5 Beginner Booty Moves for Glorious Glutes

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer
The recent pop culture obsession with the derriere aside, there are a huge range of reasons for making glutes gains. Not only will you be able to jump higher, stand taller and run faster, but you'll also experience fewer lower-body aches and pains when you engage your rear. And, bonus: Increasing lean muscle mass anywhere also ups your calorie burn when you're at rest.

Luckily, you can feel the booty burn without using a bunch of fancy equipment. We curated a wide variety of lower-body videos, many of which call for nothing more than a little sweat and your own bodyweight. Go ahead and give these well-rounded routines a go!

Hips, Glutes Focus  

In just 15 minutes, Jessica Smith shows you how to concentrate on your hips and glutes in any size space, with no fancy equipment; you'll only need a chair or countertop for balance. These exercises will help to develop your range of motion, joint stability, balance and muscular endurance, not to mention getting you those glutes gains.  

Balance and Glute Strength

Grab your mat and clear a place on the floor as Cassey Ho leads you through a challenging butt routine that's great for beginners. These seven exercises will work on your stability and balance with moves including bridge leg sweep, pointed leg pulse and heel clicks.  
Slow and Low Glutes Shapers 
Pilates expert Namrata Purohit carefully demonstrates how to do five beginner glutes exercises in this 12-minute video that will help you shape your backside. These exercises are perfect if you're new to working out and want to learn appropriate form, and she promises "your bum will be smiling" when you're finished.  

Lift Your Booty at Home    
Join Fitness Blender trainer Kelli Segars as she leads you through 10 minutes of glutes and thigh exercises that will help you tackle those tough areas. Segars tells you when to take a break in between sets and how to modify the exercises to suit your needs. In just five minutes, you could be feeling the glorious glute burn. 

Bombastic Booty With a Stability Ball

Mix up your rear workout with a stability ball. Trainer Cassey Ho shows you her bombastic booty Pilates moves using exercises such as leg lifts and hamstring rolls. At a runtime of just 8:34, consider working through it twice! 

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