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7 Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I was a Girl Scout all the way through high school graduation. My grandmother and mother were troop leaders, and my mom earned a 25 year award for her commitment to scouting. We love the Girl Scouts in my family.

One of my least favorite parts of scouting was also one of my favorites: the cookies! I detest selling things to this day, so I never won any cookie awards. But I sure did love eating them! Now that I have the metabolism of a 30-something woman rather than a kid, I'm not going to be downing sleeves of Thin Mints like I did back then, but I do still enjoy them.

I just moved to rural North Carolina, where I don't know any Girl Scouts, so there will be no cookies for me this year. I might instead whip up a batch of these Girl Scout clone recipes (with some healthy ingredient swaps, perhaps?). We've rounded up seven homemade Girl Scout cookie recipes!

Early Girl Scout Cookie Recipe (Trefoil swap)
Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
Homemade Thin Mints
Homemade Lemon Coolers
Fijis (Samoas)
Left-Behinds (Tagalongs)

If you have extra Girl Scout cookies (is there ever such a thing?), here are some recipes that use them as an ingredient:
Decadent Recipes that Use Girl Scout Cookies
Thin Mint Cupcakes
Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Cake Bars
Girl Scout Samoas Waffles Recipe With Coconut Caramel Sauce
How do your favorite Girl Scout Cookies measure up?

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I think the whole point of your blog was to point out recipes that were similar to the Girl Scout cookies and not to encourage members of SP to go out and eat a bunch of fattening Girl Scout cookies. Some people don't get the point no matter how you try to word something. Great blog!
I agree, this blog was not appropriate for Sparkpeople. I would liken it to posting a "Make your own alcohol at home!" blog on an AA site. Not cool. Report
Saving this to make some of the cookies later. My family loves GS cookies. Report
Thanks posting this article! It's fun to read them,look at the recipes & decide if it's something I want to make. You bloggers who post here must have good backbones with all the negative comments. Kudos to you! To all the naysayers out there----no one is making you read this article or eat the cookies. If it's not for you that's fine. Report
I too love Girl Scout Cookies. Moderation, folks! I can't believe all the negative comments about how they aren't good for you! We know that, but we also know that you do need to incorporate a tiny bit of decadence into your diet, or you are doomed to fail.

Love these recipes! Report
Just looked at the recipe for Samoas... if those are your favorited, BUY the cookies! Nothing healthier about the recipe, very time consuming, and I don't think they'd be any cheaper, either! Report
My husband just bought 4 boxes....they are in the freezer... Report
I don't buy Girl Scout cookies since I have no restraint, especially with the thin mints. I do make a donation so they can send cookies to the troops. Report
I was a Girl Scout from Brownie to Senior. Mom was not only the leader of my Cadette troop but also my sister's Junior troop. Those are some of my most favorite memories. Course cookies were 50 cents a box back then. And it was safe to sell door to door after school with only my little sister along. I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. Report
Really? Shame on you, SparkPeople! After reading countless articles on what we shouldn't eat, you post this article?? I am so disappointed!! I do understand everything in in moderation, but this is a nightmare for anyone trying to do the right thing. Report
The homemade thin mints link went to a malicious page.... Report
I, too, schlepped GS cookies all the way through elementary, junior high, and high school. I hated it, but I loved to eat them. Back in my day there were no rewards for selling cookies and they were only 50 cents a box (the troop got about 5 cents). I always buy from the kids because I remember how frustrating it was to go door to door. Now that the GS troops in my area allow me to "donate" to the military overseas, I'm a happy camper. I even convinced a neighbor boy to charge me what his athletic team would get from buying candy, but not give me the candy. It was a win-win day for both of us. Report
Thanks For The Blog! I've Been A Supporter Of The Girl Scouts When I Could. I Was A Camp Fire Girl And We Sold Candy lol. These Recipes Will come In Handy. I Eat In Moderation And Have Not BANNED Any Food And I've Still Lost 84 lbs. I'm Blessed And I Don't Judge What Others Choose To Eat Or Not Eat. God Bless You! :))) Report
I only see 11 posts, so I don't know where all the outraged posts are. I was going to suggest if you don't want to eat Girl Scout cookies due to healthiness you can buy them and ask them to donate them. All troops (in my area at least) pick a designated charity that they will give donated boxes to--very frequently it is US troops stationed overseas. Or just donate some money directly to a troop if you see them selling cookies and don't want to have them around to tempt you--they will take cash donations also! : ) Report
I appreciate this blog. In order to make "healthy alternative" recipes, you have to start somewhere. This gives a nice jumping off point to those of us who might enjoy tweaking a recipe to make a healthier version. Plus, when you make things yourself, you're leaving behind the preservatives and crazy ingredients that might add to the less-than-spectacular nutrition of these boxed goodies.

Since when have treats and cookies been off limits at SparkPeople that so many people are outraged about this post? As far as I'm aware, moderation & potential substitution has always been the tagline here. Report
What's the big deal? Temptation is an everyday reality for most of us, as is learning whether you function better applying moderation or abstinence. "Health" encompasses more than just getting exercise and eating nutritiously: having a reasonable emotional and psychological relationship with food (e.g. not having a fit at the mere suggestion of a sugary, fatty treat) is part of being well. Report
oh please....
lighten one is making you eat them!
cute article..
I like recognizing the scouts too! Tis the season!
I was a scout for 9 years.
I agree with donating them elsewhere and I too keep a thin mint in the freezer for a
counted" treat....thanks SP! Report
I have to agree with some of the comments below, this does not seem appropriate for this site. Report
I was a Girl Scout all the way through high school, too (and also hated selling and loved eating the cookies).

Nowadays, I buy 10 boxes from my niece with directions to donate all 10 boxes to the local food bank. Report
This is kinda misleading ! Yup! I love thin mints but after losing 90 lbs I look for healthy treats and lower calorie or reduced fat treats! Maybe a low fat or lower calorie version would be a great idea! Thanks for sharing though! I will try to tweak it myself and get to y'all , - Report
This is kinda misleading ! Yup! I love thin mints but after losing 90 lbs I look for healthy treats and lower calorie or reduced fat treats! Maybe a low fat or lower calorie version would be a great idea! Thanks for sharing though! I will try to tweak it myself and get to y'all , Report
I love SparkPeople and hate it when people leave hateful comments, but AKATHLEEN54 is right! This article is terrible for people trying to live healthy lives or lose weight. After reading this all I want to do is eat an entire box of cookies or other "decadant" treat. I know its ok to eat a cookie now and then but I wasn't even thinking about treats until I read this and looked at the pictures of the cupcakes. For shame! Report
Why in the world would you post "decadant recipes that use girl scout cookies"? Number one they are loaded with fat and calories and the recipes do not list any nutritional information. Bad idea!! Report
Happiness has flooded my heart :D What a treat!!! Report
The Lemon Coolers are my choice to make for an Easter Treat - Thanks Report