10 New Uses for Leftovers

By , SparkPeople Blogger
With the amount of time, effort, and cash that is going into putting a meal on the table, it's a shame to let any leftovers go to waste. While you might not want to eat the same meal two days in a row, you can easily turn any extra servings into something entirely different--with very little work.

Orange Miso Grilled Salmon
You might not be able to decide which way you like this recipe the best: cold or hot. Shred chilled salmon and place atop salad greens, along with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and orange slices.

Chili Con Carne
Add extra beans then spoon onto a whole wheat or corn tortilla. Top with cheese and second tortilla.  Warm in a 350 degree oven until cheese melts.  Or go one step further and turn into a Mexican lasagna, layering the chili between whole wheat lasagna noodles and spicy pepper jack cheese.  Cook (covered) in a 350 degree oven until the cheese melts.
Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Olive Tapenade and Feta
This recipe has pizza night written all over it.  Chop any leftovers and spoon onto your favorite whole wheat pizza dough topped with a tomato based sauce.  There is so much flavor in the dish all you may need is a drizzle of olive oil on top before it goes into a hot 400 degree oven.

Golden Beet and Farro Salad
Enjoy for lunch the next day wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  Add thin sliced turkey breast or any lean cooked meat, such as pork tenderloin or chicken.  Add one tablespoon of dried cherries for sweetness. If you need a sauce, spike two tablespoons of fat-free Greek yogurt with curry powder to taste.

Slow Cooker Meat Loaf
Chop up any leftovers to add to a quick (or jarred) tomato sauce for a hearty tomato Bolognese. Go one step further and add a package (10 ounces) of baby spinach to "green" up the sauce. Pour over cooked whole wheat pasta or grilled chicken.

Roasted Onions and Walnuts
Chop up any leftovers and use as a yummy topper for grilled pork chops, chicken, or hamburgers. Serve with mashed potatoes.

Veggie Packed Tomato Sauce
Add vegetable stock and turn into a quick vegetable soup.  Go creamy and finish the soup with a dollop of fat-free Greek yogurt.

Garlic Herb Potato Packs
Reheat the next morning and top with an egg and salsa for a filling and tasty start to your day.

Roasted Vegetable Soup
Pour any leftover soup over chicken breasts and pop into a 350 degree oven or into your slow cooker for a next day dinner.

Vegetarian Vindaloo
Add cubed lean beef and stock then simmer for a hearty stew or puree any leftovers and use in soups and stews as a thickening agent and flavor enhancer.
What is your favorite recipe to repurpose into a tasty and simple second-night meal?