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That headline, “What I Love about My Body Now,” implies that I ever loved my body in the first place.  No, I never did.  I hated and loathed ever part of it, except my face and hair, and even those had their moments.  I can’t say that before SparkPeople I ever did love my body.  Now, I’m wowed by parts of it, blown away with what it can do, and amazed at its ability to heal.
Let’s start with healing.  This very week, I got off of insulin shots!  I was taking two types plus 3 oral medications.  BIG!  I remember the doctors telling me that weight loss surgery was the only way for me to get off of insulin and heal.  I’ve stopped taking my blood pressure medication and my cholesterol is good, as well.  That is proof positive to me that, although I still have chronic pain issues from herniated discs, pinched nerve bundles, fibromyalgia, bad knees, and degenerative disease, I CAN improve something.  Around my 200-pound weight loss mark, my doctors plan to help me with some of my pain issues surgically.
What am I wowed by?  I am wowed at every muscle I see emerge.  One of these days I’ll take some muscle shots for my gallery.  I have more defined biceps, calves and hamstrings.  My hands look so much smaller--I look so much smaller. I catch myself looking in the mirror more, but sadly I do not see the person I see in pictures.  I keep my camera handy because the mirror plays tricks on my eyes, with the old me staring back. The camera somehow picks up on the new me.
I treat my body to manicures, new lipsticks, pedicures, and bubble baths frequently now.  I also treat it to clothes I LIKE.  I’m no longer stuck wearing things from special order catalogs, nor from specialty plus shops.  I bought a winter coat in red the other day.  I chose red because it makes me happy and feel vibrant.
I don’t short-change my body when it comes to workouts either.  My body and I need that time to heal, be "wow"-worthy, stay mobile, and do amazing feats I never thought possible.  Last month I did a 5K with my walker.  Yes, that blew me away!  I’ve done yoga in public and am now capable of more than a warrior and a tree pose.  I like to swim and do recumbent (seated).  I use an arm bike, a trampoline, a ball, weights, bands, and a yoga strap at home.  Most of these pieces of equipment do not require that you be on your feet and are great for people who are mobility challenged.
What do you love about your body now?

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  • 104
    Awesome! - 12/30/2017   9:28:34 AM
  • 103
    Now that I can actually see them again, I like my cheekbones and love my waist. - 10/30/2017   9:43:01 AM
  • 102
  • 101
    so inspirational !!! - 9/1/2017   3:42:17 PM
  • 100
    Awesome! - 8/23/2017   12:21:55 AM
  • 99
    Awesome! - 8/23/2017   12:21:55 AM
  • 98
    Absolutely fantastic, way to go! Such dedication really big well done and I agree with every word in this 'your' blog! 10 years ago I couldn't piece together a sentence, I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair and I couldn't even stand alone. You're amazing truly! - 6/27/2017   3:43:03 PM
  • 97
    Great motivating story. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much, and congrats to you! - 1/2/2016   2:07:21 PM
  • 96
    Love, love, love this article!!! Such a positive attitude!!! And I read every word carefully! Thanks, Beth! - 1/23/2012   7:00:31 AM
  • 95
    I love my legs. They keep me moving! I also like how my back is shaping up! I also am so very proud of you Beth! You never ever stop! If there is anyhing that anyone can gean from you is that! Never ever give up! No matter what! Keep up the good work Beth! I know that surgery can't come soon enough for you. Fortunately for me I didn't have your diabetes issue so was able to have my right knee replaced before I began my lifestyle changes. (((HUGS))) - 1/19/2012   10:58:46 AM
  • 94
    Beth...congratulations! What amazing accomplishments you have made, especially with all the health issues you face. You are incredible!! What an inspiration to everyone who feels daunted by their challenges...thank you for sharing what you've been through and how far you have come. There are even more good things in store.... - 1/13/2012   1:17:55 PM
    Wow - congratulations on all those measureable improvements, especially getting off the meds. - 1/10/2012   10:17:58 AM
  • 92
    I love that I can walk for miles and breath without taking medication. I love that I can go to the fitness center and do most all of the machines and strength train and sweat like mad. I love buying clothes that are stylish and I just feel wonderful.
    All of your blogs are wonderful and truly inspiration. Thank You! - 12/29/2011   8:18:54 PM
  • 91
    OMG Beth!!!!! You are AWESOME! Truly AWESOME!! You're an Inspiration. Your blogs are an Inspiration. Thank You. - 12/29/2011   4:16:14 PM
  • 90
    Beth, I have been making excuses because of my injured knee and mobility issues. I am inspired and encouraged by your post today. Thank you. - 12/28/2011   5:27:36 PM
  • 89
    You are awesome congratulations on your success. it is great to see such joy and happiness in your eyes.. they say alot about you. - 12/28/2011   2:45:42 PM
  • 88
    I love that I can walk everywhere and no longer need a handicapped hang tag for the truck! - 12/27/2011   9:23:24 PM
    Great job, congrats!!! - 12/27/2011   5:52:31 PM
  • 86
    This is such an inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing! - 12/27/2011   4:41:28 PM
  • 85
    I applaude you! Great blog too. Such an inspiration, thanks! - 12/27/2011   3:32:05 PM
    Beth, you have done so well and I feel I have too. But mine is not so much in weight loss but in MOTION. When I joined Sparks (60 pounds ago!) I was in a chair and depressed and etc. Not only did I lose the weight but I gradually improved my health to my current goal of getting rid of the wheelchair FOREVER by my 49th b-day in early April. I was in it for a total of 13 years. I love that my balance is better; that I am stronger and healthier. Because I am on medication, my hair won't grow healthily. Evidently Spark changed that too! lol. I wash my hair with eggs (instead of eating em!) and yesterday we saw NEW GROWTH! Woo Hooo! HUGS girl and I'm looking forward to Chicago! Laurie - 12/27/2011   10:10:11 AM
  • 83
    Beth, thanks for being my ongoing inspiration and challenger! - 12/26/2011   5:58:28 PM
  • 82
    Lady, you blow me away!!! But mostly, this is silly, but I wish I had you for an exercise buddy....friend.

    Thank you! - 12/26/2011   1:11:55 PM
    You are an inspiration. It just shows a person can start taking steps towards their goal no matter the difficulty. Power and prayers to you. Keep it up. - 12/26/2011   12:26:14 PM
  • 80
    Congratulations to you! At the moment, I don't love a lot about my body. I had a knee replacement in November, and my body seems slacker than ever. I did lose about 11 pounds, which is awesome, but I really, and I mean really need to tone up. Looking forward to 2012. - 12/26/2011   12:24:27 PM
    I am in tears reading this...I am just so happy for you. It's like you have a new leash on life and that is so very wonderful Sweetie! - 12/26/2011   9:50:51 AM
  • 78
    You are an amazing and beautiful and inspiring person. I too am mobility challenged and too often use it as an excuse to not exercise. My glucose levels have been rising and I need to control it through diet and exercise. Thank you for sharing your journey. - 12/26/2011   9:38:15 AM
  • 77
    amazing how the body changes so nicely when we lose weight!!! - 12/25/2011   10:50:31 PM
  • LINDA1127
    Thank you so much for your blog; it's just what I needed today. Merry Christmas!
    - 12/25/2011   10:33:44 PM
  • 75
    Beth you are simply amazing and I am so happy for you! I am loving how my body is looking leaner and how good I feel. - 12/25/2011   2:46:44 PM
  • 74
    I am amazed, that after 28 surgeries, a lifetime of severe RA, that I can still not only move, but do high impact cardio and hike for five miles over rough terrain and not feel tired. I have had my first hip replacement and am not sure what kind of activity they are going to allow me to do now, but you can be sure I will take it to the limit whatever is allowed. I love that my body never gives up and allows me to push it to its limits with little or no complaint in spite of all the ravages of my disease :) It feels great to be in shape and not out of breath!
    Keep on going Beth, when you qualify for those surgeries, you too, will be able to do even more! Before I ever got my very first joint replacement my surgeon said to lose the weight first, and was that ever motivating!! I did, but the weight loss company went out of business before I was given a maintenance program, so I gradually gained it all back over many years. Thanks to Sparks, in February, it will be two years of happy maintaining! - 12/25/2011   12:43:57 PM
  • 73
    Hooray for so much healthy progress!
    Thanks for sharing this uplifting story - 12/25/2011   12:28:30 PM
  • 72
    You are so amazing. I am so proud and honored to have you as a SparkFriend, and love your posts, they are so inspirational. - 12/25/2011   10:38:54 AM
    truly inspiring, thank you for sharing! happy holidays... - 12/25/2011   10:34:02 AM
    Thank you for your wonderful story and for all the encouragement you give by just posting your successes. You Rock! - 12/25/2011   10:27:43 AM
  • 69
    Beth, Way to go. I am so happy that you are truly learning to love yourself. You are inspirational. Keep up the great work. I wish you all the success. - 12/25/2011   9:45:02 AM
  • 68
    You are amazing!!! Congratulations and best wishes on your continued success! - 12/25/2011   8:17:13 AM
  • 67
    What a success story you are! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! - 12/25/2011   2:40:07 AM
  • 66
    Awesome Beth!!! I love my body too! It works so much better when I take care of it! Now my life is better and so much more fun! - 12/25/2011   2:00:58 AM
  • 65
    You are awesome; your progress is marvelous and you are an inspiration to everyone who ever wondered if they could be proud again! Keep up the great work - though, obviously, we all know you will! - 12/25/2011   12:28:38 AM
  • 64
    i love seeing my muscles pop! - 12/24/2011   11:56:47 PM
  • 63
    Dear Beth, Thank you!! I love your blog and appreciate your tenacity and success. - 12/24/2011   10:00:10 PM
  • 62
    em>244 /em> em>243 /em> em>345 /em> em>242 /em> em>250 /em>

    WOW ! Your successes so far are em>345 /em>.

    You are TRUELY an Inspiration.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kawaaza, Happy Everything.

    em>247 /em> em>220 /em>

    - 12/24/2011   9:59:20 PM
  • 61
    What a great gift you have given yourself Beth! YOU rock! - 12/24/2011   8:39:34 PM
    Thank YOU so much for Sharing!! - 12/24/2011   8:37:26 PM
  • 59
    This is really impressive to me. It gives me hope that maybe I can get off 2 types of insulin a day, too. I'm gonna give it the old try. Thanks. Very inspiring! Thank you. - 12/24/2011   7:04:36 PM
  • 58
    Thanks for your story Beth. You're always such an inspiration.

    Right now, I love that I'm still in much better shape now, even though I'm still trying to get a chronic, rare disease under control, than I was five years ago when I was an overweight smoker.

    The disease has also caused some changes in my physical appearance that I'm uncomfortable with. Also, because it gives me arthritis, I haven't been able to run like I have been used to. So while I'm not as enthralled with my calves as I used to be, I do think I have nice shoulders. And I like that there is some definition in my abs. - 12/24/2011   3:16:16 PM
  • 57
    yea 4 u......I wish my sister would get to where you are. She has some of the health issues as you. But she uses her health issues as an excuse not to try. I do like my body more now than ever. I love seeing my muscles too. I did a 10k the other day on my treadmill and I was so stoked when I was done. My personal goal is to do a 1/2 marathon on it. Keep up your amazing work........U can do this.....! - 12/24/2011   1:42:17 PM
    I love your story. What an inspiration. I practice yoga and do step aerobics and my job keeps me active. I have been on a 5 year journey. I began practicing yoga about 2 years ago. I will be 50 in 2 months and feel better than when I was 40. I was recently at a party and saw some friends that haven't seen me in a while. It felt good when I was told how great I looked. I also give myself positive daily affirmations. Keep going and don't give up. - 12/24/2011   12:36:28 PM
  • 55
    You are exactly what I needed today. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts about a beautiful you. My Christmas wish for myself is that my mind will become as healthy as yours. Congratulations on amazing progress! - 12/24/2011   12:17:49 PM

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