10 Ways to Fit Exercise In

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What's the No. 1 excuse for not working out? Lack of time. Sure, we're all busy handling multiple priorities and rushing around from here and there every day. However, I promise that no matter how busy you are, someone even busier than you are is working out right now. If you look closer, you'll discover that you do have the time to work out—and you deserve to use that time for yourself.

Squeezing in just a few minutes of physical exercise a day has huge benefits on your health, gives you energy and perks up your mood. In fact, a new study published by The Lancet found that if inactive people increased their physical activity by just 15 minutes per day, they could reduce their risk of premature death by 14% and increase their life expectancy by three years. Also, remember that "working out" doesn't have to happen in the gym or last for an hour! Short 10-minute bursts of exercise, accumulated over the course of the day, can add up to big fitness and health gains, too.

Still not convinced that you have the time to exercise? Here's how to start fitting fitness into your busy life today!


10 Practical Tips to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Life

1. Wake up earlier. Sleep is definitely important for overall health and weight-loss, but could you hit the sheets just 30 minutes earlier, so that you could get up and work out before your day starts? Working out in the morning has numerous benefits including regulating appetite, boosting energy and—perhaps the biggest benefit of all—an A.M. sweat session ensures that your workout is checked off first thing each day! Because really, how many times have you had the best intentions to exercise in the evening, only to have to work late, help your kids with a project or generally just feel too exhausted to get off the couch? With morning workouts, the time problem is solved!

2. Cut down on media. For just a few days, record how much time you spend surfing the Internet, checking personal email, watching TV and playing video games whether it's on your computer or your phone. You just might be surprised at how much time you spend on Facebook or playing Angry Birds. Just a few minutes here and there can add up to an hour or more each day. Cut out just some of that screen time and, voila, you suddenly have time to squeeze in at least 10 or 15 minutes of exercise into even the busiest day.

3. Be an active TV watcher. It's unrealistic to never watch TV or to shun the Internet forever (how would you get your SparkPoints fix?). So when you do, try to incorporate some physical activity. When watching TV, make it a point to do some jumping jacks or push-ups during commercials. Doing a little exercise during the commercial breaks can add up to almost 20 minutes of fitness for every hour of TV you watch. And instead of sitting in a chair when on the computer, try sitting on a stability ball or stack your computer up on some books so that you have a standing desk to surf from. No matter how you do it, try not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time!

Click here to find 7 more ways to fit exercise in your day!

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Do you use these tips to add fitness into your day? What other tips do you recommend?

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I do the cutting screen time. It's good for other things too (like having time to read which I enjoy far more than Facebook). Report
i wake up early to work out, and i do the standing desk thing (in fact i'm doing it now). Report
I look for ways to get in my 10,000 steps a day. So at work, I take the long way to the restroom. With drinking my 8-10 glasses of water a day I'd say I hit the restroom 4xs a day. It's 400 steps roundtrip if I walk the long way. 400 steps x 4 = 1600 steps! Also I reset my default printer at work to be the one that's farthest from my desk. That's another 300 steps per print job. Report
I like my evening shows, so I will get up during commercials and just move my behind, do some crunches, or whatever. Totals up to about 15 - 20 minutes each night. I walk in the mornings too. Report
Exercising in the morning is a great idea because it also mean that you have gotten it done no matter how the rest of your day pans out. Unfortunately I rarely do this. Report
Here's a dirty little secret: If you just do 10 minute, three times a day you get 30 minutes a day. Then You start to wanna. ANd the more you wanna, y=the more you will do it until you discover you aren't nearly as tired after work as you think and vegging out in from of CSI and NCIS reruns is really unncessary.

OK. It's not a secret and it's not dirty.

Now if they would just add in the part about sex being good exercise. But that is a secret and it is dirty. (At least that's what Sister Richard said) Report
Some of the tips I already do, the other tips I hadn't thought of. Report
I try to get up early to exercise but if that doesn't work I will exercise in the evening. Great tips Report
I get up a few minutes before everyone else to have some "wake up" time and do 3 minutes of planks (each side and regular). I try to workout daily, but sometimes just walking my kids to school is all I can do..better than nothing and I dont watch much tv. Great tips though! Report
Great Blog. I to do better working out in the morning. To many things get in the way later in the day. Report
Great Advice! Report
I should work out in the morning but i almost always am an afternoon walker and even look forward to getting out and enjoying being out in nature! Great blog!BONNIE Report
Getting up extra early works for me. If I tell myself I'll exercise when I get home - I won't because I will make excuses. Report