8 Super Snacks to Try This Year

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If you've been struggling with the "no eating between meals" rule, you're in luck: in recent years, that diet myth has been debunked. Snacks are important, especially when are active or trying to lose weight. Go too long without eating, and your blood sugar will drop. Your stomach will rumble. You'll get grouchy--and you'll turn into the cookie monster (or the chip monster or the "will eat the first thing I find" monster).
However, it's easy to fall into a snack rut. If you're tired of eating the same old snacks, you'll love today's "Stuff We Love" list: I'm sharing some new-to-you foods you might want to swap into your snack rotation this year.

I keep snacks in my purse and car at all times to ward off hunger-induced grouchiness and overeating. Believe me: I'm a mild-mannered yogini and health food lover when I'm fed regularly, but when I am starving, watch out! I get cranky and will eat anything in sight!  

Mary's Gone Crackers

When I crave crunch, which is quite often, these Mary's Gone Crackers are the perfect snack! I love them on their own (especially the caraway, onion and herb varieties). They're delightful with hummus, salsa, or guacamole. Mary’s Gone Crackers are organic, kosher and gluten-free and contain no trans-fats, dairy, eggs, or nuts.
I lived in Korea for a year and grew to love crunching on packets of toasted seaweed. Packed with minerals and fairly low in calories, these pint-size packs of nori (the seaweed used in sushi rolls) are a fun snack. Eat them on their own, pair with brown rice, or sprinkle on salad. 
Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate Assortment
Chocolate does have a place in a healthy eating plan, thank goodness! Reach for dark chocolate, which has more health benefits, and keep your portions in check with single-serving squares. Each square has just 55 calories, and this assortment pack lets you try a few flavors without having to open a whole bar (which can have hundreds of calories)!
Lundberg Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes
Rice cakes have come a long way, thank goodness! I remember smearing plain ones with jam when I was on my first diet. They were dry, flavorless, and not fun to eat. I recently found the Lundberg line of rice cakes, which are made with brown rice and come in fun flavors. I love the cinnamon toast, the honey nut, and the tamari with seaweed flavors. Eat them alone or spread with nut butter, hummus, or jam, depending on your flavor preference.

Mediterranean Snacks Baked Lentil Chips

Forget sweets! When I have a choice, I want crunchy, salty foods like chips. I try to reach for chips that are either baked, to cut fat, or contain whole grains or other nutritious ingredients. These lentil chips are awesome--you get a huge serving for 70% less fat than potato chips. And, since they're made from lentils, they have more protein, too. They're great with any of these 13 Slimmed Down Dips or on their own.
Ginger is beneficial for digestion and it tastes great, too. These chewy candies are strong in flavor so you likely will be satisfied with just one, and they can assist with heartburn or indigestion, too. I'm currently battling a cold, and these spicy little candies have helped me control my coughing and clear my nose!
NuGo Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Sweet and salty is a match made in heaven. This soy protein-based bar is often in my purse to quell major attacks of hunger. Coated in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, with bits of pretzel inside, it's a protein-packed treat for sure! My boyfriend loves NuGo's peanut butter chocolate bars, too.
Sahale Snacks Nut Blends
Nuts are a calorie-dense food, but they're packed with health benefits, too. Eating nuts in reasonable portions could even assist with weight loss! I love plain nuts and reach for them often, but these Sahale blends of nuts, dried fruit and fun flavors are a nice change. Try them chopped up on salads, oatmeal, or roasted veggies. My favorite flavors: Maple Pecans and Pomegranate Pistachios. (Disclosure: Sahale sent us samples recently.)
What is your favorite snack? Which of these would you like to try?


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PATRICIAANN46 4/11/2021
Thank You............. Report
CECELW 3/17/2021
Some of these are rather pricey here in Ohio Report
CECTARR 3/14/2021
Thanks Report
DEE107 8/26/2020
thanks Report
CHRISTINEM80 8/23/2020
My only concern is that every single one of these items it's not found in a regular store. I'd have to go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, which is expensive and nowhere near where I live. How's about offer son's snack ideas I could make at home with things I can get less costly at a local super market? Report
DLMGRAHAM 8/15/2020
I love the idea of buying the individual dark chocolate. Of course, I couldn’t keep the entire bag within reach. ?? I plan on putting a couple in my desk at work. That’s my snacking spot. ????? Report
ALUKOWSKY 7/27/2020
I've had some of these; they ARE good! But unless a snack comes in pre-portioned 100-calorie packages, I can't buy them because I'll eat the whole thing, These days, my snacks consist of a 100-calorie package of almonds or a piece of fruit. Report
Thank you! Report
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Ginger People is a tasty treat. I've had other brands of ricr cakes in cinnamon apple flavor & liked them. Might look for the lentil chips to try. Mostly I eat fruit, trail mix, Dk choc cherry Kind bars, faux ice cream (frozen bananas,) Graham crackers or ginger snaps. If not sweets then nuts, popcorn & small amounts of potato stix, corn chips, & cheese. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
My favourite snack at the moment is 25 grams of nuts. I like the mixed ones best. Report
Thanks for the suggestions. Report
Thanks Report
I love mixed nuts! Report
I'll have to go look for these Report
Nice choices. Report
Nice ideas, better than other processed junk but still processed. Read the labels before you buy! Report
Ilm going to try the lentil chips. Report
Guess you have to live in the city to see these, the only one I see in my stores is the Ghirardelli chocolate. Report
I have never seen any of these in our supermarket..hmmm Report
SOOO glad I'm moving this summer to someplace that has a Trader Joe's! I've never been to one but have always heart great things! Can't wait! Report
I love Kind bars and they are creating new flavors all the time! Report
I haven't heard of most of these snacks. I'll have to look for them. Report
Popcorn! I use up to 2 tsp coconut oil (10g) and 2 Tbsp popcorn, which yields 3 cups popped. Usually I just sprinkle a bit of salt into it, but I also like nutritional yeast. You can get quite adventurous with different spices like cumin or Italian seasonings. Much less expensive than anything on this list, super yummy (that aroma!), and I think a lot more satiating. 180 calories, 18g carbs, 11g fat, 3g protein, and 3g fibre. Report
Thanks Report
Good Blog! Report
my favorite snack is grapes wish I could try a few of these but allergies wont allow it Report
I cherish Mary's Gone Crackers. They are so tasty with hummus! Great proposals! Here I,m also add for viewers, How To lose Weight Fast 10 Best Weight loss Tips https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCIYcoymUgY
/ Report
I've heard of some people taking the ginger chews for arthritis pain. I'll have to try to find the Mary's Gone Crackers from all the good reviews! Report
Anything chocolate! Report
Whole foods market or TraderJoes are good places to find unusual but healthy snacks. Report
The good news: I've tried several of these, and they are delicious! Bad news: they are *Very Pricy*, alas. Most SparkPeople would love a follow up of Budget Friendly Super Snacks That Don't Include Baby Carrots! :D
I've tried the Nugo Dark Chocolate and it is very good! Report
I love Mary's Gone Crackers. They are so delicious with hummus! Good suggestions! Report
Those rice cakes sound yummo!
Interesting blog. Some of the foods look good. Report
I'm gluten free and this gave me several new ideas for things I can add to my diet. Hope I can find them or get our small health food store to order them. Thanks! Report
I splurged and got a really nice dehydrator. I make lots of natural "chips" pears are my favorite. I portion out approximately 1/2 a pear, 4-6 strawberries, home-made beef jerky and lots more. The machine, an Excalibur, was pricey--but over time I know I'll save lots. The trickiest part is keeping portions small, and know what the proper amounts should be before I reach for them. Something I never considered when I used store-bought--you know, before I was with SparkPeople! Report
Ghirardelli is my chocolate stash, to keep me from eating brownies at work. XD Report
I believe you can find some of these products on Amazon or Ebay. Report
only the chocolate sounds good to me. Also I saw that they are really pricey. I am on a fixed budget and cannot afford anything that costs a lot. I will have to choose my own snacks. 4 marshmellows are 100 cals and I have been doing that for a snack in the evening. Once I start, I want more and more but I have been stopping myself by reminding myself that eating only 4 and watching everything else is the reason I am doing this in the first place Report
Mary's Gone Crackers...are just the best. They are pricey, but well worth it..
Lara bars! Report
I also liked the product pictures for helping me find them in the store or online. Report
Costco sells Mary's Crackers. It's great that they are gluten free. I avoid bringing any snacks in that have gluten as my husband cannot tolerate it. KIND now makes a bar that has dark chocolate in it that he found at REI last weekend that was very tasty and all of their bars are gluten free. Report
I love the Ghiradelli Intence Dark Chocolate Assortment. The dark chocolate and assortment flavors are awesome!! Report