5 Tricks to Boost Your Workout Motivation Instantly

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We all have those days where, no matter how much we try, we just can't find the motivation to go work out. Here are our top five tips for motivating yourself to exercise even when you don't want to get moving. Watch the video, or read the tips in the video summary below.

  1. Listen to music. We love using music to get us motivated to get up and get moving, Instead of waiting until you hit the road for a run or start walking on the treadmill to tune in to your tunes, blast your fave song when you're struggling to get started with your workout. Play an upbeat song while you're getting ready to get your head in the game. Create an awesome workout playlist every couple of weeks (or whenever you need a motivation boost) and listen to it only before and during your workouts to avoid burning out on those songs. Coach Nicole does a great job of compiling the latest inspiring workout songs on our blog every few months, so check out her playlists for inspiration.
  2. Buddy up! It's easy to let yourself down, but it's harder to let other people down. Set a date to work out with a friend. Not only will you be less likely to cancel but you'll also be pumped to catch up with your friend. I'm training for a half marathon with a friend, and we always do our long weekend runs together. Not only is it the only time we're able to get together due to busy schedules, but it's also the way we get pumped to run long distances. Sometimes we have to cancel if we're sick or something comes up, but we would never call the other one and say "Yeah, I don't feel like running. I'm going to sit on my couch all day instead." No workout buddy? Post on social media or share your workouts on SparkPeople. Chances are, people will encourage you and ask questions about how your workout went. You wouldn’t want to have to tell them you stayed home for no good reason!
  3. Wear a device, such as a Spark (hold up Spark). Fitness devices like our Spark Activity Tracker help you monitor how much you're moving--and you can have little friendly competition with yourself. When I saw that I only had one light blinking on my Spark during our Hangout, I was inspired to get up and get moving. By the end of the day, I had met my goal--thanks to a run later in the afternoon!  
  4. Remember that being ABLE to work out is a gift and a blessing! Think of a time when you were unable to work out, either due to injury or a sedentary lifestyle. Then think about how good you feel when you're done. When you struggle to get up and get moving, remind yourself that you're lucky to have a body that LETS YOU move, sweat and shake! Sorry to get all heavy on you, but sometimes giving yourself a little guilt trip is what works.
  5. Get dressed! Sometimes getting dressed is half the battle. If you work out in the morning, sleep in your exercise clothes. If you work out in the evening and feel like skipping the gym, start by getting dressed. Once you lace up your shoes and change into your spandex, you'll feel silly if you don't follow through.
We also shared some great tips from our members, which you can read in this blog post.

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I love the idea of the Spark Activity Tracker, unfortunately $60 is way too much for me to pay to get such a tiny device, no matter how effective and awesome it is. I guess I'll have to keep doing my tracking the old fashioned way until they make something cheaper. =\ Report
Number 4 is a big one for me. I've watched my Mother at the nursing home slowly lose more and more of her mobility. She was in awful shape from a sedentary lifestyle when she went into the nursing home. My ex who is only 51 years old uses a walker or wheelchair because of cancer that has caused other issues. He was a football and basketball jock in college! Watching them and what they are dealing with definitely makes me want to get in better shape and take advantage of being ABLE to move. Thank you for that reminder! Report