurgence of today is very similar to the ‘jogging’ era of the 1970’s. As more and more people look for ways of reclaiming their health, as well as lose weight, and beat stress, running has once again become the exercise of choice for many of us.

This year the running industry is sponsoring the Inaugural National Running Day to be held on Wednesday, June 3rd. The only requirement is for you to run on that day. If you have a local running specialty store in your area, you may want to check with them to see if they are sponsoring any events.

This is a fun event. Something to get you excited about running. You do not have to worry about speed or distance. All’s you need is heart and desire and you will and can become a runner. Hey, and don’t worry if you have to walk a little along the way. I actually do a lot of my running with short walk breaks thrown in, especially as I up my running mileage. The idea is to have fun and see where your feet and legs will take you.

However, if you are over the age of 40 and have not been active, it is always best to err on the side of caution and get medical clearance before beginning any running program.

Since the event is 5 weeks away, even the beginner runner will have time to train. SparkPeople’s Spark Your Way to 5K is a perfect place to start. Just make sure you have a good pair of running shoes and a strong desire to run. Even if you are only running for a short period of time, you are a runner. The idea is to get us up and moving and more importantly to have fun along the way.

I am a big believer that goal setting is one of our biggest motivators keeping us on the path to healthy living. I can’t think of anything better then putting this event on your calendar and going for it. How wonderful it would be for you to share your story about how running has changed your life?

If you are ready to take on the challenge I invite you to run along with me on Wednesday, June 3rd. Remember this is all about having fun and challenging yourself to take on a feat you never believed you would ever do. And if you are looking for a race to run after you have put in your training, check out for a race in your neck of the woods.


Are you willing to take on the challenge of running on June 3rd?

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I'll be hitting the road early Wednesday morning. With very few exceptions, running is how I get my day started. It's nice to know I'll have company even if I'm the only one running at 5:00am in my neighborhood. Report
I'll mark my appointment calender! Report
I am so in! I can't wait til the warmer weather 2! : } Also on my calendar... Report
it's on my calendar Report
I would love to run but I know that I am waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to heavy right now. I use to run and did a half marathon. My goal is to do it again. I need to lose this weight. Report
Sorry I missed it this year. Will start now to get ready for next year. Since I am a walker, not a runner this will take some serious work and motivation. Report
YES! I will definitely be running June 3rd! Great article! Report
great blog will try to run this next year need to get in better shape Report
I will be participating in this event! Report
I love this! I have recently taken up running. Joined a mileage challenge last month and clocked in at 30 miles! June 3rd happens to be my birthday and that is how I am going to celebrate, by running! Report
I am in! I walk but really fast I also sprints but I will run in our neighborhood park about three miles! Report
Got it on my calendar to be "virtually" running with you on June 3rd. If any one out there doubts that they can run, please just try it. I thought that because every time I tried I never got farther than half a block or so, that I couldn't be a runner. But following a program, like "Spark Your Way to a 5k" is an excellent way to learn how to do it safely and without injuring yourself by pushing too hard at the beginning.

Nancy, thanks for the great blog, and links.

Run people, RUN!! Report
Since achieving my weight loss goal, I was looking for something to challenge me, so decided I would train to run our local 5K in August. June 3rd will be my 56th birthday, so this event will give me incentive to definitely take a run on that day. In my youth, I was a fast runner, but always a SPRINTER, never a distance runner. I can't say I particularly enjoy it, but I do feel wonderful that at my age, my health and fitness allow me to do it -- and so I will!! Report
I have never officially entered a 5K run to participate. But I think I will absolutely run on June 3rd and consider this my first "official" 5K run. :D Report
I have been considering running a 5K for the last few years but have been too embarassed to try. I feel I run so slow that everyone will be laughing at me. A friend of mine recently did her first and now she is cheering me on to do it. The next race she will be informing me about it. I am presently on week 4 of Spark's 5K training schedule. I guess I'm going to do it. Report
I'm going to run my first 5K on May 31st - beating my initial goal of running one by the fall. I will make sure to run again on June 3rd! Report
I will absolutely be running that day! I started running again last summer and I will be running my first marathon on May 24 (I have walked two of them). It feels so great to be a runner! Report
I ran my first 5k last summer on my birthday...and i would love to get back to running! If my back is better by then i will definately do this! Report
I'm definitely giving this a shot! Report
I will definitely be running! Report
Maybe next year. I can walk, but my knees and such aren't ready for running. Report
Wednesday is a running day for me, so, YES, I will be running about 4 miles on that morning. Report
Wed. is speedwork with the running group. I will be running! Report
I have never been a runner. I hated running in PE when I was a kid. It wasn't until I was an adult that my asthma was diagnosed. Gee, no wonder I hated running. I'd just thought I was a wimp, coughing and gasping for air.

Now that I can control the asthma, maybe Middle Age is the time to try running. I have set myself a little Personal Goal for TOPS: Run/jog a mile without stopping. Maybe I can reach that goal on June 3rd! Report
I run almost every day so I am in. I am still training on a treadmill because at the very moment it's still snowing outside. By June all the snow will be gone and I definitely will hit the ground. Report
I'll be running with my trainer since it's a Wednesday! Report
I'm excited about the June 3rd run and will be running in the pool. I found a store that sells all the gear I'll need to begin my training for the 5k - WOO HOO!!! Report
I normally run on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday but I think I can switch it around that week! Report
YES! I'm a walker/runner, but on June 3rd I will run. I printed out the 5K training program and will begin tonight! Report
I'll run - but it will be in the pool! ;-) Report
Being out of the country on that day, I'll not be able to participate in an organized event, but my marathon training schedule has me going 7 miles that day. So I'll be running with you! Report
i started to exercise feb 20/09 and just did my first 5k april 26/09 and i loved it - i'm doing a bike ride for cancer in my area june 3/09 and my next 5k june 7/09.
I went to site and it shows all USA stuff and sites - -please help me - does have a Canadian site or list or events or races??? If you know please drop by my spark page and let me know. Thanks Report
I'll be "running" (for me it is more like jogging) my first 5k this Sunday and plan to train for the next on right off the bat, so I'll be running on June 3. Wish me luck, it'll be a "walk/run" this time, but I hope to be able to run all the way for my next race and progess to a 10K by 2010. Report
I am not a runner but ran the last part of a 1/2 marathon with my dad and am thinking that maybe I do want to run. So this will be a good goal to work towards. I'm in. It will be my first run and who knows how many to come. Thanks for the info. Report
I will run on Jun 3rd. Report
Not this year, but perhaps next year. I am not quite ready for a run. I'll be with you in spirit! Report
I'm in. Also trying to get some of my non-running, non-walking, non-exercise friends to way of thinking is that SOMETHING is better than NOTHING! Report
I think this would be a good challenge for me. I'm trying to build stamina to participate in a marathon in the fall. I'll mark that date and you can count me in! Report
Can I power walk? I have the stamina for the distance just not strong enough in the knees to jog or run. Report
I'm training for a half marathon, so of course I'll be running that day, hehe. I love running too! Report
I was planning to start C25K in May anyway. I am in! Report
I can't run due to a disability, but I think this is a great incentive to get people up and moving. Report
To NHSTITCHER: I too have Plantar Fasciitis and starting to run was the best thing I could have done. Yes Plantar Fasciitis is very painful but I decided it that since my feet hurt no matter what I did, I was just going to do what I want and live with it. My theory is that the stretching movement of your feet while running helped my feet. Maybe your doctor will disagree, but for me it worked. I still occassionally have some pain but very minimal. Just be sure to get some well fitting good running shoes. Report
I'm going to commit to running and get my boyfriend to do it with me. plus, that's my daughter's birthday and although we won't be together, I'll do it in her honor. Report
I love running. I also have a running club where I am teaching kids to run at our Boys and Girls club. We will be running on that day! Report
Haven't found an event that day yet, but I will get out and go for a run that day!

Ann Report
I will definitely run on June 3.
Running is such a great form of exercise, I always feel great after a run! Report
You bet, I'm in! Report
I would love to except that I will be in Ecuador on a mission trip on the 3rd. I'll do it in spirit! Report