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Exercise Demonstrations

Seated Hip Abduction Machine

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Seated Hip Abduction Machine Exercise

Starting Position

Follow machine instructions for set up and select desired weight. Sit so that feet are on foot rests, knees are bent, pads are on the outside of the knees, legs are together, and back is straight against pad behind you.


EXHALE: Hinging from the hip, use the outer thighs to push (open) your legs out against the pads.

INHALE: Slowly bring the legs back together, without allowing the weight stack to slam, to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

This can be a dangerous and result in muscular imbalance by overdeveloping the muscles in the outer thigh. SparkPeople recommends that you practice extreme caution when doing this move, using a light weight, or avoid it entirely.

Muscles Worked: Outer thighs