A Peek Inside SparkPeople Members' Fridges

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few weeks ago, we asked you to let us into your fridges, freezers, pantries and even shopping carts. Many of you sent us photos and answered our questions.
Why did we want a sneak-peek into your food stashes? Not because we wanted to see who had the healthiest fridge, the most organized pantry, or the barest freezer (look, Ma, no ice cream!). Nope. We wanted to show the world that SparkPeople embraces moderation. Treats are OK. No one's "on a diet" here. We're all changing our lives, one meal, one day, one step at a time.

That's why SparkPeople has grown into the largest website of its kind in America--with more than 12 million members and counting--because we focus on the living aspect of healthy living.

Today we're sharing with you some of the entries we received. Two of those we chose will receive a Kindle Fire and e-copies of all of our books. The others whose photos we're sharing will get e-copies of the books. (If your photo was chosen, you'll be contacted via email.)

We chose to share photos that had interesting and even downright funny stories behind them. Are they the healthiest fridges in America? Who's judging?

Let's open the fridge and take a look.

Sarah (sgeyer133)

Age 40
Simpsonville, S.C.
What is the healthiest item in your photo? I would choose between the cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and apples
What is your favorite item in your photo? My favorite item is the saucepan filled with brown and while rice so I can heat it up and eat it as needed!
Are there any impulse purchases in there? Tell us! Impulse purchases? Why, yes, there are! The enormous Toblerone bar was half off, and I couldn't just walk away! Also the organic creamy tomato soup--it just looked too good to walk past!
Is there any food you were tempted to hide? YES! The Diet Coke, the half McDonald's burger and the two bottles on top of the fridge! Do those count?
What's your food philosophy or mantra? I am trying to eat foods to nourish my body and my soul instead of just for taste alone. I have found that I like more food than I ever realized just by not being afraid to try new things. I feed my family well balanced and healthy meals and hope they will also be willing to try new things with me! 

Jennifer (Blue42Down)

Age 43
San Jose, California
Is there any food you were tempted to hide? No.  I track consistently and share my tracker.  I kind of like being proof one does not have to eat based on anyone else's definition of "good" food to lose weight.  I'm happy to have my apple crisps and shredded steak taquitos and thousand island dressing and ice cream on display. (OK, maybe I should have wanted to hide the three sticks of butter ... I use so little I'm going to have those forever!)
What's your food philosophy or mantra? It is possible to be healthy and lose weight by eating in moderation without giving up anything.


Donna (Taquito52)

Age 29
Tampa, Florida
What is the healthiest item in your photo?  All of my fruits and veggies!  I have both fridge drawers stuffed, some on the shelves, and bags upon bags of quick "steam-in-bag" frozen veggies as well as the many bags of frozen fruit!
What is your favorite item in your photo? The flank steak!  I LOVE this piece of meat because you get SO much for so little calories.  My favorite meal is the Spark People's meal plan featuring flank steak, 1/2 baked potato, green beans, and a pear for dinner.  I can even load up my baked potato with fat-free sour cream, low-fat cheddar cheese and top it off with green onions.  Sometimes I can't even finish my meal!
Are there any impulse purchases in there? Tell us!  The Weight Watchers chocolate ice cream cones in the freezer.  I like to eat these for a low-calorie dessert.  They taste great and I don't have to feel guilty eating them. 
Is there any food you were tempted to hide?  The chicken nuggets and fish sticks in the freezer, but they're for my daughter I swear!  
What's your food philosophy or mantra?  If I don't want my daughter to eat it, I shouldn't be eating it: fried foods, fast food, soda, candy, sugar substitute, etc.

Anna (elananna)

Age 24
House Springs, Missouri
Is there any food you were tempted to hide? The bacon. My family does a weekly meal together, and we love to make bacon (Asian-style: wrapped in lettuce leaves with rice, grilled garlic and sometimes grilled kimchi).
What's your food philosophy or mantra? I like to eat whole foods most of the time. Though, I always feel it's good to have balance. Sure, I have indulgences every once in a while, but I make sure that the majority of the time, I eat healthfully and mindfully.

Amanda (ajc_80)

Age 31
Bowling Green, Ohio
Are there any impulse purchases in there? Tell us! My biggest ones are cheese because I’m trying to adopt a vegan way of life. Cheese is my one downfall, it’s so yummy! There are also a couple Reese’s cup peanut butter eggs left in my freezer.
Is there any food you were tempted to hide? My husband's beer, diet pop, and chocolate milk! Maybe we should invest in separate fridges.

The first two photos were selected to receive a Kindle Fire and electronic copies of all our books; the others will receive electronic copies of our books.
Thanks again for sharing your photos with us!
What's in your fridge?

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Huge fridges! Report
Amanda, my fridge looks like yours, except I have some wine (and it's mine!) And I don't use ground coffee, I use instant. I had to smile at the upside-down salad dressing bottle. I do the same thing! Thanks for such an honest picture. Report
Some fridges are so neat and organised ! Report
I absolutely LOVE this blog!!!

Thank you to all the Spark members who were brave enough to share their photos with the rest of us! Report
Mine looks close to this but with more foods that I have already cooked for quick fixin meals. And less processed food. Congrats to the winners! Report
I live alone, but my fridge is so full, it's hard to tell whats that. Maybe because I live in an apartment and those fridges are small??.
I have less condiments, no processed foods. Like lunch meats or frozen dinners.
I eat a lot more natural, organic foods.
Congrats to the winners. Kindle Fire would have been nice to have. Report
Eating healthy has made me realize I need a bigger fridge! Report
Funny, I have never ever seen my fridge stuffed like that! I would go so craZy with it piled up. LOL I think I will start taking pics of the inside of my fridge and take a REAL look at what is inside. Thanks Spark! Report
If you looked at my fridge on a Sunday night or Monday morning, you would see a whole bunch of pre-portioned food for the rest of the week. The only way I can manage to eat healthy throughout the week is if I prepare it all in advance. I go grocery shopping on Sunday, and I cook meals/portion everything that evening, and as the week goes by I empty out the fridge, so by Saturday there is very little left. And then we start all over.

The freezer is full of mostly frozen vegetables (I stock up when they're on sale), along with some frozen seafood and chicken. Some Lean Pockets for my hubby, and some frozen fruit. Report
Not much in my fridge today...I just had a new one delivered this morning. Now to fill it with healthiness! Report
Hmm. They need more meat! Report
Mine would differ only in that there are fewer processed food items (salad dressing, sauces, frozen prepared foods) and only 2 drink options - milk and oj. Great to see so many fruits & veggies in most of them! Report
Now I am afraid to open the door to my fridge for fear of what I will see, or won't see! Report
I like Sarah's mantra of eating food that nourishes her body and soul. In my book that includes not only broccoli and bananas but also dark chocolate and craft beer. Also love her LG French Door Refrigerator. :-) Report
Pretty good refrigerators !! Report
Fun to look inside someone else's fridge and freezer. I'm amazed at how full they all are! Mine has plenty of food, but nowhere near as full as these. Of course, there is just two of us in the house, too. Report
Glad they are all working and can keep the refrig full. Hugs. Report
Made me feel like I need to clean my fridge! With five of us in the house who are old enough to cook now, I always feel like my fridge is a mess! I wonder if I'll miss that when two of them move out in the fall/winter? Report
Enjoyed the info Report
I loved this blog! It was so fun to read! It made me feel recommitted to the principle of moderation. And probably to making sure my fridge gets a cleaning this week so it would be photo perfect! Report
pretty close to what I have in my fridge, except,, I was stunned to see that people put their tomatoes in the fridge before slicing.. IT completely changes the texture, flavor and vitamin content. First thing I learned in nutrition 101... Report
This was a great idea. Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for sharing your fridges with the rest of us Sparkers. Report
Hehe, they left off the part of my response that mentioned that only the middle shelf of the fridge and the top right of the freezer is my stuff. Report
Fun! My fridge is much less organized than these... Report
Beautiful! Very motivating! All the best to you. Report
I need a bigger fridge....mine looks like Anna's but with veggie's hanging out all over the place...lol! Report
Hey, Sarah of Simpsonville, SC: Love those French doors! Oh yeah, the food looks great too, but that's secondary to the awesome doors!

Spark On! Report
Congrats to the winners! How brave of you all...

Nice to see that the winners were not total health fanatics, but that there is a bit of balance and no exclusion of certain foods. Report
neat food items seem in each good job glad i don't have to pick a winner !!!!!!!!! Report
A photo of my fridge/freezer would be very different on shopping day, versus the day before shopping day - we plan our meals out on a weekly basis, and things get a little bare the day before shopping day :)
I enjoyed this post! Report
Fun :) Report