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15 Recipes That Use Greek Yogurt

Protein-Packed Dishes for All Occasions

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Greek yogurt is a staple for most healthy eaters--and for good reason. Even the fat-free varieties are thick and tangy with a luxurious texture. The yogurt also has twice the protein as regular yogurt. Beyond eating it plain or with granola and berries, Greek yogurt is a versatile ingredient in recipes sweet and savory. From appetizers and salads to entrees and on through to dessert, you could build an entire meal around this creamy, rich ingredient.

Here are 15 of our most popular recipes that feature Greek yogurt.
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1. Chicken-Veggie Quesadillas with Ranch Yogurt Sauce: Creamy ranch yogurt sauce tempers the heat in these cheesy chicken quesadillas.

2. Creamy Parmesan Mashed Potatoes with Greek Yogurt: These mashed potatoes pair Greek yogurt with light cream cheese and chicken broth for a flavorful side without a bit of butter.

3. Feta, Chives and Yogurt Dip: This dip has just three ingredients, but it's packed with flavor. It's so thick and lavish that it's more of a spread than a dip.

4. Greek Yogurt Chicken: Yogurt might seem like an unlikely ingredient for a marinade, but it's actually quite a brilliant one. The acid in the yogurt helps tenderize the chicken, and the thick texture helps all the good stuff adhere to the chicken while locking in moisture.

5. Homemade Greek Yogurt Salad Dressing: This five-ingredient dressing can be customized to suit your tastes. Though we use cilantro, you can swap in any herb that's in season. Try basil in summer, parsley in spring, and rosemary or thyme in cooler months.

6. Layered Greek Dip: Consider this dip to be a Greek appetizer platter in scoopable form. Thick, creamy yogurt mixed with cucumbers and lemon juice is one of many delectable layers in this impressive yet easy dish.

7. Layered Mexican Dip with Baked Lime Chips: The traditional Tex-Mex favorite gets lightened up, thanks in part to a generous layer of Greek yogurt spiced up with lime zest and taco seasoning.

8. Middle Eastern Spinach Lentils with Yogurt: A hearty bowl of spiced lentils with spinach becomes something special thanks to the herbed yogurt on top.

9. Oatmeal-Greek Yogurt Pancakes: Gluten-free and full of protein, these pancakes are guilt-free and easy enough for weekday mornings. The yogurt helps thicken and tenderize the batter.

10. Ranch (Greek Yogurt) Salad Dressing: Ranch dressing is a guilty pleasure that's despicably delicious on just about everything, but thanks to this recipe it's slightly more virtuous. Dribble it on salads, dip veggies into it, or dunk your pizza crusts--this dressing is light enough that pizza with ranch dressing is no longer a dirty little secret!
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  • Unfortunately I have a genetic condition where my ability to break down histamines is impaired. Therefore, I have to avoid fermented foods including yogurt. :( - 2/13/2016 9:58:22 AM
  • I do a Greek yogurt marinade with sunflower oil, lemon juice, black pepper, oregano, salt and garlic powder. I also add a 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt to my cornbread mix and it makes my cornbread moist! - 1/4/2016 8:32:15 AM
    I love your ideas, For me, these Greek yoghurt Recipes are amazing because people who like fruits can add them and those who likes nuts can also enjoy. see more ideas on http://thefitness
    lan-a-healthy-breakfast/ - 12/24/2015 4:25:59 AM
    Use regular yogurt, it will be ok. My husband hates Greek yogurt , we won't buy it at all, and our teens noticed it when I tried to fake them out by putting it in other foods. - 4/15/2015 7:28:40 AM
  • greek yogurt mixed with half of a ripened avocado = perfect hair conditioner. - 4/14/2015 11:35:50 AM
  • Yes Achanso, these will also work with regular/plain nonfat yogurt. I have started using it as a milk substitute as I've had some on hand & didn't have milk. I have 3 kids plus my husband & myself and we go through milk FAST! I have used it in macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes & even suasage gravy! My kids are particular & do not taste the difference! They are adult/teenagers - 21, 17 & 16! I just mix some yogurt with some water until it's the desired consistancy I want. For me that would be 1% milk consistancy & viola!!! - 4/7/2015 3:04:12 PM
    Sounds good. Thank you! - 1/30/2015 8:22:40 PM
    Great ideas! Thanks - 1/16/2015 9:29:28 PM
  • I use greek yogurt instead of cream - 1/11/2015 4:22:41 AM
  • I am Greek myself and I already knew some of the ideas, as tzatziki that is extremely popular here. On the other hand, some of them never had popped in my mind! what delicious ideas! and I am very proud that Greek yogurt is so unique and tasty ;) - 7/29/2014 11:42:13 AM
  • thank you :) - 7/18/2014 8:57:18 PM
  • I'm wondering if it would also work for regular plain non fat yogurt that wasn't Greek? I realize it isn't as thick but I was thinking it might still work for some of the dips. - 6/24/2014 6:19:57 PM
  • Glad I saw this. I have leftover Greek yogurt from a recipe I made and didn't know what to do with it but today I am making quesadillas and will use it per the recipe in the article. - 6/24/2014 10:47:52 AM
    Yummmmmmm! - 6/24/2014 10:06:02 AM
  • I've found a few recipes I will be trying very soon. - 6/24/2014 9:34:47 AM

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