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Get Your Friends, Family and Fellow SparkPeople on Board


What happens if neither your partner nor your friends are supportive of your goals? You shouldn’t give up! Consider going to weekly classes at your gym. Often, the same people come every week, so you’ll be able to make friends who will hold you accountable for attending class too. Having classes scheduled at specific times will motivate you more to get to the gym than if you just want to hop on the treadmill sometime during the week. Ask some people in the class if they want to go lift weights once the class is over, or even meet up the next day for another workout.
  • Check out support groups in your area. There are often groups of both men and women who meet on a weekly basis to discuss their progress, roadblocks, and tips for success. In this context, you’ll also be able to give support to others, which helps you feel needed and important. You’ll be able to build relationships that branch outside of the support meetings—a healthy dinner club or Sunday afternoon tennis group might emerge!
  • Support yourself by keeping a journal. Whether you write down your thoughts and progress on a weekly or daily basis, you’ll have a visual just how far you’ve come. You can look back to past entries where you’ve seen success and use it as motivation for a tough week. Of course, some weeks will be good and some weeks will be a little bit harder. But by keeping a journal, you’ll be able to see an overall trend of progress. It will help you realize which workouts and food choices worked best for you and which ones didn’t. Record everything from your weight or inches lost to thoughts about how your body feels after a particularly difficult workout. Consistent journaling is a great motivator and will make goals much more attainable.
  • Take advantage of SparkPeople's supportive Community! The Message Boards give you access to THOUSANDS of other members and the SparkPeople experts. Others out there have similar goals and experiences as you do. Search the SparkPages to find someone to share the journey with. Jump into a challenge for that extra boost to get things rolling with the help of other people. Join a SparkTeam with similar interests, or start your own blog (on your SparkPage) to share your thoughts, hiccups and successes. Everyone in our community is here to help (and also to receive the support that you can provide)!
Just because you don’t have the support at home doesn’t mean that you should give up on your goals. The support is there; you just might have to seek it out a little bit more.
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Member Comments

    I just joined Spark this cool! My goal for Day1 is I will create a menu for the next 3 days. - 7/30/2015 3:58:55 AM
  • VICTORIA122814
    Today, I will walk Two Miles. - 6/24/2015 3:14:05 PM
  • Today I will use my fitbit for something other than a watch! I will walk 3,000 steps and continue learning how to navigate around on my spark page(s)...Day ONE starts for me June 11, in the mean time...making much better food choices. I love whole foods and always have plenty in the house..unfortunat
    ely all those "junk food" critters found their way back in..time to kick'em out for good !! - 6/7/2015 1:33:24 PM
    Day 1 of the challenge - write down every bite I eat - 5/17/2015 10:59:10 AM
  • I am a widow living alone and my children are totally involved in their jobs etc. I finally persuaded my friend to join me in workouts at the local rec. centre and I'm really grateful for that. We started this week; 3 days a week; with a personal trainer.
    We both have diabetes, arthritis and chronic pain; so need similar routines. :-). - 3/27/2015 7:46:50 PM
    The support starts with deciding to take charge of your health. Support from others is wonderful and a great blessing, but the first step is to be self-motivated. Surprisingly when those around you see your commitment, they will support your efforts. - 3/1/2015 4:04:09 PM
    Checking in. Hoping to get over negative self talk and actually do something about 20 lbs I put on in the last 2 years. Making me feel bad about myself. - 2/23/2015 8:47:22 AM
    I am starting today, off to good start. Made my lunch last night, focusing on portion sizes and staying away from fried foods. Got to start somewhere. - 2/18/2015 10:19:01 AM
    I am an older man who has heart problems, as well as, weight problems I joined WeightWatchers and a gym a year ago and have been trying to stay on track.
    My problem is that I don't always go to the gym or eat healthy, mostly it's lack of motivation. I am hoping by joining Sparkpeople and writing about it, I will succeed this time.
    I have lost 30+ pounds but can't break 180 and my goal is 165. I need help! - 2/18/2015 9:44:34 AM
    I am trying for the hundredth time to lose weight. My goal right now is to get under 200 lbs. It's really important for my health. I have NAFLD. - 2/11/2015 8:30:27 PM
  • I am not new in this , i know everything that could help me to get healthier and reach my goal , there is no secret , the key is the healthy food and executrices , i managed to lose 30kg and more then sabotaged myself , now i gained lot of weights , from today 7th feb i am 90.8 kg and i am already started today in my health journey again , to be healthier , happier and live the life that i want

    my goal is to lose at least 1 kg weekly

    - 2/7/2015 4:18:28 AM
  • PERKSD43
    I am starting this today. I have told my hubby and I've told my friends on FB that today is the first day of my healthy living journey. I am an older mom with young children and my goal is to be healthier and have more endurance to keep up with them, and to live a long time. I have been here before, on the first day, many time, and I haven't succeeded at becoming healthier, in fact I have failed miserably. I will need support and motivation, and I would like to offer the same to others who need it. - 1/7/2015 12:22:41 PM
    I started yesterday!!! I'm excited and hope to reach my goal with all your support!! - 1/6/2015 5:07:00 PM
  • AVALON90
    I'm starting over. I gave up last year and this my new start to a new year. - 1/6/2015 11:59:55 AM
  • TBROWN258
    I just want to continue my journey that I have started 2 1/2 years ago. I have lost 30 lbs. And I feel great I need to lose another 12 lbs to reach my ultimate goal!! :) - 1/6/2015 10:31:06 AM

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