A Year's Worth of Motivation at Your Fingertips

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A recent study showed that when people received motivational emails with pictures of people exercising, they increased their gym time by 54%. Whether it was the image, the email, or just the reminder itself, these messages helped people get more active than people who didn't receive ongoing messages.

For the times when you can't get to the computer, I created the next best thing: SparkPeople's daily tear-away calendar. It's full of my favorite fitness and nutrition tips, quick and healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and goal-setting ideas. One of the most requested items in the SparkPeople Store, we're happy to announce that our 2011 motivational calendar is now available!

For just $12 (that's a few pennies a day!), SparkPeople's calendar can offer you tips and reminders that will help you reach your goals. Put it on your desk, in your kitchen—anywhere you spend time—so that your healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of your mind when you start your day. Keep the pages that you like the most, or tear them off to share with others!

Available only at the SparkPeople Store, get yours while supplies last!

Have you purchased this calendar in the past? How else do you keep your goals in mind each day?