Start 2011 with SparkPeople's 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge

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If you're resolving to lose weight, get fit or tone up in 2011, then I have some news for you. It's going to take hard work, willpower, dedication, and some sweat (but not necessarily blood or tears). But you can make it easier—even fun—by joining SparkPeople's 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge, which includes an easy-to-follow workout plan, built-in support, and motivational prizes!

We created the 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge to motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals in 2011. It's named "Bootcamp" not because it's highly intense, but because it involves daily exercise and commitment so you can get real results in just four weeks—talk about a great way to start the year!

That may sound daunting, but each workout can be tailored to your own fitness level, and you also get to pick activities that you enjoy! Following our 4-week fitness program will help you look good and feel great in a matter of weeks—and also help you build momentum to make fitness a priority all year!

Here are 5 reasons to join today—and tell your friends!

  1. It's simple. I designed the 28-Day Bootcamp workouts to take the guesswork out of working out. You'll follow one of my free 10-minute workout videos each day, and do your favorite cardio activity 5 times per week. Because there are seven different Bootcamp videos and you get to pick your cardio, working out will never be boring! All you need is a set of dumbbells and a computer to follow along with the free workout videos.
  2. It's free. You'll save money because you won't need a gym membership or any fancy equipment to get in shape. Like all SparkPeople resources, joining Bootcamp won't cost you a dime! As soon as you join, Bootcamp begins. You'll get one email each week with your workout plan and challenge tips.
  3. It's motivating. Other Bootcamp members will be there to cheer you on, answer questions, and offer support when you need it. Each day that you check off another workout from your to-do list, you'll build confidence and momentum that will inspire you to keep going.
  4. It's fun! By taking part in the challenge, you're doing something new every day. Plus, we're giving away weekly prizes that you'll be eligible for just by participating: copies of the paperback verson of, The Spark, copies of my workout DVD, Fit, Firm and Fired Up, and $25 gift certificates to The SparkPeople Store.
  5. You could win $300 to! One lucky—and newly fit—participant will win the grand prize: a $300 gift certificate to! All you have to do is join the challenge and log your workouts on to be eligible for these great prizes! For official contest rules and terms, click here.

To join the challenge right now, go to

If you've participated in a SparkPeople Bootcamp in the past, tell us about your experience below. Do you plan to join this challenge?

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I would like to participate but my computer and television aren't connected, and my home office is too small. How can I watch the free videos, or do you have explanation sheets we can follow as well? Report
I have a laptop with no volume to it. Will it matter for the work outs? Report
I have just signed up for the challenge..It is saying something about free workout videos..Where can you find them??? I am wanting to loose about 20lbs and firm up.. My goal is to be 165-170 by Oct.14,2011.. Report
I don't have dumbbells?!?!? does it matter? Report
Just signed up so hoping this will help me with my last 35lbs and toning up!! Report
Love this challenge. I joined last year but quick a few days in due to being overwhelmed with life. This year I have not missed a day and look forward to the next days video. :) Report
I'ld love to do this, but to load a video on my pc takes way to fast downloads in my area... only 'Dial- Up' in my area - and at 40 kbps if I do w-w-w-w-aa-a-a-a-i-i-i-t-t-t-t-t-t to download a video, I miss so much of it because it has to stop every 2 or 3 seconds............. Does Spark People have any suggestions on how those of us on Dial-Up can take part in this Boot Camp? Report
I'm at Day 3 of the BootCamp. Incorporating it in with my 2010 Winter 5% Challenge. "Fun time in the city". We can do this!! Report
Did my 1st day video exercise today. Felt good. Even though I walk on a regular basis - this bootcamp will only enhance my walking exercise. I did it after I had my walk and it was also invigorating!!! Report
I could use some extra motivation about now, so I will give this a try. Report
Joining BootCamp to motivate me to start working out everyday. Report
GWENHAVEN, these contests started when the book first came out and your assumption that people are have not wrote and simply voice public is simply that - an assumption. In fact it is a false assumption. I did not and neither did anyone else say "selfish b" and I would appreciate not having profanity used to describe what was shared. Report
Thanks for offering this challenge...I love the bootcamps and have done them before, but this is JUST what I needed to get motivated again! Report
I am i\embarking on the bootcamp challenge! Report
I love all the Bootcamp challenges, especially the 10 minute workout videos. I participate whenever one is offered. It's a great way to jump start or get back on track. Thanks, SP, for offering these challenges! Report
10 weeks till my Disney trip. I hope this helps!! Report
I really need to loose some weight. I have never weighed as much as I do now. Raven when I was 9 months pregnant I did not weigh this much and I am tired of being out of breath and so tired all of the time. I need to loose at least 80 pounds. Report
I am hoping the bootcamp will get me back on track after losing momentum completely over Christmas Report
It's unfortunate that this contest is not open to Canadians. :-( Report
You say you joined a bootcamp a week ago so can't do both - just a suggestion, but can't you count what you do in THAT boot camp instead? After all, cardio is cardio!
I say this without having looked at all that this one entails, but I don't see why you can't adapt it to fit, or at least look to see if you can, if you really would like to participate. :)

As for those complaining, instead of making it sound like those who put it on are all selfish bastards out to mislead you, send them a letter to tell them that hey, its upset you that they didnt' make it clear it's only for the US this time, and it seems misleading. I think airing it all out in public just foments bad feelings,and aren't we here to try to make our lives more positive? So someone put it together and thickheadedly didn't consider that the whole English speaking WORLD is using Sparkpeople. Make them aware, make a difference. Complaining only stirs up negativity. Do something positive!
I joined this challenge on Tuesday December 28! Well, I am going to secretly keep going, but re-join a week later so that I am actually a week ahead! I use Amazon all the time, and I love this bootcamp, it is a perfect way to beat my honeymoon weight gain! Report
Im really disappointed to hear the comments about this and the un supportive attitudes of some of the members who have posted comments
Why send me an email to my address promoting something I and others are excluded from?
Well said Sassi_Spring Report
In reference to the comments about how it's the person's fault if they do not read the terms and conditions. In the past before the media and glitz and glam hit SP, it was a site for all. Now it has the appearance of being a site for those who live in the USA and the rest of us are visitors. When stating something in bold, screaming headlines that you, as a member of SP, can win a prize for participating, then it should include all members of SP. If it cannot include all members, it should clearly state in the headlines that prizes can be won by those in the 48 States including blah blah blah. To exclude this fact is misleading and makes the headline a bold face lie.

Sure it's the fault of those who don't read the T&C and to be honest, anyone who has been around for awhile knows that there is exclusion in this site. It's more for new members, ones who are excited to be here and all they read is the bold headline. Oh they'll figure it out, imagine though if you didn't live in the USA how disappointing it would be to find out that you were excluded .... imagine walking into a room of folks thinking you were invited and part of the group only to discover that it was all a sham. While you were invited over for drinks, you certainly were not invited for dinner and when you protest that the invitation stated both drinks and dinner, they flip the card to show in small print "only drinks." They walk away stating how stupid you were for not reading the back. You are left standing there wondering what the heck just happened because moments before you were part of a welcoming group of folks.

That is what happens when advertising and headlines are misleading. SP claims to pride itself on being open to all. It shouldn't be in fine print on another page that in fact, this is not true - that while it is welcome, only certain members are entitled to specific privelages.

As for my not joining and one of the issues is that there is no way someone could complete this 28 boot camp already as it just started - that is my point, it just started. I don't give a rip if there have been 100 boot camps prior to this one, the boards, the messages and the joining are with this camp. It should not be allowed for members to post that they've completed THIS camp. There should be no posting in the weeks ahead with people bragging up how they completed the camp. Those statements should be only on the boards of the camps they completed - not this one.

I'm not alone with this, it's been stated by others here. It's about this camp, not the past camps. While it may seem like a silly technicality, I do not find it motivating to go to a team that already has completed the task. I find it irritating. Report
As I was leading up to knee surgery and am now currently in the process of rehab, I also managed to gain back all the weight I lost. Meh! But I got the okay from the doc to get back to the gym. Bootcamp sounds like JUST what I need! Report
I have tried to add my bootcamp workout to my fitness tracker, but it will not allow me to. What is wrong? I want credit for sweating this morning! Report
Aww, too bad...I joined a local bootcamp class last week. I would have liked to have done this instead. I think if I attempt to do both, I will put too much pressure on myself and end up not wanting to do either. So, I will stick with my original plan. Great idea though, I think these types of challenges should be available more often. Report
I'm signed up and ready for some results at the end of the month! Report
Great challenge to help me reach another challenge I signed up for--lose 10 pounds this month. Good luck everybody! Report
It's time for me to get back on track so I am going to give this a try. I am under lots of stress right now, so I need all the help I can get to get back in control. Report
The challenge will help me keep on track - my motivation gets low when it is cold and icy outside! Challenges always seem to add an extra boost to the motivation! Report
I signed up in July and never did a thing with it. I am going to try now. I will be doing Zumba instead of the on-line videos. I really need accountability. :) Report
Gonna give it a shot! Sounds like the perfect way to start a new year.
:-) Report
The 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge is the perfect start to the new year for me! Started today and am very excited to meet the goals of the group. I really like the fact that it's possible to do even when I travel. Thanks for creating it! Report

The 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge has been here since I've been on SparkPeople. They just wanted to draw people in and give away prizes for this month, so it is possible for people to be celebrating their 28th day.

People who don't read the terms are at fault. Why would you join if you're not even sure if you count? And relax. The prize is to make it even more fun. If you don't want to join, then don't. Report
This is my first challenge - I have arthritis and a real bad knee, and my left arm is amputated below the elbow, I am going to do what I need to do to convert the exercises to chair exercises. I definietly am committed to this - I need to establish a routine, yet I am nervous. Report
Coach Nicole's bootcamps are GREAT - I've participated before and plan to participate again. This version of working out has completely changed my bad attitude about strength training! Report
There must be many seniors out there (as myself) with some leg problem that pervents envolment in this program. Do you have a sit down fitness program? Report
Spark needs to tell the truth in advertising, the contest is not open to all members and it should state that clearly. There are folks who will not look or read Terms of Conditions - we all know that, it's life - and they join believing they are in the running for top prizes. I wish SP would stop with the glamour headlines and just focus on health and nutrition, like in the "old days." And hey, instead of doing give-aways, how about simply opening up a bootcamp and no prizes. Gosh there is an idea but I guess it wouldn't make such a big ol' splash now, would it - you know, getting fit simply for the sake of being healthy and fit. Report
Today is Day 3 for me. This Challenge is a great "Spark" to starting off my new year right! Looking forward to staying with it and seeing/feeling the results! Report
Im so in just completed day 1. I really need this "spark" to kick start my weight loss goals. Report
I am definitely in until then, new year and new and improved me. Report
I am so ready for this! I need to drop the last 25 lbs to reach my goal and it has been very difficult with the holidays. Report
Count me in, too. Hope we are all successful with our personal goals. Spark People rocks! Report
i just joined the challenge-my first one on sparks. I am good with working out, my problem is my eating. Report
Though I live in Bangladesh & will not be able to get the videos will do the cardio & as much of the strength as possible & may join when I visit the US next. Report
Signed up and started working. This "bootcamp" comes with perfect timing. It will help me get in shape and into a regular exercise program as I start school. Report
signed up and did day one today, working for a healthy 2011 Report
I want to do the challenge on my own. I went to the group page, and it's daunting at 20,000 members! Congratulations, everybody, and congratulations, Coach Nicole, for creating such a popular, effective program! Report
I have a program in place already, but I'm doing this too, just because Coach Nicole rocks! =) Wishing you all a Happy, healthy 2011! Report
Looking forward to the Jump Start for 2011!!! Report