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I can't tell you how many opportunities I've passed up because I've beaten myself down before I've even had a chance to go for the brass ring.  In the past, instead of losing weight, I resigned myself to failure almost every time.  I could not believe in myself or be brave enough to face the obstacles on the long road ahead.
I remember my first act of bravery.  I went outside for a walk and passed a car wash, where all of the guys laughed and yelled.  I was in tears.  Didn't they know how much bravery it took for me to go out in the first place?  I turned around and was headed home, when I decided that they could not determine my fate.  I walked back to the gas station, tears in my eyes and told them exactly how I felt.  It wasn't nice of them to make fun of me and make me cry when I was only trying to improve myself.  They apologized.  I went home and cried and quit walking.  It was brave to confront them and I needed to do that in order to secure my place in the world, mentally.
Being brave isn't just about confrontation, though.  It is about taking chances and doing new things.  CRAZYMAMA46 always comes to mind when I think of bravery.  She has lost more than 200 pounds and sky dives now! 
I remember when I first started going to the gym and everything was new.  It was scary putting on a bathing suit, and it was also scary trying the new machines.  Little did I know that one day I would be able to do bigger and better machines and floor yoga!  It came with a price of resting for days in between, but the mere act of doing it strengthened my resolve.  Each time I tried and succeeded at something new physically, it felt as if doors and windows in my mind flung open and sunshine poured in, promising a whole new world.
Bravery can be much more subtle and personal.  Have you given up on yourself because you are afraid to fail again?  I had. I ended up at 460 pounds and was resolved to stay there, rather than suffer the slings and arrows of those who would see me fail another diet attempt.  BE BRAVE!  If you refuse to be brave, you are taking yourself out of the game before you ever have a chance to play.  It's called avoidance.  Been there, done that.  It's a ticket to living in your house and gaining weight rapidly.  You start becoming more private to avoid the pain of confrontation and start eating to avoid the pain of loneliness and stress.
SparkPeople is here for you!  The people are here for you.  If your old life isn't working, create a new one.  I have.  Many SparkPeople friends I've met in person spur me on to do great things.  I minimize contact with the energy drainers.  If you've ever tried making new friends as an adult and minimizing contact with people who drain you, you know the bravery that takes.
Be brave for yourself.  You are worth everything.  You are precious and valuable and worthy of this life granted to you.  Be your own knight in shining armor, your own best friend, and your own advocate.  Be brave.

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  • 83
    thanks for sharing hugs - 9/30/2017   12:42:21 AM
  • 82
    This article is the best! - 9/29/2017   7:12:46 AM
  • 81
    Needed this today! - 9/18/2017   7:11:36 AM
  • 80
    Well said, Beth! - 7/6/2017   1:10:52 PM
  • 79
    Very inspirational! Its hard being overweight. Its hard losing weight. Sometimes we have to choose to do what's best for us. People aren't always that supportive. That's another thing we have to overcome! - 4/8/2017   10:45:13 AM
  • 78
    I remember when this happened to me. Literally took years before I'd go walking outside again. - 1/24/2017   2:22:00 AM
  • 77
    What an inspirational story. You are very brave and have come far. I am looking forward to doing the same. Thanks for sharing your story. - 8/11/2016   10:56:14 PM
    Wow. Great story and you are incredibly brave.
    - 2/1/2016   7:20:20 PM
  • 75
    That was so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this; it is inspirational! - 9/10/2015   7:13:14 AM
  • 74
    Thank you, I need to remind myself of my inner strength constantly. I only have myself as support and when I hear harsh remarks I lose a little bit of confidence. - 9/4/2014   9:42:47 PM
  • 73
    Awesome! Thank you for this! - 9/4/2014   3:07:30 PM
    Being brave in a world that despises fat people is a radical act! You rule! - 9/4/2014   1:37:23 PM
  • 71
    This about brought me to tears. Being brave is something I struggle with daily. - 9/1/2014   2:03:31 AM
  • SYLVIA15050
    Thank you for this great blog. It's exactly what I needed...right here, right now! :) - 1/26/2014   1:08:11 AM
    Be brave for myself....I like this idea. THX - 11/30/2013   8:32:33 AM
  • 68
    Great blog, thanks for sharing! - 11/30/2013   3:19:34 AM
  • 67
    Thank you. I tend to let people know how their treatment made me feel (depending on the situation). We are not just here in this universe to sling arrows at each other. We're here to learn. You have to choose your battles though, I agree. I am saving this article to my favorites. I will need to read this from time to time. Very inspirational! - 1/21/2013   9:21:24 PM
  • 66
    You are woman...hear you roar! - 6/3/2012   11:31:40 AM
  • 65
    It's true. Bravery is a requirement for any life-changing adventure. And what an adventure this is! Life-long habits are evolving-- exercise, healthy eating, and attitude. And learning so much about ourselves along the way-- which leads to new adventures. Bravery. Definitely a requirement. - 5/24/2012   10:34:48 AM
  • 64
    Absolutely usual!

    Great Advice, this is a scary journey sometimes, BE BRAVE and COURAGEOUS enough to keep moving! - 5/22/2012   2:55:03 PM
    Way to rock it! Awesome motivation. - 5/22/2012   8:56:58 AM
  • 62
    awesome blog! - 5/21/2012   1:47:58 PM
  • 61
    Beth, when I read about people laughing at you when you walked past the car wash, I was angry. You talk about being brave when you when out for that first walk... I think you were MOST brave when you went out the second time. You are an amazing woman, and a great inspiration. Because of your blogs, I'm back on track again. Thank you!
    gail - 5/21/2012   10:09:47 AM
    Thank you for sharing! Being brave is something that I definitely need to consider more. Making major life changes as an adult is very difficult. - 5/21/2012   9:50:13 AM
  • CINDYG85
    We all have to start somewhere& it took a lot of courage just to get out there!But it took amazing courage to stand up for yourself.You were much stronger than you ever thought!So glad I read your blog:) - 5/21/2012   8:03:06 AM
  • 58
    A wonderful blog and timely for me. Thank you, Beth, for sharing your story with us. - 5/21/2012   3:52:05 AM
  • 57
    way to go.. I always tell myself that jesus loves me no matter what anyone says!!! - 5/20/2012   10:12:57 PM
  • 56
    Such a lovely article! And you know, I never really thought about the fear/courage component of losing weight. But its true, I'm so afraid of failing that I've given up more times than I like to recall. Thanks very much! - 5/20/2012   9:22:02 PM
  • 55
    Beth, so glad you stood up to them and your personal demons. You go girl! - 5/20/2012   6:44:06 PM
    Thank you so much for your blog. Your story has really inspired me. - 5/20/2012   2:37:52 PM
  • 53
    Beth, as always, you've given us all something to really think about. I don't think I would have been brave enough to confront those men. No, I know I wouldn't have been. Maybe now I can be. Thank you.

    Karen - 5/20/2012   1:27:19 PM
  • 52
    Thank you Beth - I really needed this now and can completely understand where you are coming from. I often not try something because I worry I will fail or embarrass myself but I need to remember to be brave. I will never know what I can accomplish if I don't try. - 5/20/2012   12:42:56 PM
  • 51
    Your spark of "BE BRAVE" has enlightened me.
    Beth you are truly one amazing and courageous woman. You sharing your journey is a gift I truly treasure. I know you will continue to have success, for the brave move forward.
    - 5/20/2012   10:11:46 AM
  • 50
    Any thing any one of us does to face a fear and move beyond it inches the world a little closer what we dream it could be. - 5/20/2012   9:35:43 AM
    Great story. You are very brave and a great inspiration to everybody . Not just people on a weight loss journey and every aspect of life. Thank you - 5/20/2012   7:51:24 AM
  • 48
    thank you so much for this. I have a long way to go, but I will try to be brave! - 5/20/2012   6:35:04 AM
    Nice story .all my life I took my slings and arrows by ignoring crude remarks etc but it caught up I overrate to sooth myself willnkeepvtrying to exercise - 5/20/2012   12:29:25 AM
  • 46
    Thanks Beth.....this really tells it all. It does take real bravery to keep on keeping on. There are so many people in this world who will try to pull us down with words or actions for whatever their reasons, we do need to look to the Lord who made us and let go of fear and push on to where we want go. Thanks for reminding us that it's not always easy. - 5/19/2012   7:54:03 PM
  • 45
    Well said as usual! You have a way of presenting the highs and lows of this journey we all face. - 5/19/2012   6:22:55 PM
  • 44
    Thank you so much for sharing that! I do not have to lose as much weight as you succeeded at doing...and congratulations to you!!! ...but I have felt the internal intimidation that comes from fighting with the comparing game and now that I have started losing slowly I appreciate the encouragement. I felt proud of you as I read that you went back to those mocking you and stood up for yourself! For you it was likely some time ago now...yet I hope the feelings of triumph you felt in that moment linger with you...I know your experience will linger with me! Thanks again... - 5/19/2012   5:45:26 PM
  • 43
    You inspire!! - 5/19/2012   5:16:43 PM
  • 42
    That is a wonderful inspirational story. I know what it is like to be laughed at and made fun of so i can really relate. It is a matter of overcoming the fear. Standing up for yourself. Doing the best you can do and not let others comments get in the way. Keep your self going and lets all get fit together. - 5/19/2012   3:52:16 PM
  • 41
    I have come to realize over the past few days that I spend a lot of my time hiding and making excuses for myself. I have been in dire need of a little inspiration. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story :) - 5/19/2012   3:48:06 PM
    Lovely. Thank you. - 5/19/2012   3:34:37 PM
    You are soooo amazing and such an inspiration, thank you for sharing. - 5/19/2012   2:42:21 PM
    Your story really touched me, thank you for sharing. Here's to being more brave! :) - 5/19/2012   2:41:58 PM
  • 37
    I bet you never imagined in your wildest dreams that you'd be brave enough to blog to the world? Thank you for this fabulous article, from Satchmo99 in the UK :-) - 5/19/2012   2:27:33 PM
  • 36
    Praise God, I love were you state that "Be brave for yourself. You are worth everything. You are precious and valuable and worthy of this life granted to you. Be your own knight in shining armor, your own best friend, and your own advocate. Be brave." I receive it from you and from God who through his word has been telling me the same thing. He is my advocate and is closer to me then a brother. I also have taken the opportunity to transform my thinking to the word of God and believe what it says. Thank you for sharing to be brave in my new journey. - 5/19/2012   2:00:12 PM
  • 35
    Well said. - 5/19/2012   1:45:03 PM
  • 34
    Beth, your blogs are so inspiring. I can understand the fear of failure, because that is where I have always been. I am proud of you for both facing your fear and for blogging about your experiences and inspiring others. - 5/19/2012   1:25:00 PM

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