10 Fitness Items You Can Get for Less Than $10 on Amazon

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When you think about working out, do you imagine yourself having to shell out hundreds of dollars a year on a gym membership or buying expensive equipment that you'll probably never use? While there certainly are benefits to belonging to a gym, or in owning home gym equipment, none of those things is necessary to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are plenty of items you can purchase for the price of a burger and fries that will last a lot longer and serve your health goals a heck of a lot better.

From light weights that travel well to a mini exercise ball that helps you target those tiny muscles, items that help you stay in shape can be just a 10 spot (or less) away.

Tribe Single Resistance Band (starting at $6.98):

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With various resistance levels available, these bands allow you to pick the one that's best for your level of training. The bands consist of rubber tubes with a handle on each end and a door anchor so you can switch up the position of the tube for a variety of exercises—biceps curls, chest presses, squats, leg extensions, you name it. Your purchase of Tribe bands also comes with a free ebook that demonstrates a variety of resistance exercises you can do with your band.

ACCTREND Jump Rope ($9.99)

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The jump rope is one piece of equipment everyone should have at home for a serious workout. It's easy to use for any level and can burn more calories than running alone, plus you can take it with you wherever you go. Jumping rope can also increase your leg and core strength while helping you increase your cardiovascular endurance. This jump rope comes with an adjustable cord that you can cut to fit your height exactly, and the lightweight handles help you easily control your speed.

Wacces Yoga Straps ($9.95)

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Stretch before or after a workout with these multipurpose straps. Using straps to stretch increases your range of motion and the 10 fixed loops on these 78 inch-long straps can help you get deeper into a stretch as you progress toward your goals. The straps are made out of a durable cotton blend material that won't wear out and are wide enough to allow for adequate circulation during every stretch.

ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball ($9.95)

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Work on your core strength, flexibility and balance with this mini exercise ball. Using the mini ball in your workouts creates an unstable surface that forces you to engage your core to keep your balance, which will in turn improve your body alignment. With 4.4 stars and 690 reviews, you can be sure that this ball will be a trusty workout partner.

ProSource Ankle and Wrist Weights (starting at $9.99)

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Strap these one-pound weights to your wrists or ankles for added resistance when walking, running or during any fitness routine where you want to increase your stamina, strength and cardio capacity. The neoprene weights fit comfortably around your wrists and ankles with an adjustable velcro strap.

Yes4All High-Density Foam Roller (starting at $8.62)

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Foam rollers are having a moment. Great for massaging tired muscles and helping you recover from injury, it seems foam rollers are popping up in gyms around the country for athletes looking for smarter recovery strategies. While they are commonly used for myofascial release, they are also a great piece of inexpensive exercise equipment that can help you work your muscles in a challenging way. Foam rolling can also help to decrease risk of injury, reduce pain and stiffness, and improve your range of motion.

Elite Sportz Core Sliders ($10)

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Use these double-sided sliders for a great core (or arm or leg) workout on most any surface. Simply place your hands or feet on the sliders during exercise for a high-impact workout that engages your core in nearly any position. These sliders are lightweight and packable so you'll be able to get in a good workout wherever your heart desires.

Gen-X Ab Wheel Roller ($9.99)

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For a simple exercise with the ab wheel, start in a kneeling position with your hands on the handles and the ab wheel on the floor in front of you. Use your core to "row" the ab wheel away from you and then back in toward you, keeping your abs engaged and your back straight. Try for five to 10 reps to start and you'll feel the burn almost instantly. Six-pack abs, here you come!

Sportneer Pushup Handle Grips ($9.99)

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Work your arms, chest, core and shoulders with these pushup handles. Holding on to the non-slip handles instead of placing your hands on the floor intensifies the classic exercise, engaging more core muscles with every rep. The light and portable handles reduce the pressure and strain on your wrists that you might typically feel when performing a pushup by distributing your bodyweight more evenly.

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells (starting at $8.49)

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You can sculpt and strengthen your muscles just about anywhere with these lightweight and inexpensive dumbbells. They are covered in a soft neoprene material to keep your hands from slipping and designed with hexagonal ends to keep them from rolling away from you. They are also backed by a one-year warranty.

What inexpensive exercise equipment do you love?

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