Are You Focusing on Progress or Perfection?

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
One of my favorite mottos, both in fitness and in life, is "progress, not perfection." But what does that really mean? 

In weight loss, so often our minds focus only on the end goal. Step out of line or lose focus on that end goal, and you might as well call it quits. In this one-mile "walk and talk," you'll learn the importance of letting go the damaging all-or-nothing mentality. In gaining an understanding of the importance of the journey and focusing on what you can do and have done, you can overcome any obstacle, from binge eating to skipping workouts. 

Click play on the video below when you're ready for a dose of motivation and a lesson in looking inward and acknowledging your journey—bumps and potholes and all. 

What is one measure of progress you've noticed recently that is not related to the scale? 

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SCHECK5 8/30/2020
Thank you Report
LISAMARIE2015 5/24/2020
😁 Report
So happy and positive, a real motivation for me Report
NANASUEH 5/24/2020
thanks Report
perfection? I don't even know what that is!! hahahaha Report
This is definitely the focus this time around. I want this to be forever, and to do that "just keep swimming!" lol Report
Guilty of seeing less than perfect as a failure. Report
Wonderful encouragement. Report
I really need to work on accepting that perfection is not necessary. Report
Great. Report
I try to not focus on perfection but that is part of who I am. Report
still trying Report
Exercise is a benefit for so much. Not only your body but your mind, relationships etc... I’d be lost without my daily exercise Report
This reminds me of an article I read a few years back. The author was talking about how yoga was considered an unsafe exercise at the time because several people had been injured while doing yoga. They explained that the fault is not with yoga but with our expectation of instant perfection in ourselves and others. The people who had been injured had forced themselves to exactly copy their yogi despite being beginners and never having tried the moves before because as Americans they were expected to do that in all other parts of their lives. The author explained, in that article, that these people did not realize that their yogis were giving them something to progress towards not something to perfect immediately. Report
I've gained a love for all physical fitness. I mean, I really love it! Report
I love walking Report
great walk way to go Report
I sleep better with exercise! Report
If I exercise, I sleep better at night. Report
Still trying even though I know I won't reach it. Report
Absolutely Report
I certainly am not expecting perfection. Report
Interesting Report
great article and video Report
Good article! Loved the video too - great idea! Report
So glad I saw this on my Spark Page start today! One positive thing I did was first put this on my "save" file, and then decided not to procrastinate and just did it right then. I am looking forward to the rest in this series! Report
I have increased my water consumption and noticed my portions have become smaller. Report
Thank you! Report
Great information and video. Thanks! Report
great video Report
Good stuff. Thanks. Report
I have lost 42 pounds in 20 months, my original goal was to lose 50 pounds in 2 years, after that goal I want to lose 5 pounds more in 8 weeks for my final goal. I never set a goal of how much weight to lose each week, sometimes a month I do not lose, next month 6 pounds in 7 days, next week 1 pound, it changes rapidly with me. It looks like I was realistic with my long term goal. So I have 4 months to lose 8 pounds. I am now exercising about 800 minutes a week, I started light weight training with 1 pound weights & red light resistance bands without straps on them because I have blood clots in my lungs.24 minutes 4 times a week at home, I have a book with pictures of the exercise, I do not want videos as the time restrictions & can not always watch while doing exercise. Clots always start from arms or legs. I also go 2 times a week to ice skating for people over 50 & stay close to the boards for safety it is 90 minutes 2 times a week, I ride the bike at the gym 2 times a week for 65 minutes each time & walking besides. I am 54 years old. Report
Jessica never disappoints me!! Great video. I was going to take a nap and saw this and thought.."I haven't worked out with Jessica for a while. I'll try this one walk 1 mile and talk. Very good one Jessica.. Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to more videos!! I wish SP would make a track this workout on your tracker button.. How do we chart this? Report
Im new to walk and talk,my name is kathy..I can't tell you how bad my knees are on top of that I have fybromialgia I just did your walk and talk..I was huffing and a puffing but I made it through...thank you so much I really needed this Report
very turned off by the "T and A" photograph. Surely you can illustrate "your butt will look better" without a photo that appeals to 13 year old boys. Report
I like it. Report
Absolutely great Report
good work out Report
I think Jessica workout are the best especially for beginners. I love the variety she gives. Report
I love Jessica Smith workouts. Report
interesting Report
Can't wait to try this. Report
Good information!! Report
In the past, when my walking partner had a conflict and was unable to meet me I considered it a "day off". Wasn't motivated to exercise by myself. Now I can walk with Jessica and never leave the house. Thank you. Report
Thanks for th info Report
Great Read Report
Great article!! Thank you for sharing. Report
good to know Report