All You Ever Wanted to Know about Vegetarian Protein


I am trying to go Vegan and just looked up TVP recipes last night! Report
So glad that I found this article! Report
Beans are my favorite protein. There are so many varieties and hundreds of ways to fix them, mix them, and even hide them in delicious dishes.

Too many of the "meat alternatives" are full of gluten, which doesn't agree with my system. Report
No, fish is not strictly vegetarian. However there is the branch of vegetarianism, as some of you mentioned, that does include people who eat fish. So in order to include that branch, they included recipes for fish, maybe? Who knows, but don't take it so personally that it is included! Report
How can anyone say fish is vegetarian. Someone offered this to me in a restaurant when I asked what were the vegetarian alternatives and I said no that is a pescatarian not a vegetarian alternative.
A friend says it is easy just think of it as no food with a face (little off center humor but it gets the point across) Report
Nope, fish is definitely NOT vegetarian. No way. Uh-huh! Anyone who says so is misinformed and probably not vegetarian. There are a lot of misconceptions going around. Not passing any judgement here, just sayin'. To eat a vegetarian diet means to abstain from ALL animal flesh, it is not limited to land animals or to mammals. Those who have a predominantly plant-based diet but do consume fish are called pesco-vegetarians. Report
Fish is not vegetarian!
In answer to the question about fish being vegetarian,both fish and dairy are considered vegetarian. Neither, however, are considered vegan. Report
Quinoa! I have a great recipe for a quinoa and blueberry salad! Report
I'm trying to go meat free more often, on the recommendation of my doc. Thanks for these resources. Report
Love quinoa; sitting here eating some right now! I know, I know, shouldn't be eating at the computer but time crunch to get a project done and I was starving. I love quinoa with spaghetti sauce! Almost like a risotto. I eat it a lot and often substitute it for rice. Good amount of protein in this grain. Report
I do love beans, nuts, and lentils. I drink soy, but hate tofu. I have peanut better on occasion. I'm nuts, lol. for hummus..chick peas are my favourite. I put them in everything, that I can. Report
Seeds and nuts have a lot of fat along for the ride.
Legumes have a lot of carbs along for the ride.

Neither of those count as "good" protein sources in my book, because you're getting just as much of the non-protein macronutrient, if not more.

However, I'm all about defatted soy, strained nonfat dairy, whey and other protein isolates (including rice, etc), and egg whites.

Unstrained dairy (normal yogurt as opposed to Greek yogurt), nonfat milk, etc. has too much lactose in it for my taste. I don't want so many sugars.

I eat a super high protein diet (40-50% of my macronutrients) and other than fish or lean poultry for lunch, pretty much everything else is vegetarian. "Normal" (4-legged) meat sources carry along with them too much fat to sustain such an eating pattern.

Ironic, huh? - Who would have thought that a high protein diet would be mostly vegetarian? LOL Report
This is a great list. As someone who relies on these proteins, it is great to see it explained. But fish recipes are not vegetarian.

How did they get on the list? Report
I like to use all kinds of legumes, nuts, and seeds when I am cooking and snacking.Also I have used tvp to make things that meat eaters never guess are'nt meat.Tahini is a great by itself or added to bean or brown rice recipes.I don't generally like the soy products that are meant to imitate meat products , to me that's soy trying to be something it can't. Report
All of my protein is vegetarian! Beans, nuts, nut butters, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, all contain protein! Report
Yes, I have tried many different vegetarian protein alternatives.

My favorite ? Beans ! I've become a huge fan of beans and lentils. I also like having nuts and seeds for snacks. I also love hummus and falafel aka foods made with chick peas. That's another fabulous source of vegetable protein. Report