Chef Meg's 200-Calorie Chili Cheese Dog Makeover

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According to the National Hot Dog Council Americans consume an average of 60 hot dogs per year. That's a lot of dogs--and a lot of fat and sodium!
If you are going to eat a hot dog, make some smart swaps. Switch out the white bun for a whole wheat variety, put aside the sugary ketchup for real diced tomatoes, select a leaner meat hot dog and add fiber-rich beans and corn to bulk it up.
Take a look at a traditional fast-food chili dog:
And here's my version:

Now, I did swap out chili for a bean and corn salsa, but you still get the spiciness you crave. I chose a strongly flavored sharp Cheddar so I could use less cheese but still keep some cheese on my dog.

Hot dogs are still a "sometimes" food--they're laden with sodium and preservatives. If you want to cut more sodium, skip the bun or use a homemade one.

A flavor-boosting chef's tips:
  • Roast the hot dogs in a hot oven to add flavor.
  • Toast the buns on a non-stick skillet coated in non-stick pan coating for a crisp bun that will hold all the salsa without turning soggy.

    My husband and sons loved this meal--and boy does it fill you up! I paired it with apple slices. Get the full recipe here!
What is your favorite healthy hot dog topper?
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CHERYLHURT 12/18/2020
No way! White bread, food scraps and chemicals. Report
FISHGUT3 11/15/2020
thanks Report
I rarely eat a hot dog, I looked at the recipe because the title on this article said chili cheese dog and the chili sounded good only to discover that it was just a hotdog with salsa and black beans. Not the same Report
Love the do-over!!! Report
Sounds like a perfect meal for me.Thanks . Report
We don't eat hotdogs very often, but when we do, I look for Nathan's all white meat turkey hotdogs. They've become our favorite no matter what we put on them. Report
Saurkraut, onions, and yellow mustard
Love Hebrew National
Only eat a couple a year and NO BUN unless it is Ezekiel sprouted Low Sodium bread Report
Favorite topper..... Sauerkraut... and it counts as a veggie win-win!!!! Report
Thanks for the healthier suggestions because I enjoy hotdogs occasionally, especially Nathan's! Report
My favorite healthy topping is simple grainy deli mustard--yum! Report
I'm another one of those that rarely eats hot dogs. In fact, nobody in my family of 5 eats many hot dogs - maybe 20 to 25 per year total for the 5 of us? (that is, the 4 of them, since my total is likely 0 :^) So somebody out there is eating a lot more to make up for us! Report
The wife and I love to substitute veggie dogs for hot dogs. Low fat and low calorie. Yum! Report
Hebrew National has a 40 calorie hot dog that is 97% fat free and tasty. That's what I buy. Report
I usually go for a turkey bratwurst type dog, for about 120 calories, skip the bun and slather with mustard and sauerkraut! Yum! Report
Yulk - can't stand 'em, so bad for us. Report
I don't care for hot dogs but this is a great swap for those that do. Report
Really? Average 60 a year? Damn!

I probably have fewer than 5 a year - usually just 1 or 2 a year! LOL! Report
Gotta try this Report
I seldom eat hot dogs, but when I do they are Weiners from Boarshead. Report
Yum. I love weiners.
A 200 calorie hot dog?? No Way! I am down wit dat! Report
Cool! I may need to try this for my kids.Not a big fan a hotdogs myself. Report