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How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Blog Away the Pounds!


Blogging Uncovers Patterns
When you're writing about your pitfalls, plateaus and positive steps, you'll start to notice trends. For example, many find that their motivation to work out wanes after a stressful day at work or that an evening with the in-laws leads to ordering dessert (or one too many cocktails). Writing about those issues and brainstorming ways to overcome them—either on your own or with the help of your readers—is a huge perk of regular blogging.

Blogging Provides Support
It's funny. Even when you think you’re having a problem or a setback that no one else can understand, I guarantee that by blogging about it, you’ll have a SparkFriend or two share a very similar story with you and how they got through the same ordeal or, at the very least, receive an outpouring of support and compassionate comments. Losing weight is a tough process, but you’re not the first or only one going through it. Visit other blogs or SparkPages that inspire you, and ask them to check out your blog, too. There is power—and support—in numbers.

I recently blogged about my experience with emotional eating and was overwhelmed with the response from readers. The comments and emails I received about it were so uplifting and encouraging—not to mention that I hopefully helped some other people in the process. Believe me, you get back what you put in when it comes to blogging.

Blogging Celebrates Your Success
Reaching your goal is great, but reaching your goal and being able to share your accomplishment with your SparkFriends or readers is even better. There’s no better reward to all of your hard work and regular blogging than sitting down to write the big post that you did it. You set a goal, and then—with the help of blogging—you reached it!

When I crossed the finish line of my half marathon, I was already excitedly thinking of what I’d write in my race day post. It was the culmination of months of running—and blogging—and I knew that my readers were psyched to hear about it. And I was psyched to share my news with the world!

The journey to a healthier life isn't one that you should start alone. Unlike journaling, which keeps your thoughts private, blogging on your SparkPage provides you with feedback, ideas, support and--maybe more importantly--accountability, from the world's largest and most active weight-loss community.
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Jenn is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites, and A certified personal trainer, health coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and is the author of The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet book (Random House, 2014).

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Member Comments

  • I blog for me but it is a public blog. I like the idea of something I say helping someone else when they are struggling. Also, the feedback I receive is helpful to me as well. - 11/26/2014 2:35:26 AM
  • I have benefited so much from some other people's blogs. I have started y own and definitely see the potential, but I am also trying to locate the privacy information on Spark People site with no luck.Understandin
    g that would help me move forward with my blog. - 11/25/2014 11:24:51 AM
  • I have benefited so much from some other people's blogs. I have started y own and definitely see the potential, but I am also trying to locate the privacy information on Spark People site with no luck.Understandin
    g that would help me move forward with my blog. - 11/25/2014 11:24:42 AM
  • I really enjoyed reading this article! Thank you for sharing it. Blogging is something I love doing anyway, and I'm especially loving blogging along with this weight-loss journey. Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging. I agree it adds a lot to the process and keeps me encouraged. I've sent a couple of my blogs on SP to friends who aren't trying to lose weight, and they've said the blogs encouraged them in other areas of their lives. It's a great way to build community. I get inspired every day reading SP members' blogs. Keep blogging, everyone!!! - 11/20/2014 12:29:56 PM
  • I just posted my 10th video blog. Kinda fun! - 5/7/2014 12:43:54 AM
  • I have a hard time trying to post messages or blogs. - 4/26/2014 9:34:51 PM
    I don't have a blog but I keep my friends and family updated on my Facebook page. At first, it was "bitter sweet" because I lost a couple of "friends" who were annoyed by my posts. I find that Facebook helps keep me accountable and provides support. Sometimes when I felt like giving up I would look at my "success" posts/pictures and look at all the likes and comments. Those people are pushing me to succeed so I can't let them all down. Most importantly, I can't let MYSELF down.

    The two most important components for weight-loss success is dedication and support. This is your personal battle but it's good to have support when you need it! - 4/4/2014 1:21:31 PM
  • Great article! So inspiring. One of my mini-goals is to use tools such as journalling, blogging and discovery/intenti
    on statements to get really honest with myself in my desire to be fit, have energy and feel great! This article has tonnes of insight. - 2/28/2014 3:22:58 PM
  • I used to feel bummed blogging and no one even read or responded to it. Now I just do it for myself and if someone happens to see it and feels inspired than fantastic..if not then I still post it feeling fantastic! I am definitely going to start blogging more:) - 7/10/2013 2:59:29 PM
  • I love blogging on SP! I try to do a video blog everyday.

    I do have some friends who watch them all, and I truly appreciate the encouragement I get from them; but I use my vlogs do get my emotions out and organize my thoughts.

    I've found it really helps me on my journey. - 5/7/2013 9:38:53 AM
  • Hello SP family I just joined and I am looking foward to the support offered on my journey Thanks to everyone - 5/6/2013 6:17:36 PM
  • Thank you for explaining what a blog is and how to go about starting my own. I am going to start my first blog today. - 5/1/2013 7:16:17 AM
  • Wow this really gave me some insight...I'm going to utilize this for my personal gain...In a way I can share and perhaps help myself and others along the way...and vise versa :) - 1/27/2013 10:59:25 PM
  • I think I'll try this.
    - 12/4/2012 9:40:56 AM
  • I had never blogged "ANYTHING" until I joined SP in Sept. this year. When I saw "Comment on a Blog", at first I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do. I clicked on the link and that was my introduction to blogging. Thank you for sharing your story, it made me think. - 11/13/2012 4:49:09 PM

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