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8 Top Diet Myths Debunked

Discover the Truth Behind Common Myths

When it comes to dieting, there are more myths and old wives' tales than there are verifiable facts. Here we collect all our best resources for debunking top diet myths so you can stop falling for fads and learn how to use a healthy eating plan to reach your ideal weight.

Myth #1: You must give up carbs to lose weight.

The Truth about Carbohydrates: Should you avoid them? Should you only eat certain ones? We explain everything you need to know about carbs.

Myth #2: Corn syrup is the leading cause of obesity.
The Truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup: Our registered dietitian dispels the myths about this common sweetener once and for all.

Myth #3: Detox and "cleansing" diets will boost your weight loss.

Detox Diets: Helpful or Full of Hype: Do you need to "detox" your body and can this practice be part of a healthy diet? Get the real truth here.

Myth #4: Chocolate has no place in a healthy diet.

7 Myths and Facts about Chocolate
: Learn how chocolate can actually be a part of a healthy diet.

Myth #5: Follow your mom's, neighbor's, friend's or co-worker's diet tricks for the best results!

6 Diet Rules Meant to Be Broken:
Don't eat after 7 p.m.? Always eat fat-free foods? Skip meals? Give up all of your favorite "trigger" foods? We bust these myths and more! Learn which "rules" you should start breaking now for better results.

Myths #6: Focus on "good" foods and avoid all the "bad" ones.

15 Simple Truths About Food: We tackle old wives' tales about specific types of food and set them straight.

Myth #7: Certain supplements can help you drop the pounds safely and easily!

Do Raspberry Ketones Really Help You Lost Weight
? Our expert weighs in on this controversial supplement that's been getting a lot of attention.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction? We've got the proof that diet pills really don't work.

Myth #8: One "cheat" day won't hurt your weight-loss efforts.
Can You Cheat on Your Diet and Still Lose Weight? Learn why "cheating" might be the wrong way to think about incorporating your favorite foods into a healthy eating plan.

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Member Comments

  • The manufacturers of industrial food (high fructose corn syrup included) want you to keep eating their products. They make cheap food palatable and addictive. Sadly schools are still pumping out dieticians that go along with the BS they spew. Come on, Spark, time for reality check !! This stuff is responsible for the diabetes epidemic and a cluster of related diseases we have endured since the low fat/high carb propaganda started.
  • Wonderful article
  • Great article. There is no quick fix to weight loss. The closer the foods are to their natural state ( IE fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed foods), the better they are for you.
  • Just gotta say, "DITTO" to what PHILL91 said 2 years ago!
  • Good info! I think it is important for all of us need to be responsible for educating ourselves as well as checking to be sure the information we read is true. Some info is fact, some are just hearsay.

    Although I have read a few articles and stories that leave me scratching my head, the articles I have read about health and nutrition are generally helpful. It is up to me to check it out and confirm or debunk the info I read on the internet.

    Don't 'throw the baby out with the bathwater".

  • How much money do some people spend on tinfoil to make themselves their little tinfoil hats, I wonder?
    "Educate yourself by using Google???" Because you know if you read it on the INTERWEBZ, it must be TRUE.
    Wow, welcome to 1960's retro falsehoods. The facts simply don't support this kind of misinformation. When are registered dietitians going to figure out they've been misled? I recommend people read Dr Lustig's, Fat Chance book for information based on sound scientific research. And welcome to the 21st century.
  • Not a single popular way of eating says you must give up carbs. Maybe you could do an article about debunking the top nutritional straw men. Atkins, Paleo, South Beach all encourage lots and lots of vegetables, and some fruits. Paleo even includes tubers as healthy. The most carb restrictive is the ketogenic diet and even that allows up to 20 grams of net carbs a day nearly all from vegetables.
  • Ughh! Again with the carbs. It's a carb nation which means it's a morbidly obese nation.

    PEOPLE, FAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU FAT! Blame the carbs (insulin), not the Fat. You wanna lose weight, STOP STUFFING YOURSELVES WITH PASTA, BREAD AND RICE. Gee whiz! Make your own low-carb HI-FAT bread, Eat Kelp Noodles instead of pasta; Make rice out of cauliflower... Drop the potatoes and starches; drop your cereals. "Oh, but cereals are filled with fibers". Ya, they also contain TONS of sugar, even more than fibers. Drop the fructose.

    I wish people would educate themselves by Googling instead of using SparkPeople. I use SP only and only to count my carbs. The rest is entertainment and false info.

    Google that and live WELL: Ketogenic diet.
    Thanks for busting so much of the "eater's paranoia" and other mythological food-lore which the gullible so readily accept as gospel! It's refreshing to see the nonsense kicked to the curb :)
  • PHILL91
    HFCS is shown to cause severe spikes in blood sugar, and corn is now, not the corn of our ancestors. This wreaks havoc on our bodies. It is also used as a preservative. It takes chemicals to make corn sweet. Sugar is naturally sweet. I'm not saying sugar is in any way good for you, but it isn't as bad for you as HFCS.
  • Good info. Thanks.

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