Kale Recipes You'll Actually Eat

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My current go-to green vegetable is kale, which has nutritional value and health benefits that are off-the-charts. Whether I’m throwing it in my smoothie or steaming it as a recipe addition, I do my best to eat it every day.

The next time you are at the supermarket grab a bunch of kale and start cooking these recipes that you’ll actually eat and taste great.

Kale Stew

Enchilada Casserole with Kale and Sweet Potatoes

Massaged Kale Salad

Crispy Garlic Kale with Chorizo and Beans

Kate B's Amazing Kale and Eggs

Kale and Potato Hash

Kale Stew

Samantha's Super Smoothie

Cheesy Kale Chips

Potato and Kale Zuppa

Rockin' Raw Kale Salad

Kale, Spinach, & Mushroom Pie

One-pot Kale and Turkey

Sausage & Kale Shepherd's Pie

Dino Kale Lasagna

Kale & Onion Egg Bake

Kale Tart

Fresh Spinach and Kale Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast

More Great SparkRecipes with Kale

Read how to choose, prepare, and store kale.

What is your favorite kale recipe? Which of these do you look forward to trying?

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DIVAGLOW 2/24/2021
Thank you. Report
CHERYLHURT 2/22/2021
Thanks Report
ELRIDDICK 12/14/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
DEE107 9/2/2020
thanks Report
CD10416302 6/14/2020
Loving sautéed kale lately. I use chicken stock vs an oil and add onions and garlic, a little seasoning- so good! Report
I make three different potato, kale and sausage soups. one Italian, and two Portuguese ones. I also have others which I have not tried yet. Report
CECELW 6/9/2020
I make kale chips Report
CD10676776 5/29/2020
Good recipes, thanks for sharing! YUMMY! Report
Great Report
thanks for sharing Report
There are other greens nutritionally better than kale, the kale ranchers hired an ad agency to try to sell more of an awful product. It is useful to scrub your sink out though. Report
Great idea. Have never eaten any. Report
I really like kale, I try to eat it every day. Report
Great recipes! Report
Thank you for this awesome choice of recipes from which to choose! Report
I've just been given some 'Italian' kale so no doubt I'll find something good to use it in. it absolutely won't be a smoothie though. Report
I'll skip the kale. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
I love kale. I eat it with my greens. Report
All of a sudden I love kale. I make a salad of kale green apples red onion and low fat cheddar cheese with red wine vinegar and olive oil It’s delicious Report
We love kale soup. Report
Honestly, I don't think I could eat one bite of any of these Report
I use Kale daily in our Green drinks and a couple of salads. Thanks for adding to our menu these dishes. Report
Kale takse a bit of getting used to. Start with baby kale and always remove the veins. Report
Kale is very easy to grow and doesn't take up much space. Cut and come again. Resistant to heat and frost. Report
I like kale and am glad to get these great recipes. Report
Thanks for sharing!!! Report
Kale is great. Report
I will have to try a few of these! Report
Getting into kale has been hard for me. I love veggies but have not yet been turned on to green smoothies or even veggie smoothies, for instance. Have accidentally had salads with kale as one of the ingredients - at least twice (?) and have survived with no major issues of dislike!! Maybe I can look at this list and gradually try something...? Report
Kale chips are quick and healthy alternative to potato chips. I use a lot of kale in my green juices too. Report
Green smoothies and chips. That's it. :-)
I love kale chips with olive oil and sea salt, yummy! Report
I add Kale, Spinach and Carrots to my chili. So far everyone who has had it (minus my son, but he resists anything I cook whether good or not) has loved it. Report
My favorite is chicken "noodle' soup. Sometimes kale has a very tiny bitterness to it but if I tear a bunch of kale in tiny pieces (remove tough stems) into my chicken soup (carrots, celery, chicken breast, broth, garlic slices, and crushed red pepper) for the last 4 or 5 minutes it is DELICIOUS. I have already made it 3 times this winter and plan on making it again this coming week. I CRAVE it. It's low cal and healthy! Report
I'm a little nervous to try kale...can anyone give me a taste comparison? Is it similar to spinach? Thanks!
Thanks for the awesome recipes. I agree, it would be helpful if they were made available as one pdf document. Report
Kale is the latest craze but people with thyroid issues need to be aware that it is a goitrogen so need to use caution. Report
The simple kale & eggs look good for breakfast. One Pot Kale and Turkey sounds good, too. Report
Wish you all would put the print icon on all recipes. Some of us are not interested in twitter, tweet and facebook. mlbrown Report
Tried kale only because of SP and I love it! Costco has an amazing mixed green salad that contains kale as well as 6 other super foods. It is absolutely delicious. Serves 9 or something huge and it's just me, but I end up eating it all with stuff like grilled chicken or salmon or just as a salad. Check it out. Report
Which is the best kale. tried it in a smoothie and it wAsn't smooth. Report
I am with you, I have to do some cooking this weekend, I do so much better when I am properly prepared for the enxt week. Report
I have never tried kale - now I'm going to have to try it! These recipes look really good! I'm off to the grocery store!! Report
I like my kale raw either in a salad or a smoothie. Cooking it robs me of vital nutrients. Report
I tried kale for the first time about 3 years ago and I have been addicted to it ever since then. In fact, any extra I grow goes on the dehydrator. Then I lightly crumble it up and stuff it in a jar. It's great for throwing a handful into a pot of stew or any other one-dish meal for some extra nutrition. Even those who don't like the flavor or texture of kale could most likely handle it this way. Report
Oh YUM, going to be doing some cooking on the weekend! Report
all the kale I've eaten is on the sweeter side too. Is it various varieties that get people turned off, I wonder? (like an arugula kale?) These recipes look wonderful and I can't wait to try some. Like the kale sweet potato enchiliada. or soups. yum!! Report
I wish I liked Kale. I have given it a good try with a wide variety of preparations and have been singularly unimpressed every time. I might be able to tolerate it in a smoothie or juiced with other fruits and veggies, but since I don't own a juicer and don't make a lot of smoothies... I'm afraid it would rot in the veggie drawer :-( The recipes included here would be good with spinach or swiss chard :-) Report
Is anyone else having problems with the annoying pop up that obscure most of the page? I understand the need for sponsors, but it takes so long to get through a page I usually give up. A shame because a lot of times the content is something I'm really interested in. Report