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Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!


Because of their thought processes, optimists have much brighter futures. A bad circumstance or event is taken in stride, viewed as a temporary setback—not a permanent way of life. Even if something bad happens today, a positive thinker believes that good things will come again in the future.

Optimists tend to share several other positive characteristics that increase overall happiness and promote health, while reducing depression and chronic stress:
  • They think about, reflect on, and emphasize the good things in life.
  • They are grateful and thankful for all their blessings.
  • They don’t complain when something bad happens.
  • They feel that nothing can hold them back from achieving success and reaching their goals.
  • They believe in abundance.
  • They are confident that the world offers plenty of opportunities for everyone to succeed.
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Luckily, you can change your thinking patterns over time. Even a pessimist can become an optimist with enough practice! All you need to do is to reframe how you define events. Instead of dwelling on the bad experience, analyze it to figure out what good can come of it. Even if a project at work is deemed a failure, think about what you learned during the process. What strengths did you discover within yourself, and when can you use those talents again?

Instead of blaming yourself for the failure, think about the outside influences that may have affected your project. Maybe you were delayed by outside vendors, so you couldn’t meet a deadline; or management decided to go in another direction, making your project redundant. Virtually any failure can be turned into a learning experience, which increases your potential for success in the future.

Optimism is a skill of emotional intelligence, which translates to a better career and greater success in life. Life is too short to be miserable, so start turning your thinking around! Positive thoughts, an optimistic outlook, and overall happiness can advance your prospects for work, relationships and other life experiences.
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Member Comments

    Optimism is actually a good thing because through this attitude, we can improve the quality of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

    www.theoptimist - 8/15/2015 2:41:58 PM
    Optimism is actually a good things because through this attitude, we can improve the quality of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

    www.theoptimist - 8/15/2015 2:21:08 PM
  • I am an optimist by nature, however, when you have others around you constantly telling you the bad stuff (at work) is your fault there are no steps that you can take to always feel 'up'. I recently had to give up a leadership role I was very good at because the boss I reported to wouldn't back me up with unruly team members. He told me I was negative and needed to let it go, that I should find the positive and just let them do whatever. This was after being yelled at my one of them. - 7/26/2015 6:40:44 PM
  • KIM31555
    I find when I am 'blue,' I find a song to hum or sing. Mostly I choose from Disney songs to religious hymns. When I have a negative thought come into my mind, I start to sing, and sometimes out loud. After a small while, I start to feel better about myself. Also, being a 'guy' it's easy to see a pretty woman walking outside. I have trained myself to look the opposite direction and by not seeing helps my thinking (i.e. hide the baby's rattle and the baby forgets about it). - 7/5/2015 5:33:11 PM
    This article is fine, but certainly not for those with depression. - 7/1/2015 2:02:35 PM
    In my opinion optimism is associated with a lot of positive feelings and thoughts and comes from all different directions. Optimism could make you healthier because when happy or excited your body is relaxed and feels good. I found good information about the benefits it brings optimism health in this article http://inspower.c
    mism-on-life/ - 6/17/2015 1:11:50 AM
  • Being an optimist is not something that you can turn on and off like a switch. I am a "Cockeyed Optimist" but I also understand depression. I am normally a very "up" person but I went through a period of illness where I just couldn't cope and needed help! Yes, sometimes you can improve your mood but actual depression is something else! - 4/2/2015 9:44:04 AM
  • Lots of good points about the how and why of optimism. It is particularly important for me when "something bad happens." I have discovered that that is the time when I need to sit back and stop taking control, take time to look around my life, take time to listen, even to ask, "What do You want me to KNOW today? Usually, when one door seemed to close unexpectedly, another opened in a new surprising place. And my needs have always been met during those low times whether it was being able to pay the bills, or get unasked help finding my car from 7 different people in Walmart parking lot after spending 3 hours in chemotherapy. Don't know where they came from, but I couldn't take another step, couldn't find the car. They came from all different directions, went in all different directions and found what I needed. Yes, my car, but also the knowledge that helpful, caring people are all around me, and YOU. - 4/2/2015 8:45:29 AM
  • This article is not great, and really shouldn't be in the depression area. You don't get depression from "negative thoughts," and no amount of telling me "not to complain when things go bad" is going to make me feel any better. Besides, there's a positive side to negativity: it keeps you grounded. - 3/16/2015 9:31:27 AM
  • Some of us keep an optimistic attitude to overcome those massive roadblocks that life deals us. I keep positive so that the negative does not overcome me. That doesn't mean I have not had negative moments in my life, I have, but I only let them overwhelm me until I have a chance to take a step back and breathe. My coping mechanism is massive freak out and shutdown. Evaluation of the situation and then to look at the obstacle as a challenge to be overcome, or worked around. I have to keep that positive outlook close by, otherwise some of those roadblocks in life would have paralyzed me and I would have given up. I suppose that is true for most people, but to act like optimists do not see reality is ridiculous. I know the World is not fair. I know that life can be overwhelming, I just choose to not let it defeat me. That does not mean I always overcome obstacles, it means I learn either how to live with them or detour around them. Having a positive attitude has been my greatest defense. - 2/16/2015 3:20:04 PM
  • This is simplistic yet helpful in general. However, it also sounds like when things go wrong find some reason why so that I don't have to be accountable for my actions. This is a problem in society. There should be a balance. Sometimes when things go wrong it IS due to something that was in our control. - 2/10/2015 8:34:02 AM
  • I'm not depressed because I don't "see the silver lining". I am depressed because bad things happen, and I can do nothing to stop them, or fix them. - 2/9/2015 7:56:08 AM
    The New year brings new resolutions can we live up to these expectations we have to encourage our self doubts move the barriers if we want to meet our expectations not every body holds you by the hand to be optimistic we are following positive momentum key to lifes endeavours.

    Yours David - 1/1/2015 6:27:20 AM
  • Depression and negativity runs in the family. It's not always easy but I don't want to live like that. I'm glad my dad was the example of tolerance, acceptance, hope, and kindness that I could make comparisons from. I also look back to my childhood when I volunteered to help out in the disability class. I was given the most challenging case of a quadrapulegic. It instilled in my a deep sense of respect for differences and patience.

    Optimism is the tendency to believe, expect or hope that things will turn out well. Well it's been 14 years with my disabled partner and I'm still hoping that my life, his life, our lives and health can be improved. Maybe it's insanity but I would like to believe it is generousity and care. - 10/13/2014 12:44:37 AM
  • Turning the 'Negative Chatterbox' is difficult for me sometimes, but it's something I can learn. Being pessimistic is useless, it eats energy out and it doesn't help preventing the negative in life. - 9/8/2014 5:55:24 AM

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