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Are You Growing Bolder?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few months ago, I started participating in a weekly Twitter chat with other healthy living bloggers. Through #FitBlog Chats, I met Katy Widrick, a producer for Growing Bolder, a radio and television show that's motivating and entertaining--something that can be hard to find!

Growing Bolder seeks out stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Aimed at those over 50, Growing Bolder says "our Community is not about age. It's about attitude; an attitude that's as powerful at 20 as it is at 60."

The can-do attitude and sense of community reminded me of the spirit we aim to cultivate here at SparkPeople, which is why I decided to write about the show.

One of their recent stories is particularly inspiring:

Carolyn Blachek tried to enlist after the military after 9/11, but recruiters told the 46-year-old she was too old. So she just found a new way to make a difference, launching a living room-based organization that would quickly grow into the largest military support organization in U.S. history.

Over the holidays, the organization celebrated a big milestone in a big way. On Christmas Day, the organization's 600,000th care package was delivered to a lance corporal deployed in Afghanistan. He received an even bigger surprise -- the keys to a brand-new Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle. He'll receive it when he returns to the States this spring.

Click here to hear Carolyn's entire story.

While you're at it, learn more about Growing Bolder. Interested in watching? Click here for info on where and when you can watch the PBS TV show "Growing Bolder."

Do you know anyone who should be featured on Growing Bolder?

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Blachek via Growing Bolder

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I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Beanies. I put a note on my calendar to box them up on 3/15 and send them to Operation Gratitude! Report
Great. Report
Really encouraging blog...thanks! Report
Thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring blog. I don't know about others but I am so often caught up in myself and my life (and health) that I forget the simple act of stepping outside of our own needs and problems and giving back is an important part of making a complete, healthy life. Report
I love supporting out Military. As an airline employee I've had many opportunities to show my gratitude to our serving men and women. Simply walking up to them in the airport to say thanks is so much appreciated. And quietly giving up my first class seat for someone in the "back of the plane" just tickles me to death! We owe them so very much. Report
I'm going to watch the show. Determination and heart can go a long ways. Thank you for sharing. I believe there is greatness in all of us. Report
Thank you for such a motivating blog. It is amazing what one determined person can do to change the world for the better. Report
Thanks for the wonderful article. Besides sending a check, I am going to set aside my Sunday afternoons to write letters and knit hats and scarves for their care packages. I am always looking for someone who wants to put my knitting and crocheting to good use. Report
this is such a great blog thank you so much..
great way to help out Report
Thanks for sharing. It just shows that there are many ways to make a difference and never give up. If one door shuts, another opens. Report
What a great story. I hope it inspires many! I will definitely check out her show. Report
It's wonderful to hear that she just didn't give up, which most people may have done, and found a way to make a difference! What a great blog, thank you! Report
It's amazing what just one determined person can do to make the world a better place! Thank you for this motivating blog. Report