10 Plus-Size Leggings for Women Who Love Their Curves

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These days, it's hard to go to the produce aisle, much less the park without running into at least a few people sporting chic black leggings. Once relegated to workout days only, the black legging is here to stay. Luckily, the legging look isn't only for the lithe, long, limber yogi. Black leggings are available in every size, shape and silhouette, and are a great wardrobe addition for any woman, even those with curves.
Whether you're in the market for a high waist, a little flair or a monochromatic dream, finding the perfect legging that is both comfortable and functional is a must for any fit lifestyle. If you're the type that loves black but also loves to mix up your look with a peek of color, too, Amazon has your back — and your booty — covered with these 10 plus-size winners.
1. Matty M Ladies' Legging (starting at $21.68)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.
With a 4.5-star rating, 11 color choices and a budget-friendly price point, no one would blame you for stocking up on this ankle-length style by Matty M. With reviews like "perfect!", "the best leggings", "my favorite leggings of all time" and "five stars," we think you'll agree these leggings will stand up to any leg work you can throw at them. 
2. Aidoo High-Waist, Full-Length Compression Leggings ($19.99)

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These form-fitting, high-waisted leggings are made of a thicker, stretchy cotton-blend material that will move through your every sun salutation without revealing too much. The higher waist means these leggings also slim to give you a flatter tummy, while keeping you comfortable enough that you'll want to wear them from day to night, and gym to grocery. 
3. Leggings Depot Ultra Soft Leggings ($12.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.
If you are looking for soft, cozy and comfy leggings, look no further. One five-star reviewer declared, "I liked them so much I went online the day they arrived and ordered two more pairs in different patterns." Plus, superior stretch allows one size to fit anyone who wears a XL-XXL comfortably.
4. Torrid Black Lace Mid-Calf Leggings (starting at $20.90)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.
Even though many leggings are perfectly fine for going from day to night, these really kick up the dressy factor a notch. Made of 100 percent cotton, this pair is better suited for comfort rather than sweat. However, paired with a long sweater or tunic, these lacey crop leggings make a night out on the town classy and comfortable.
5. ShoSho Plus-Size Yoga Ombre Leggings (starting at $14.95)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.
If you're looking for something black with a little twist, these ShoSho ombre leggings are it. With a gradual coloring of black at the top to grey starting at the knee, the four-way stretch, wicking material and flat seams ensure your ability to flow from one pose to the next without feeling constricted, sweaty or chafed.
6. Danskin Now Relaxed Fit Workout Pant ($19.99)

 Photo courtesy of Amazon.
If you love the legging look but feel more comfortable with a relaxed fit, these black workout pants from Danskin are perfect. Stash your keys and phone in the pockets and take a walk to the park, store or around the block. You'll love the dri-more wicking material that keeps you comfortable and cool, even on warmer spring and fall days.
7. HDE Color Block Fold Over Yoga Pants (starting at $9.99)

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Wear this pair of pants once and you'll find yourself seriously considering living in them. Made of a lightweight, stretch knit fabric for supreme movement, these are the ultimate pair for working out at home.
8. Jockey Slim Capri Flare Pant (starting at $16.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Form-fitting with a slight flare just below the knee, these capris by Jockey have a wide waistband and a comfort fit that is both flattering and comfortable. You'll find these versatile pants are just as appropriate for a spring walk to the park as they are for a more intense Zumba class. 

9. Calvin Klein Performance Women's Plus-Size Stretch Woven Capri (starting at $40.99)

 Photo courtesy of Amazon.
For a casual pair of slip-on, immediately comfy, warmer-weather workout pants, you can't beat these from Calvin Klein. Many reviewers commented on the pant's lightweight material and how great they are for hotter, humid environments and traveling.
10. Zerdocean Modal Plus Size Breathable Mid-Thigh Shorts ($19.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.
When you simply want to wear a pair of shorts, be comfortable and not worry about chafing, try these soft, breathable, mid-thigh shorts with a one-inch elastic waistband for tummy control and comfort. Already own enough black? These popular shorts come in five other colors.
What is your favorite brand of plus-size leggings? Tell us in the comments!
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Another great one! Thank you! Report
Nice Plus-Size Leggings, My wife always like this size as she is more comfortable in it. She loves to maintain her figure & recently joined the gym. So she wants to buy the clothes for it. We recently visited some online store & found Gforce2 has the better collection at an affordable price so, she ordered two products from them. I think your collections will also help her. Report
Wow.. nice bottoms
I like this one - 5. ShoSho Plus-Size Yoga Ombre Leggings. (starting at $14.95)
because i have a vast collection of Workout Clothes from www.bombshellsportswear.com
How come athletic shorts/leggings do not have enough pocket room to hold your phone/keys/wallet? Would you buy a pair of athletic leggings/shorts that had larger pockets and a zipper to prevent your items in the pockets from falling out? The pockets won't be dangling but will be pretty close to your body so that working out with those items in your pockets won't be cumbersome. Give me your opinions on this! Report
Sadly NOT of them go up to my size. Although I'm not ready to show all my curves in leggings ... it would be nice to have them LARGER to work out in. I guess they think people my size don't work out. At almost 400 pounds, I'm getting in 5000-10,000 steps a day and I've lost 100 lbs -still can't find clothes to work out in. Report
Vera Wang - they fit like seal skin Report
Great. Report
I love my LulaRoe tall & curvy leggings...the prints are fantastic & quite individual..but I have to admit @ 100 #'s to go to goal, I have not dared to wear them out in public yet!! But so comfy relaxing @ home! Report
I'm new to leggings but just bought 2 pair from JC Penneys that were on sale. one was short and has pockets which I like by Ana and the others are by Foundry. Report
The Calvin Klein one are $79 on amazon Report
LuLaRoe Tall &a Curvy leggings are amazing. They come in all different unique prints and solids. They are super soft and made with back brushing technology. They cost $25 but it's totally worth it to feel amazing. Report
I must be the only 5 foot plus size in the country. I buy compression, high waist full length leggings in size L but I always have a huge amount of bagging at the ankles because they don't make this size for shorter women. Very sad for me. Report
earn 65 weight good
www.parsu.ir Report
After reading this blog and checking the materials on most of these listed, I cant see how most of them can be called compression when they are made with cotton or cotton like material. To me, compression is spandex, a little bit tight without being too tight. Compress- by definition is to hold, squeeze. Not loose comfortable fitting that gives no support. I would pass on about 8 out of 10 of these listed. Report
My personal opinion, is that lace has no place in leggings. JMO. I had a go to pair of compression shorts, champion long length plus size compression shorts. Of course, I bought two pairs, and decided to order more, and they had stopped making them!!! I searched far and wide, even went so far as to write to Champion and ask why they had taken this item off their production, never got an answer. I checked the replacements on JMS website and they were made with a different waistband. No real elastic, and much lower, not to come up high over the BELLY.....for those of us who have a belly and need compression. I buy Danskin plus size compression leggings at Walmart, but of course, for my size, 18w, I can really only find them in solid black. The cute ones in pinks and prints arent really made for compression, more for cuteness. I need support!! Report
My favorite is Danskin I were them for work, I work at Western State hospital in Staunton as a PNA. It is a very active job. Report
Grrrrl Army has some great leggings for all sizes/shapes and they are high waisted to ensure no booty cleavage when moving around. www.grrrl.com Report
I like the feel and fit of Danskin. Report
I wear Old Navy and Lululemon mostly. Report
Nice, but only a couple of them had plus sized models, so how do I know what they really look like. Report
I would love to wear them but worry about looking like I am an overstuffed sausage Report
Nice that there are so many different nice clothes for EVERY size and shape. Report
I recently bought H&M plus size leggings for $12.99 and they are wonderful! Report
thanks Report
I'll have to try some. Most of mine have holes :( Report
Thanks for sharing Report
ordering me some Report
Going to have to check some of these out! Report
Good ideas! Report
Sam's club has a similar Calvin Klein for only $14.99. Report
I can't recommend Rainbeau Curves (https:// www.rainbeau.com /) enough! I got a pair each of capri leggings & shorts for Christmas and would live in them if I could! They were priced way lower than they deserve ( under $20). The leggings are capris with cute cut-outs on the calves, a built-in gusset so you can choose not to wear underwear & a hidden pocket on the inside of the waistband that fit my keys, ID & headphones. Report
Great! Must try some of the leggings out! Report
Thanks for the info Report
Interesting Report
A little disappointed that Spark chose this image to accompany the article. That woman is strong, beautiful, and probably around a size M which is well below the average size in the US. This only further promotes that any woman who isn't a size 2 is "plus size". I'm happy you published the content of this article, but please be cognizant of images and the messages they also send. Report
interesting Report
Interesting find! Report
LuLaRoe... love them! Report
I like the sho sho's and the relax fit depending on the exercise I am doing that day. Report
Just got my first pair of LuLaRoe TC and they are ultra soft, very comfortable, and the first leggings I can wear for any length of time. I worked out, then slipped into my office chair to work in. Report
I love Fabletics, and they recently extended their sizing! Yay for all sizes! I'm also a big fan of LuLaRoe. Report
Thanks, SP! :D

I have a nice pair of black leggings that I got from Aldi, of all places. I'm not comfortable enough going outside in just leggings, so I'm SUPER happy about the Danskin and Calvin Klein options in this article!! Report
I no longer wear plus size (thanks to SP!) But I think it's fantastic that you posted this, obviously SP listened to members complaining about a previous post where there were no plus sizes listed. EVERYBODY can exercise and that recognition is appreciated. Report
I don't understand how the woman in the Blog photo is considered Plus Size???? Report