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Are Tiny Tastes Sabotaging Your Efforts?

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Earlier this month the Things I don't tell the Nutrition Tracker about... thread caught my attention.

The fun listing of things not entered into a food tracker brought a chuckle on first reading.

  1. Licking/spooning up pan drippings when I have cooked something especially yummy.
  2. Bites I take off my kids' plates.
  3. The sample foods I eat at the grocery store.
  4. Just how much I heap each tablespoon of cheese ball.
  5. The fatty pieces of meat.
Another thread participant shared that she doesn't track cough drops even though 10 provides 150 calories. Another offered that they don't track condiments, sugar or butter. Do all these licks, tastes and bites matter?

This educational video from the UNL Extension in Lancaster County Nebraska takes this question a step further to help increase awareness that tiny tastes can total big calories over the winter holidays. Look at this cute three and a half minute video about the potential impact that tiny tastes throughout the day can have.

Could tiny tastes be sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

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Very nice little video, and not far from the mark! I do think the calorie estimates were actually low. Report
Something I was aware of in the back of my mind, but never really thought about. I do track the olive oil and butter I cook withand put on my food, but I never thought about the cough drops, mints, and all those other tiny tastes. (I can't chew gum oftenbecause of jaw problems, so I do mints quite a bit.) I also recognized some of the excuses too. I will be more aware of what i put in my mouth now. Report
This is SO me!!! Tiny tastes have been a killer for me!! Report
I used to tell myself that what people didn't see me eating didn't count. Of course, needless to say after many diet attempts I finally saw the light. One of my grocery stores has the best samples ever, for the most part I pass, but every once in a while I indulge. Report
Guilty! I slacked off on my food intake tracking, and all the sudden, I started taking lots of 'tastes' 'nibbles' 'just a bite' whatever you call it. When I am tracking, usually the bite isn't worth the effort of entering it into the tracker. LOL, one time when laziness is a key factor in my weight loss! Report
I am guilty as charged! My husband was just teasing me today about not tracking the few m&ms I had as a treat. I try to aim for the lower side of my calorie range total for the day with what I track, leaving a little bit of wiggle room for the small tastes. If I notice it's getting out of hand, I do track it. Report
Yeah this sounds like meal. If I dont have a meal, then in my mind it doesn't count. Then I get surprised when I step on the scale and it has not moved from the last weigh in. Report
If I am cooking something that I know I am likely to tiny taste and nibble and bite, I slip in a couple of tooth whitening strips. Trust me, you don't want to do it with those in your mouth. It so works for me. It won't help some of the other nibble rich environments, but can help if you are cooking and can't wait to taste that cookie dough. Report
In March of this year I started my job as a food scientist for one of the big food companies. I taste food all day every day and I LOVE it!!! I have yet to gain weight from it! Basically I feel that if you have a good healthy outlook on food and exercise for fun, your body will maintain it's own "meant to be" weight. Now when I say "healthy outlook" I am not talking about health food here; I actually mean all foods because I do not believe there are bad foods. Also exercise to me is NOT a chore, instead I find something I absolutely Iove to do and stick with it. It's not about what you eat or how much you exercise, rather, it's about having a balanced life. I never ever feel guilty for eating or tasting anything (or everything), but rarely do I eat more than what I am satisfied with (read Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Reich and you'll know what I am talking about). Report
When my weight loss stalls it usually can be tracked to licking spoons while baking. I can avoid the slice of cake but not the lick. Report
Guilty as charged! Things do add up quickly when we are not paying attention.. Report
"Mind your B L Ts!" --bites, licks, tastes

And "If you bite it, write it!"

Two things I remembered from WW years ago!

I do mind my BLTs-- most often a little bite is enough, and I don't "need" more. I don't write it, though-- I eat to the low end of my range, or even a hundred less to account for it. I have been thinking lately that 100 extra calories a day over the extended holiday season would not only stall my weight loss, but cause me to gain a pound. No, thank you :) Report
I track all of those tiny tastes. Even if it's not specific, I like to account for those extra tastes because if you do enough of them, they add up! (and I totally track cough drops and condiments, lol) Report
I don't worry about a taste here and there. Sometimes taking a taste keeps me from wanting to eat an entire portion... or more. If I do take more than a taste, though, I do track it. Report
Some times yes because I will keep tasting. . .lol Report
I'm currently in culinary school and tasting is my downfall! We are expected to constantly be tasting what we make as well as tasting our classmates things. To try and combat that I often eat a little less throughout the day and it seems to be working so far! Report
This video is excellent from an awareness standpoint especially to those who are not yet on board with the concept of keeping track of what they eat. Even if you are eating half as much in the video you could add on an extra pound every 10 days or so. I have seen others eat like this, although those of us who track our consumption wouldn't tend to go overboard this much, but this is a good reminder for all of us to watch out over the holidays. Thank you for posting it! Report
Admittedly, I don't typically log my licks, bites, and tastes, but I do remain VERY conscious about how often I take them and, honestly, I don't really take more than one or two throughout the course of the day, and many days it's none. i never really did think about tracking things like cough drops though because I categorize them more as medicine than food. Hmmmm. Report
I try to be careful not to do too many tiny tastes when I am cooking for my family. This is a great article, thank you for sharing. Report
I can't imagine taking that many "tastes" throughout the day... wow... I might do that once a day. I admit I did not track the 1 pita cracker with tiny bit of artichoke dip on it yesterday. But that video... do people really do that? Report
This is great & very true! Cooking Light magazine did an article on this in their Thanksgiving issue that was interesting (I think theirs added up to 700+ calories). Report
Tiny Tastes are my weakness. Esp when I'm cooking dinner at night. Report
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