Are You Focusing on Progress or Perfection?

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
One of my favorite mottos, both in fitness and in life, is "progress, not perfection." But what does that really mean? 

In weight loss, so often our minds focus only on the end goal. Step out of line or lose focus on that end goal, and you might as well call it quits. In this one-mile "walk and talk," you'll learn the importance of letting go the damaging all-or-nothing mentality. In gaining an understanding of the importance of the journey and focusing on what you can do and have done, you can overcome any obstacle, from binge eating to skipping workouts. 

Click play on the video below when you're ready for a dose of motivation and a lesson in looking inward and acknowledging your journey—bumps and potholes and all. 

What is one measure of progress you've noticed recently that is not related to the scale?